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Liberal Asian Women At University Of Virginia Bitching About A Website Calling Asian Women Hot And Complimenting Them [Digger Loses It]

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Asian Eyes

Oh yes, you are in for an earful on this one from yours truly.

Some of you may know my fondness for Asian females. Yes, it runs deep and I remember all the way back to being 5 years old and having a "thing" for them. Yes, 5 years old. A glowing light descended on me one day when I was trying to be helpful at the age of 5 and held the door open for a woman entering a store. I looked up at her as she walked in and was instantly struck with something inside of me. She was Asian, wearing a white sort of dress suit and I have that image of looking up at her burned into my skull and it's never left me. It's a permanent impression on my brain. Hell, I even married an Asian girl a little over 15 years ago.

Note: The pictures in this entry are unrelated to the people in this story and are strictly for your enjoyment.

Asian Woman
Enough about me though, check out this story about a group of ridiculous Asian women at the University of Virginia who found a website by a student at the school that had put up a website about how much he liked Asian women (he's white, his girlfriend -- who helps him run the website -- is Asian). They immediately went to the assistant dean for Asian/Asian Pacific American students and complained.

"OH MY GOD it's the end of the world, some guy at my school thinks Asian women are gorgeous!"

Don't even get me started on the hypocrisy of there even being a Dean and assistant Dean for Asian/Asian Pacific American students. I mean aren't all student equal? Why the segregation and blatant race based representatives? I'm curious if there's a specific Caucasian-American student Dean or do Caucasians just have to default to the regular Dean that everyone else has access to as well. Liberalism at it's best.

Asian Woman
Hell there's probably a women's student Dean they could complain too as well since they should be offended that this guy also likes women! The complete audacity of this guy!

Here's the "short" story before I start chopping it up and letting it rip.

This guy, Patrick Giesecke, was getting teased for having an "Asian fetish" so he decided to throw up a parody website on why he likes Asian women. So he started a Facebook called "People for the Propagation of the Asian Fetish." Nothing derogatory about that yet, he wants to talk about his fetish like other people with fetishes do (i.e. shoe fetish, skirt fetish, hair fetish, muscle fetish, etc..) His stuff was tasteless of course in a joking sort of way. Things like "Asian women are truly the most scrumptrillescent delicacy abroad" and the little more offensive, but not hateful “I can’t help it if my dick likes the taste of Teriyaki sauce. Or soy. Or duck for that matter. And when I’m feeling a little risky, wasabi,”. It was basically a joke to his female Asian friend who was constantly teasing him.

So this one other Asian girl, Maryann Li, stumbled across it and told her white boyfriend, Grant Woolard, about it. Woolard thought it was "disgusting" because it made him “frustrated to be relegated to that category of the ignorant honky who drools over foreign flesh,”. Aww poor guy, faced with something that offends him. Welcome to the real world college boy.

Asian Woman
So Woolard emails Giesecke and I guess bitches at him or something. Then he decided to set up his own site and this is where justice steps in.

Woolard sets up the even more tastelessly named "Americans for the Increased Importation of Asian Women.". Can you say, "let's make it look like an Asian sex slave website"? Now for someone "offended" by the other website, why would you name it something more offensive like that? Because he's a fuckin' hypocrite, that's why. Woolard said it was a humorous praising of Asian women and a rebuttal to Giesecke's website. Hmm sounds familiar, that's what Giesecke intended as well.

Woolard's girlfriend Li helped him with the site. Soon justice descended in the form of Elizabeth Chu, Chair of the University’s Diversity Initiatives Committee. She was offended by Woolard's site. Justice served as Chu got a friend, Julie Chen, involved and rather than contacting Woolard, published a story in The Cavalier Daily and contacted Daisy Rodriguez, assistant dean for Asian/Asian Pacific American students.

That's right, they went right to the authorities. Poor white guy didn't know what hit him. I mean being white you're not allowed to either praise, nor denigrate, another race or you're fucked man. What was he thinking? His girlfriend got emails calling her a "race traitor" for posting to the site. And before you think this guy is innocent, have a read at what else this "offended" guy has done regarding pictures of Jesus

Julie Chen
Probably Not This Julie Chen
OK, now comes the heart of the story and the most disgusting part of it that should offend more people than even a sexually explicit Asian fetish adult site.

From Model Minority: A Guide To Asian-American Empowerment (and if that isn't a racist/separatist title for a website I don't know what is. Asian-Americans are the model minority eh? You're better than all the other minorities eh? WTF!?)

At a mandatory meeting called by Rodriguez, she asked Giesecke and Woolard if they would be comfortable reading their group’s descriptions aloud in a room full of Asian women. “... I don’t think I would feel comfortable reading that in front of a group of people,” Woolard admitted.

... an open forum was held at the Kaleidoscope Center for Cultural Fluency ... “They already had these prepackaged rants,” Woolard said of the forum’s most vocal participants.

The obviously biased author of the article then writes this asinine statement.

