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FEMA Debit Cards Showing Up At Strip Clubs (Update)

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Well who didn't see this coming. After reports of the $2000 debit cards, being handed out willy nilly by FEMA, being used for electronics, DVD's and video games it has now been found that they are showing up at strip clubs. So much for expecting people from poor areas devastated by Katrina using the money wisely. And some people wonder why they're poor in the first place. Let me give you a hint, it's not because someone is holding them down, it's because they're holding themselves down.


On the heels of a report earlier this week that Atlanta area Katrina victims were using $2,000 debit cards to purchase luxury items like Louis Vuitton handbags, Houston police yesterday discovered the cards, provided by FEMA and the Red Cross, being used at local strip clubs.

The Houston Police Department just formed a task force to investigate the abuse of the cards, which were distributed to thousands of Katrina hurricane victims to provide for necessities, such as food, clothing and toiletries. On the first day, the police found the cards being used to buy beer while ogling exotic dancers.

According to a report by KPRC, Channel 2, in Houston, a manager at Caligula XXI Gentlemen's Club said he has seen at least one debit card used at his club. A bartender at Baby Dolls, identified only as "Abby," said she has seen many of the cards used at her establishment.

I think this would be an appropriate time to pimp my gear.

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Update: (4:27PM EST Sep 19, 2005)

RightWingSparkle actually seems surpriised by this.

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» The English Guy linked with FEMA Dedit Cards at Strip Clubs

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I think anyone who uses these cards for anyting other food, clothing, or toiletries should be prosicuted for fraud, by the federal goverment. I personaly think that people should have been given a gift card to somewhere like "Wal-mart", that would not allow them to buy any alchol, or tobacco products. At a store like that they can get everything needed, but at a good price. I mean I understand all these people lost everything, but that doesnt mean that they should be able to replace their, prada purses, or Tommy Hilfigure jeans at the tax payers expense, I work and pay those taxes and I cant afford those things! I live in Central Florida and I was hit by 3 hurricanes last year and we had to wait a mimimum of 2 weeks just to hear from FEMA, and they came to our house and looked at the damage, and only issued the mimimum amount of money to do the repairs!

Posted by: Kari on September 20, 2005 12:35 PM

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