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Power Outage In New York Gives Liberals Utopian Future They've Been Fighting For

As New Yorkers fight to hang on in their hellish conditions after Hurricane Sandy, I began to wonder why the liberals who live in new York are so upset. I mean conservatives there I can understand, but the liberals? Without ... [ More ]

By Digger on November 02, 2012 | Comments (2) |

DC Residents Pissed Their Trash Will Be Shut Down With Government - I Hope They Rot In It

Some Washington DC residents are pissed off that their trash pickup will be affected by a government shutdown. They are now organizing to dump their trash at the residence of House Speaker John Boehner should it occur. This is all ... [ More ]

By Digger on April 08, 2011 |

Why Do 'Conservatives' Hate Ron Paul? It All Comes Down To Israel

It has taken me quite awhile to figure out why there is so much vitriol hurled at Congressman Ron Paul from those on the right, Republicans and those who call themselves conservatives. I am not one of those die hard ... [ More ]

By Digger on February 17, 2011 | Comments (18) |

With McCain Winning The GOP Primary In Arizona I Am Officially Out Of The GOP Forever

The GOP has finally gone beyond the reach of me ever supporting it again in my lifetime. With them backing the non-conservative, traitorous John McCain to another potential 6 years of abusing our country and leaving it vulnerable to a... [ More ]

By Digger on August 24, 2010 | Comments (11) |

Reader's Comment: 'be careful what you say they are listening'

I get both supportive comments and opposing comments, but every once in a while I get one that is supportive, yet cautious. This is a comment I received to my article "What Is Obama Hiding?" From reader Regile: First look... [ More ]

By Digger on July 02, 2010 | Comments (6) |

Is Arizona Racist? Are the Tea Parties Inciting Violence? - Response To Comments

It is such a treat to receive comments that are ill informed and that try to make a connection between the Tea Party and those calling for immigration enforcement. They are not one and the same, and up until recently... [ More ]

By Digger on June 17, 2010 | Comments (7) |

We Should Be Spending More Than 24% On National Defense

The Constitution of the United States begins with the preamble. Most people know the "We the people" portion, but they don't think about what the rest of the preamble really says. Here is the preamble: We the people of the... [ More ]

By Digger on January 05, 2010 | Comments (4) |

Anti-American Racist Hispanic Papers Bash All Republicans, Tea Parties As Racists

If you don't think there is a full on assault of the average American by the media and the political left, then you haven't been paying attention. In the latest article posted in the Spanish language paper Al Dia, they... [ More ]

By Digger on September 24, 2009 | Comments (14) |

Glenn Beck Coverage Of DC Tea Party Was Disgusting

I just got home after a long day in DC and watched the recording of Glenn Beck's Two Hour Coverage of the DC Tea Party event while it happened. To say I was mildly disgusted is an understatement. First, there... [ More ]

By Digger on September 13, 2009 | Comments (9) |

I Hate Huckabee

Yes, I thought it just should be stated that I hate Mike Huckabee and that he is everything that is wrong with the Republican Party. Is there a particular reason that I bring this up? Is there any topic that... [ More ]

By Digger on August 24, 2009 | Comments (8) |

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