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RightWingSparkle Supports Illegal Aliens

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I've been reading RightWingSparkle for quite awhile. Since she was a little whipper snapper of a blogger.

I noticed that she has a tendency to follow along pretty much with whatever the Bush administration goes with.

She's a true right winger.

I was instantly pissed off though when I read this entry over there today. Not at her, but the apparent ignorance she shows to the topic of illegal aliens. It seems she has totally bought into everything Bush says about it and seems to not realize the impact on other citizens and legal residents of this country that the massive invasion has had. It's almost like shes living in some Utopian bubble, the type that those in Hollywood with their illegal alien nannies and the like live in.

Of course I couldn't let her get off the hook and left a long comment there that I've posted below. I really like the woman, but come on.

Here's an excerpt of what she had to say.


I do believe that the guest worker program is a good idea. Millions are here illegally and they must be dealt with. Finding and deporting them is just physically impossible.


My son worked at large garden nursery when he was 15. Everyone that worked with him was an illegal. One of their jobs was wading through a swamp and scooping up the scum on top with a net. Anyway, I asked the manager about them. He said they had papers but he doubted they were real. I actually snuck a look at some payroll stuff while I was in the office alone and he was paying them above minimum wage, which was a relief to me. If he had been paying them less I would have had to talk to him. (he was a friend) Please don't tell me that I should have called the police. Who would win there?

America would win.

Your son probably got a job there because you were friends with the boss. What about all of the people here legally that didn't get a job there? What about the other 15-year-olds who would have taken "a job Americans won't do" but your son, whom I presume is an American citizen, gladly took? What about the recent legal immigrants from Mexico that would have probably taken a job there and probably waited years to get here and filled out the proper papers? Or do legal immigrants just magically stop working hard once they get here? Does he pay payroll taxes? Does he even take taxes out of their checks? I doubt it as that's the reason most of these people hire illegals, not just because they're hard working or because Americans won't take the job.

OK enough ranting even more than I already have below...

And my comment in full below, I didn't even touch on the issues of homeland security, but simply stuck to the domestic destruction illegal immigration is causing this country.

Just keep on with your support for illegal aliens and those with your same beliefs will be wondering why Texas faces what Arizona faces now in a few years.

The problem is not stabilizing it's getting worse with several million more illegal aliens coming in every year.

Just keep following Bush blindly down the path of amnesty.

I don't care if they are hard working, they need to come here legally, not simply change the title of what they are now into "guest worker" and expect the problem to go away.

Reagan did the same thing in the 80's and where has it gotten us? More illegal aliens and no incentive for any of them to follow the rules. There are now more illegals coming here every year than legals. You give them an amnesty and you'll see the numbers coming across illegally triple because you've just rewarded the prior lawbreakers.

Go take a look at California and its 40 kid classrooms in 3rd grade. My kid could barely learn a thing because the teacher had too many kids in the class and most of them didn't speak English as their first language. They don't want to assimilate. You're living in a little bubble of only what you see and are not looking at the big picture because it's not in your backyard.

Hard working or not they need to be caught and sent back and the punishments need to be harsh, such as a lifetime ban on first offense and long term prison sentences and fines for people like your buddy who hires them and thus encourages tons more to come.

Sorry sparkle, but on this issue I can't agree with you one bit.

And go ahead and call me a racist like every other person who defends illegal aliens, I don't particularly care. My wife's not a citizen, she came here legally and she ain't white. So if you want to think that the only people against illegal aliens are Aryan Nazi's -- like everyone else who is a proponent of illegal aliens like yourself -- go right ahead.

I see the destruction these illegals are causing to the citizens of this country (and those here legally) in the form of high taxes, crappier education, closing of health care facilities and the driving down of wages in all blue collar industries. Just because your wages haven't dropped from the $15 an hour most people used to receive for the "jobs Americans won't do", to barely above minimum wage over the past 20 years you don't see anything wrong with it.

Americans used to do those jobs when they actually got paid a fair wage. Now we're content to hire criminals who break our laws with their first act, pay no taxes, leach off the system and then are treated as slave labor so some business can improve the bottom line.

It's a sad day in America when we accept these things without question.

Stand up and fight people, it's an outrage!

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Posted by Digger on January 25, 2006 12:03 PM (Permalink)

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Oh geeze. Last time I commented here about illegal immigration I got such heated e-mails you wouldn't believe.

First of all, I do not follow everything the Bush administration does. It just so happens that I am a Bush kind of Republican so I kinda agree with him on a lot. But if he does something I don't like I will certainly call him on it.

Ok, Digger, actually we don't disagree on much. I think we both want the border totally secure by severe measures if necessary and illegal immigration stopped and we both agree that the administration has done little to stop it.

What we don't agree on is what to do with the illegal aliens that are here now. The guest worker program is just the only viable solution. There is simply no way to find and identify millions who don't want to be found and deport them. It isn't feasible. Allowing them to become legal and knowing exactly who they are will help assimilate them.

It has to be a kind of...we will deal with what we have here now but NO MORE kind of thing.

Posted by: Rightwingsparkle on January 25, 2006 01:55 PM

Sorry Rightwing, the thing to do with Illegals here now is to fine the cr@p out of their employers. That's why they come here, for jobs- well and the goodies the libs have co-orced for them.

The problem with all the illegals is that they DON"T assimilate. they stay in their own little 3rd world communities and expect taxpayers to take care of their every whim.

Yeah, I work in San Antonio and see it all the time- I have to ask any hispanic on a construction sit if they SPEAK anglis... we have a problem.

Posted by: KurtP on January 25, 2006 10:35 PM

I disagree. If we close the border, actually impose the laws that are already on the books against employers and allow local law enforcement to make sure people are here legally -- and if not having the feds actually do something -- the problem would start to resolve itself.

We also need to do something about "anchor babies" and planned visitations to the US solely for the purpose of popping out a child on US soil and thereby having a US citizen that then qualifies for thousands in support services all on the backs of US taxpayers.

When you see things like American citizens being attacked at rallies by illegal aliens calling them racist for wanting our laws enforced, you know there's more at work here than some people wanting a job. This is happening in our country by people not even suppose to be here.

This is not simply nice workers coming across the border, there's drugs, criminals, potential terrorists and reconquistas at work here.

Wake up already!

Posted by: Digger on January 26, 2006 02:21 AM

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