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Ancient Rome To Turn Port Controls Over To Cleopatra

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"What could possibly go wrong? Cleopatra and Egypt are our allies who continue to send us large shipments of grain. The fact that they have helped and financed terrorists such as Marcus Antonius should not be a factor in our decision making," future Emperor Octavius was quoted as saying.

I have not spoken on the planned turn over of 6 ports in America to the UAE government owned Dubai World Ports (DP World). My take on it is that it's a bad idea. Not only should all of our major national borders and other points of entry be run by US based interests in the case of war, but also in the case of smuggling and potential general corruption of giving the country who is in control the decision in who gets preferential treatment in terms of the ports.

The UAE also doesn't recognize Israel as a country or that it should exist. I'm not a warmongering Israel supporter and you'll find no Israeli flags flying on this site. I have nothing against Israel either. I have supported their right in the past to build their border fence to stop terrorism, illegal immigration and defend themselves as I support America's right in this as well.

This group is owned by a foreign government and no foreign government should ever have the right to control a point of entry into the united states, whether it be Mexico, UAE or Britain. I don't care how good of allies we are with any country this is our national security we are dealing with and points of entry should be controlled by US based interests only, not foreign powers. The world changes too quickly to have to worry about issues such as a foreign government having control over the shipping of US military supplies.

The Ancient Rome-Ancient Egypt comparison is valid in many respects to this situation. When Marc Antony did decide to attack Octavius at Actium there could have been a very different outcome if a Cleopatra owned "company" had been in control of Roman ports for years. Grain and supply shipments from not only Egypt, but other countries, could have been delayed or stopped. Even Rome seizing the ports when the events occurred would have been too late to organize a swift and smooth handover of operations when supplies were most needed.

This plan is a very bad one and sometimes you have to look back in history and place the same decisions on known countries and conditions of the past to view how things could result from those decisions.

This is probably the last I will say on the issue, but there are many others commenting on this. Including Michelle Malkin on the financing of the deal.

Other Commentary:

Backcountry Conservative on Bush threatening to Veto any action by Congress.
Ace of Spades
Debbie Schlussel points out that HAMAS and Hezbollah think it's a splendid idea.
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And of course you have people who just trust Bush on everything. From his amnesty guest worker program and stance on the southern border to this deal on the port issue, like RightWingSparkle. Do these people disagree with anything Bush does? Why don't they just let Bush write their blogs?

Six Meat Buffet has a poll on what Bush should do next to leave us open to attack.

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Posted by Digger on February 22, 2006 12:18 AM (Permalink)

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» Right Thoughts...not right wing, just right. linked with He's willing to wait for the miracle, what else is he gonna do?

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But the port management would just be owned by a UAE based company. That's management, not control.

The security of all U.S. ports still falls to the duty of the Coast Guard. If we as a nation feel we should have a higher level of security within the ports, the company could do nothing to prevent that. I really don't see what the big fuss is about. I still have not seen a convincing argument against this planned purchase that considers it is only the management and not the complete sovereignty of six ports that is being sold.

Posted by: Chad Evans on February 22, 2006 12:53 AM

So, should we ban all Muslims from having any job where classified information is available? It is amazing how all these anti-profiling people are willing to profile now.

Ultimately the problems with Islamofacism is going to have to be solved by Muslims. We must find a way to embrace the good ones while we stiffarm the facists. So where do we begin?

Posted by: RA on February 22, 2006 04:16 PM

The port control is all about a shady deal. Why isn’t anyone talking about the Bush connection with David Sanborn. Connect the dots, its easy to see. A lot of people asked me and I told them, it’s all there, just look.
Raymond B

Posted by: Raymond B on February 22, 2006 09:05 PM

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