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Farmers Branch

Farmers Branch Injunction Against Illegal Alien Ordinance Extended

US District Judge Sam Lindsay extended an injunction that prevents Farmers Branch , Texas from implementing an ordinance which would fine landlords who rent to illegal aliens. The ordinance was put on a ballot and voters in Farmers Branch approved ... [ More ]

By Digger on June 06, 2007 | Comments (1) |

Farmers Branch Immigration Ordinance Implementation Halted By Judge

Farmers Branch, Texas, had its ordinance fining landlords for renting to illegal aliens halted by a temporary restraining order issued by a Federal judge. The city was planning on putting the ordinance into effect May 22, 2007. US District Judge ... [ More ]

By Digger on May 22, 2007 |

Farmers Branch Sued By ACLU, MALDEF

The ACLU and MALDEF have filed a request for a temporary restraining order against Farmers Branch, Texas to stop their ordinance, which fines landlords who rent to illegal aliens, from going into effect May 22, 2007. In November, 2006 the ... [ More ]

By Digger on May 16, 2007 | Comments (2) |

Farmers Branch Citizens Approve Illegal Alien Measure By Nearly 70%

The voters of Farmers Branch went to the polls and overwhelmingly approved of a measure to crack down on landlords who rent to illegal aliens. That's right, nearly 70% of Farmers Branch voters approved! This is the first time an... [ More ]

By Digger on May 14, 2007 | Comments (1) |

Farmers Branch Texas Needs Your Help!

Farmers Branch, Texas, like Hazleton, Pennsylvania is on the front lines of passing local enforcement of immigration laws. Their ordinance includes the "landlords who rent to illegal aliens" portion. They are also facing the full weight of the big groups... [ More ]

By Digger on May 07, 2007 | Comments (4) |

Farmers Branch, TX Sued By ACLU And MALDEF Over Illegal Alien Rental Ordinance

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund) have filed a lawsuit against Farmers Branch, Texas regarding its ordinance on landlords who rent to illegal aliens. It's kind of funny that both of... [ More ]

By Digger on December 27, 2006 | Comments (3) |

Farmers Branch, Texas Unanimously Passes Immigration Measures

Another American town has passed legislation against illegal foreign nationals that have been invading our country unhindered. Farmers Branch, Texas passed several measures by a unanimous decision of the City Council. The measures include apartment renters providing proof of citizenship... [ More ]

By Digger on November 14, 2006 | Comments (21) |

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