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The Senate, Enemy Of The American People - Amnesty And America - My Take

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Last year I railed on the Senate for their absolute hatred of the American people. This year seems to be no different as they are putting the wants of a group of foreign peoples, most from Mexico, ahead of the wants of the American citizen. They have once again done so with an immigration "compromise bill" - of which the text isn't even written yet - which has been said to be "a great victory" for solving our illegal immigration problem in America.

They are so convinced that this is the solution to the problem that they are going to write the text, deliver it to Senators and get them to vote on it as quick as possible - even though they won't have the chance to read it. Instead of reading it the ones who put this "solution" together will just tell you about it. No need to actually read the fine print.

Now if that doesn't raise red flags to anyone who has ever signed a contract for a loan, let alone a bill that could become the law of a country of more than 300 million people, I don't know what will.

The fact is that this bill (and I'm just guessing here, because the text isn't available) is just more of the same of what we have done in the past regarding immigration reform. It includes amnesty, yet claims to put in place enforcement laws. The reality is that just like 1986, which also included enforcement laws, they will not be enforced.

Why is this? Because the instant you attempt to enforce them, just like in the past, you will have every race based anti-American group, every catholic Cardinal and every UN human rights official come forth and denounce the American people and their government for "separating families" or "discriminating against a minority" or "being unfair to someone just trying to provide a better life for their family" or "persecuting someone who is just doing the jobs Americans won't do".

Yes, this bill solves none of the issues with enforcing our immigration laws. It may add another penalty here or there, but none of those penalties will ever be used. As an example, In May 2006 370 miles of border fence was approved by the Senate in their Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill and then in July 2006 the Senate voted against funding it. As another example, these politicians sit in Washington and grandstand on the stage about how "enforcement will happen", all the while in a little side shop church in Chicago sits an illegal alien who has been deported only to return, committed identity fraud, who is now a fugitive from justice and her location is openly known and flaunted. Yet nothing is done! If that's not proof enough that enforcement under this bill will work just as poorly I don't know what is.

The dirty little secret is that none of the enforcement provisions are funded by this bill and once it is passed the enforcement provisions can be ignored by voting against funding appropriations for them. As yet another example, the House and Senate passed a bill and the President signed it into law mandating 700 miles of border fence to be built along the southern border. Since then only 2 miles have been built and there have been complaints by those who voted for it that there's not enough money to build it. Now the "new immigration bill" has 370 miles of border fence in it as one of the enforcement measures. Why?

Why does 370 miles of border fence need to be added to this bill when 700 miles is already a law? Because those who put this bill forth are trying to fool people into thinking that there are enforcement provisions in the bill. The reality is that many of the enforcement provisions in the bill are already part of our immigration laws. They have simply been added to make it look like this bill is a "compromise" and that both sides on this issue get something out of it. The reality is that the American people who are calling for enforcement will see almost nothing new that isn't already on the books, while the open borders illegal alien supporters will get all of their amnesty provisions through.

This bill will not eliminate all the no borders groups in this country that will play the race card at every turn to ensure our country's laws aren't enforced. This bill will not stop the churches from harboring illegal aliens in their "sanctuary movement". This bill will not stop so called "sanctuary cities" from continuing to ignore the laws of the land. This bill will not stop the environmentalists from stopping the building of the border fence by claiming some little "endangered" plant may be harmed. This bill will not bring forth the criminals. Criminals will continue to stream across our borders because there is no honesty in the enforcement provisions of this bill.

The Heritage Foundation has found that amnesty given to 7.9 million illegal aliens will cost the American taxpayers $2.4 trillion dollars. This immigration bill would give amnesty to more than 20 million. This dollar figure is quickly slapped down by supporters of this immigration bill and illegal aliens by saying this is a racist estimation by a right wing group. I tend to agree with the Heritage Foundations findings, but lets say it is inflated. Should the American people pay $1.5 trillion for illegal foreigners? Should we even pay $1 trillion? How about half a trillion? If there's even a remote possibility of this destroying our Social Security system and denying even one American citizen welfare, social or hospital services they are rightfully entitled to, should this bill even be up for consideration?

I say to you now hell no. Our Senate serves us, the American citizen! It doesn't serve immigrants illegal or legal. It serves us!.

The fact that the Senate is even contemplating this bill and the fact that they are coming forth with it as "a great victory" should put a pause in your daily life to take a step back and say "Well what the hell other 'great victories' do they have in store for us?"

The reality is that the Senate has become the enemy of the American people. They are not looking out for the American people's best interests, but those of a foreign nation and their own well being. The House also has their own supporters of similar bills, but the House is really the only chance the American people have to stop this bill as the President is wholly behind it. As Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said in a speech on the floor on May 1, 2007 "my job and our job should be to protect the interests of the people of the United States. And there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing selfish with that. There is nothing selfish with wanting to protect our children and make sure the health care and resources go to our children and our families. ... Wake up, America. You are being betrayed."

The chances of a bill like this making it through both the Senate and the House is slim in my opinion, but the possibility that it even has a slim chance shows the total inaction of the American people as a whole to stand up for their country. To allow 20 million or more illegal foreigners to dictate American legislation shows that the people of this country no longer seem to care about this nation. They are willing to just give up a country that has been built on the sweat and blood of those who have come before them because they have become complacent and ignorant to all that is going on around them.

There are patriots out there. There are those out there fighting on the streets for America. They are rallying and protesting and spreading the word, but until a majority of Americans stand up, get out from in front of their TV and actually do something other than yelling at it nothing is going to change.

If you are one of those Americans reading this. If you are one of these Americans who has complained to a co-worker, shouted at a TV, scoffed at the speeches of our "leaders" as they spout their victory, called into a talk show, got frustrated listening to a talk show or shrugged your shoulders about this illegal immigration mess while thinking to yourself "What the Hell is going on?", then you need to get involved.

You are not an extremist or overbearing hippie activist by attending a rally with your fellow patriotic Americans and speaking out. You are doing your duty as an American. Not all Americans have had the chance to serve in the armed forces and defend our nation on foreign soil. Not all of you can be law enforcement personnel or border patrol agents, but every single one of you can take 2 hours once a month to head out on the streets and demand that there is an America in the future!

So join us! We welcome you!

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Posted by: BloodSpite on May 19, 2007 04:18 AM

http://thomas.loc.gov/ Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 is on line at This Thomas site.

It is worse than you can imagine, it excludes Mexican nationals from detention for illegal crossings, You must read this. It is more than a betrayal of the citizens it is a treasonous manifesto of destruction for America.

Posted by: Mark W Lowry on May 20, 2007 09:01 AM

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