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DC Residents Pissed Their Trash Will Be Shut Down With Government - I Hope They Rot In It

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Some Washington DC residents are pissed off that their trash pickup will be affected by a government shutdown. They are now organizing to dump their trash at the residence of House Speaker John Boehner should it occur. This is all being done by two Democrat supporters and organizers, Nolan Treadway and Jonah Goodman.

Residents of Washington DC will not get one little bit of sympathy from me though and they shouldn't from you either. I hope they rot in their trash and filth. Too harsh? Well, let me explain why they deserve it.

People like Treadway and Goodman have been espousing the great benefit of making government responsible for everything. They have actively pushed this into fruition and this little trash issue is just a microcosm look at why government is a failure.

The residents of DC deserve to stew in their own soup of garbage because they sat back and let this all occur without standing up. They bought into the Utopian view that government-run trash pickup would relieve them of having to take the ghastly step of choosing a trash hauler in a private market and having to actually make out checks each month. They would rather turn this responsibility over to the government instead of taking personal initiative and responsibility in their choices and actions.

DC residents should have stood up against government taking over trash pickup in the first place. Trash pickup should be done by private companies that can compete with price and service. For not standing up, they deserve no sympathy. Call it tough love.

A similar situation regarding trash pickup just occurred in my area over the past week. The town council proposed going to a single trash hauler, rather than allowing the current system of five trash haulers competing in the private market. Is trash pickup a failure here? No, as a matter of fact it is timely and cheap. The proposal would have run four businesses out of the industry and cost jobs and tax revenue - on top of this it would have increased the charges to residents and put the residents at the mercy of the government.

The motives for doing this are many, from backroom deals with the company that would get the contract and revenue to giving government even more control over the people.

All of this was done under the guise that the government would make things more efficient, but the biggest little wedge they used to try to push this through was the stupid idiocy of the green movement. They tried to claim that it would save the environment through reducing the number of trucks on the road. While this sounds good on its face, anyone who takes just a cursory moment to critically think this through would come to the conclusion that reducing the number of trucks would simply increase the trips they would have to make because the number of people who need their trash picked up would not decrease. You can be sure that eventually with this government created monopoly the service costs would increase as they added bureaucracy to track the system. Soon after regulations would come down on how much and which types of trash could be put out. Then fines for not putting your recyclables out properly. If these demands and fee increases happened in a free market you could just call another company and go with them, but with a monopoly there is no choice.

It's a spiral down into hell and you eventually end up with what DC residents now face - allowing the government to control whether you are forced to live in your own filth or not. Thankfully the residents in my area stood up and flooded the town council meeting and told them to put their proposal into the dustbin.

So rather than taking your trash to Boehner, maybe you DC residents should get off your ass and get government out of your trash pickup. But that would be just a little too much work now wouldn't it for the class of government reliant people who live in DC.

Wall Street Journal

A group, drawn together on Facebook, is threatening to bring bags of garbage to the Capitol Hill home of House Speaker John Boehner if they lose city services, including trash collection, under a government shutdown.


Two residents set up a Facebook event — “If Boehner shuts down the government I am taking my trash to his house.” So far, about 5,000 say they’re willing to join in.

Nolan Treadway, the political and logistics director for the liberal bloggers’ network Netroots Nation, said that he had helped create the event after his friend Jonah Goodman, a former Democratic National Committee employee, suggested it as a joke.

Not one ounce of sympathy from me. None.

Maybe that smell you're sitting in will finally get you to rise off your ass and stop relying on government. Let me use an Obamaism for a minute... "You are the change you've been waiting for". Get up and force the city to privatize garbage pickup and make the change that doesn't put you at the mercy of government thugs and their piddly arguing. Either that or expect others to maybe step or two away from you when you mention you live in DC in hopes of saving their nostrils.

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