... If the text from the facebook groups was written on a blackboard in a U.Va. classroom or scrawled on the side of a campus building, how would the response have been different? Should it have been different?

It wasn't spray painted on a wall or written on a blackboard you twit! It had to be actively searched for and to the best of my knowledge Facebook isn't even hosted on campus. Bringing up ridiculous counter-items that have nothing to do with the story at hand is always pulled by groups and "reporters" like this when they support some kind of idea.

Asian Woman
Anyway continuing the pukefest...

Woolard has since redefined his facebook group and renamed it. Now titled “Americans Who Value Females of Asian Descent,” the group purpose runs as follows: “We believe Asian females are one of our country’s most valuable assets. However, it is all too common that some Western perspectives ignorantly reduce them to mere objects of gratification and overlook their many qualities.” The group’s photo, which previously featured an image of an Asian woman lying down above a caption reading, “Made in China. Size small. Wrinkle resistant,” now displays an Asian model gazing at the camera. “Join the CelebrAsian!” the site proclaims.

Excuse me while I run to the bathroom and empty my stomach of its contents. Could it get anymore ridiculously Politically Correct? I'm sure it could, but this is pretty damn close to the outer edge of where it could go.

But the University of Virginia and Chu and Chen have taken this even further! (I bet you thought it was over.)

Recently, the University Judiciary Committee officially created the Ad Hoc Subcommittee for Sanctioning of Hate Crimes. Along with other student leaders, Chen and Chu have begun planning a “Speak Out” which will invite students who have faced discrimination to share their stories with the community at U.Va’.s amphitheater in the fall. Yet when it comes to race, Chu still believes that “the majority of white people at U.Va. don’t care.”

You know why white people don't care? Because we're taught to ignore race. From the time we enter the liberally swamped education system in kindergarten we are taught that we're all equal. We're taught to ignore race. You know who is taught not to ignore race? All the other ethnic groups. All through school they are taught that they are different through ideals like affirmative action and through things like setting up a Dean specifically for Asian/Asian Pacific American students.

Who's the racist in the end here? The one who says white people don't give a shit or the white guy who likes Asians? Answer me that.

Asian Woman
Chen finishes it up by suggesting that racism needs to expand even further by breaking minorities up even more and making the racial differences even more pronounced.

“There needs to be more of an effort to break out of the black-white binary that exists in racial discourse at U.Va.,” Chen agreed. “I think that certainly that’s an important discourse to have, given the history of the South and Virginia, but I think it’s also important to take into account that there’s a range of discrimination involving Asians, Latinos, bi-racial and multi-racial people, too.

My message to you Julie Chen is to shut the hell up and realize that this country is supposed to be a melting pot. We're not supposed to be actively trying to separate each other into groups. We're supposed to be all trying to get along. When you come after someone and already have "pre-packaged" arguments it shows that people like you are actively seeking someone to persecute even when you aren't really being offended at all.

People like Julie Chen are the most racist of us all. Under the guise of "bringing people together" their real goal seems to be a dictatorial and fascist nation segregating everyone into their own group so that they don't accidentally offend another culture, race or nationality. If you are too stupid to see that Elizabeth Chu and Julie Chen then you've been living in your own little closed community that has been segregated from the rest of America for too long.

Also see some of the comments over at that article on Model Minority such as this lovely one:

It doesn't help that Maryann Li our sister (if you can even call her that anymore) did nothing to prevent this atrocity from happening. She is a true sellout. ... instead of thinking about how the facebook group would impact the Asian community as a whole, she was concerned only that there would be friction in her banana relationship if she disagreed with the idea. Sure, it's bad to have a girl cater to the white man's needs, but when she stops thinking about her community? That's a TRUE sellout.

or this one...

You think they like asian culture because of it's fashion? Please, you asian women who whore to whtie men are just a bunch of morons.

Seriously, good for one thing only, and thats to please the white man. Dumb Bitches.

or this one...

This is an obvious (and cliche) comment but Maryann Li (or Lee as other articles have described her surname) fits the textbook definition of an Asian sell-out. Of course, she is hardly the only one. There seems to be a strong correlation between sell-outs and White-only Asian females.

or this one...

Since when did white boys deserve Asian women? ...White boys should stick to growing food for us on their farms.

There's much more over there.

The Model Minority indeed!

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Posted by Digger on September 16, 2006 02:00 AM (Permalink)

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You forgot Asia Carrera, porn star and Mensan.


Posted by: rwilymz on September 16, 2006 08:55 AM

"I'm curious if there's a specific Caucasian-American student Dean or do Caucasians just have to default to the regular Dean that everyone else has access to as well."

At a white school, everything is geared towards white students. Therefore, non-white students at large white universities need representation because I am sure UofV does not celebrate the chineese new year, or cinco de mayo.

Secondly, to equate a Fetish as nonderogatory shows how insensative you are towards ethnic groups. I shouldn't be surprised it is happening at university of Virginia considering George Allen is the Senator, a man who thinks that refering to black people as the n-word in college was okay.

