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Obama Would End Affirmative Action - My Take On Race Preference

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I was watching MSNBC today between 2 and 3PM and they had a segment on the news about Obama's stance on Affirmative Action. It was on the general news hour and not a hosted show so it would probably be nearly impossible to track it down and capture it. During the segment they mentioned that Obama has said that his daughters should not receive preferential treatment since they can afford college. That they should not be given preference over, say, a poor white kid.

The most shocking thing about the news segment was a black female New York Times reporter that came on to talk about it. She recounted his statement and mentioned that Obama therefore is taking a "class" approach to preferential treatment and then looked into the camera with absolute amazement and a little annoyance and said "he would end race preference".

Now let me ask you to think about those two words for a minute. Race. Preference. Now think about the time when there was slavery. What was going on there? Race. Preference.

So many times it has been thrown in our faces that Race Preference is wrong. That those who were white and owned slaves were wrong. How it disenfranchised black families even later. And there's no doubt that immediately afterwards there was.

Two people revered in America - and almost worshiped in the black community - were highly opposed to race preference. Martin Luther King Jr. talked of content of character and not color of skin. As for Lincoln, well freeing the slaves is enough. These same people who look up to these men as heroes are pushing to keep race preference in place.

To these people it doesn't matter if a black family are multi-millionaires and can afford college, their children should still be given preference over some struggling, poor white child.

I am all for giving people a helping hand. I am all for the safety net of basic welfare. The problem comes when it is exploited and grows to such a size as it has today. When it is being abused. When people are using it because it is there and not because they need it, thus denying someone who does a chance.

We need to end race preference in this country and reward those who are simply hard working citizens and legal residents. Will Obama push for this, or was hsi statement about his daughters all just for show and for the polls that show that 88% of Americans are opposed to race based benefits (yes, they mentioned that stat on the show as well).

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Posted by Digger on August 5, 2008 03:45 PM (Permalink)

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Obama is lying, but then again, what's new? He has stated that he supports and will continue to support affirmative action, especially in college admissions. After all, I'm sure he was an affirmative action acceptance (Mr. 57 states...).

Posted by: April on August 7, 2008 01:09 AM

Affirmative action is preference for women and minorities. There is one demographic left out of this group; the white male. So, it is legal to discriminate against the white male. Let's call this for what it really is; payback against whitey, let's give him a taste of his own medicine.

The problem is that whitey corrected race discrimination and it is the children of the oppressors who suffering retaliation, not those who are guilty and dead.

So, where does the high minded "moral" liberal stand? Why, for legal race discrimination.

You see, race discrimination is appropriate for the "right reason." In this, slave masters and modern liberals are in agreement.

Get the socialists who push affirmative action and class envy out of our lives and just make the rules the same for everyone; stop pushing people into groups which separate. We are all just Americans, equal!

Posted by: ken pope on August 14, 2008 12:36 AM

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