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NEA And CTA Raise California Teacher's Union Dues To Fight Arnold Schwarzenegger

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EdWonk over at The Education Wonks is telling us that once again the teachers "unions" are raising their dues. These are not voluntary dues, but mandatory dues paid by every teacher in the state. Why do they want to raise the dues? To fight Arnold Schwarzenegger's attempt to fix this ridiculous excuse of a state.

Once again these groups want to run the state into the ground by not allowing their portion of the budget to be cut. Like their portion is any more important than medical services, transportation services, homeland security or any other portion of the state budget. Sure, there's some stupid shit in the budget and most of it is there mandatory because the voters of this state voted to make that spending mandatory without a care about whether it should be a part of a thought out plan. Some of those should be cut, but they can't be because voters made them mandatory.

For those not familiar with California's problem here's an example. Say the state has a dollar to spend each year. The Asshat voters of this mostly blue state would vote every year to make a nickel be a mandatory yearly expense for some program. You couldn't reduce that nickel. That nickel was mandatory to be spent every year. Anyway, after voting 19 times to give a nickel here and a nickel there the governor now only has 1 nickel left that he can actually cut from. In that nickel is all the "important" spending these groups say they need. These are the same groups that are already getting mandatory nickels in other portions of the budget.

So, now every group, from the teachers to the nurses, is launching a campaign calling Arnold Schwarzenegger a fucking asshole for nibbling their portion off of the only nickel left. What these groups really should be doing is running ads calling the voters fucking assholes for tying all the nickels up in mandatory spending rather than allowing a governor to budget where the funds are needed.

Anyway, go see the bullshit that the NEA and CTA mandatory Political Action Committees "Unions" are demanding from California teachers now over at The Education Wonks. The teachers don't even get to elect their leaders, know what they get paid or where the money is going. It's all closed-door, backroom deals and should be illegal in my opinion. They are obviously politically motivated groups who can raise dues without asking or being accountable to anyone.

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Posted by Digger on March 18, 2005 05:49 AM (Permalink)

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As I'm sure you probably know by now, I tend to lean left on most issues. After reading this article, I must say I'm in complete agreement with the Wonks.

I've never been fond of unions to begin with, but I also never really have anything to say about them because I've never been, no do I ever intend to be part of one. I think unions are generally corrupt and never really support its members.

My wifes father is a retired meat-cutter who worked for Albertsons. I remember the strike of about two years ago where union workers and the company squared off over benefits and salaries.

In the end, the union agreed to a bullshit deal. The hundreds of millions of dollars Albertsons and the other grocery company wackos lost over this could have easily paid for what the union was asking in the beginning.

In this particular case, I place most of the blame on the grocery companies lack of concern over it's employees needs and its misguided love of money over people.

But the union did the employees a gross disservice. My wife's mom was eligible for medical care under the previous retirement agreement. 4 days before she was to have shoulder surgery, the union informed her all dependents of retirees would no longer be covered.

Unions who don't allow there members to vote on critical issues such as their leadership and increases in dues should be abolished.

Posted by: deccles on March 18, 2005 11:42 AM

Digger, I agree with you to a certain point. Take a look at the huge, non-teaching, non 'working with kids' element that sucks education money from the classrooms of California and many other states.....State Department of Education, County Offices of Education and School District Administration. The teachers union (mainly CTA.....one does not hear of much of a AFT presence in California) As a classroom teacher, I really resent the judicial tyranny that has forced my to pay dues to CTA and NEA, both of whom do not represent my opinions on many issues. I did not even have a choice of becoming a member of CTA or AFT. (yes, it was the courts that ruled that everyone must pay teacher union dues).

On another note, I like your regular comments regarding immigration. Too bad we cannot force our Federal government to uphold the oath they took to "uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States", which specifically declares that it is the duty and obligation of the President "to protect and defend our borders." Georgie boy would never had uttered such rubbish while he was Gov. of Texas.

Posted by: Polski3 on March 18, 2005 08:51 PM

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