Posted by: Yellow Pearl on September 26, 2006 01:26 PM


You are asianphile..plain and simple

Race is a factor in love, relationships and sex

Posted by: Ric on December 19, 2008 04:36 PM

Asians are not the ones who consider themselves the model minority it is others that consider them model minorities some Asians consider it offensive.

Posted by: J on March 6, 2009 04:01 AM


This is a very interesting article and you bring out some insightful and controversial points. But there's much more here than just racial politics. It doesn't matter how politically correct one is; choosing your words carefully isn't the essentials of not being racist. Racism is a social construction, and it has power and influence as long as racist beliefs and thoughts exist. We live in a culture that reinforces socially the ways we think about others - in America we tend to think of others in terms of their physiological features and race is one of those standards we view others by. I know I'm a racist, because my perspectives have been shaped by this culture I live in. Sometimes I do expect Asian Americans to be smarter than others even though I'm an Asian American and I know my Caucasian boyfriend has a much higher GPA than I do (btw, we're both students at UVA).

I don't think that changing a website's wording will change the beliefs of those who created the website. I also don't think it's possible for everyone to get along because people will always have different opinions and beliefs. I do believe that there needs to be more understanding and conversation of why social ills like racism exist and how these ideas manifest and permeate our society. I think we waste too much time fighting small battles over being offended and angered by other's perspectives. Instead, we could be fighting the roots of racism by understanding how it became what it is and maybe then strive accordingly to change how we think about people.

I don't have the answers or cure to racism, but I do think we're not making the right kind of effort to begin eliminating it. Hope this was helpful or interesting in some way.

~ M

Posted by: M on April 4, 2009 04:05 PM

Sorry to break it to you son,

You are suffering the same social ills just as the other asiaphiles. First step is to accept it.

They are right, they are Asian after all you can't invalidate their views.

After reading your post, you have only proved them right.

Asians people do not like people similar to yourself.

You have a racist sexual preference and you do not respect them.

"So this one other Asian girl, Maryann Li, stumbled across it and told her white boyfriend, Grant Woolard, about it. Woolard thought it was "disgusting" because it made him “frustrated to be relegated to that category of the ignorant honky who drools over foreign flesh,”."

Thats funny, her boyfriend probably thinks the same as you.

Posted by: True on July 16, 2009 11:57 PM

There may be yellow fever, but a bigger problem is white fever. In my experience many East Asian women have a fetish for white men. Maybe they need to look at their own hypocrisy before criticizing white men of having yellow fever. You can see white men with women of all different races, but almost all of the time when a East Asian woman is with a man of a different race, it's almost always a white man. It takes two to tango. Julie Chen, Lucie Lu, all of these women have white fever. If East Asian women didn't have white fever, you would see them with men of other races. No such thing as yellow fever - white men like women of all races - there's only white fever.

Posted by: Wingo on January 8, 2010 02:02 AM

Wingos' comment is very interesting, you do see a lot of non-white women chasing after white men. Maybe it has to do with the power hierarchy in our American society - white guys are usually on top, enjoying the most socio-economic benefits, so they'd make better choices as husbands.

Or it could be that white guys are seen as more confident and charming. This isn't peculiar since American culture is predominately white, we see it in our media and in our movies that the strong white man is usually the hero. And claiming that we're colorblind and non-racist in America is a bogus illusion. Harvard did an Implicit Racism test to see how racist an average American was. They had people associate good things with white people and bad things with black people and measured their reaction times. Then they reversed it, associating good things with black people and bad things with white people. I think the statistic was about 95% of all people who took the test were identified as racists.

If you're interested, check out their tests online at https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/demo/selectatest.html

I tested racist, I think it was moderate or mild. But the preference is still there.But back to the white fetish thing.

It may be that immigrants in the U.S. always feel a bit inferior to the white society because of their social and cultural differences. It isn't easy having to live in a country that isn't your familiar home. Imagine being someone who is always perceived as socially awkward because you don't know the secret social cues and behavior everyone else grew up knowing. That kind of thing can make anyone grow up feel less confident and self conscious, making the unfortunate non-white boys seem less attractive to women.

But for a good laugh on this subject, I always turn to the video "Yellow Fever" on Youtube. Made by a few Asian-American guys trying to solve the mystery why white guys get both white girls and Asian chicks, but Asian guys can get neither. Maybe it'll leave you with an epiphany, or not, but it'll at least make you chuckle. Would post a link to it if I could, but I'm currently in China and they don't like Youtube here


Posted by: Donut on July 29, 2010 02:26 AM

you are a freaking loser white asianphile

The term modelminority is an offense, if you read website it refers how asians and asian americans fit to a certain mold or stereotype that was created by......white people

Posted by: jen on November 3, 2010 07:58 PM

I second Jen. You are a f*@...g WHITE LOSER. A race traitor of your own.

Posted by: Ben on May 26, 2012 11:16 PM

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