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On The Israel - Lebanon Conflict

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I haven't made any comments on the outbreak of conflict in the Middle East and there is a good reason for this. First of all I don't see it as a "crisis" as the media is portraying it. To me it is a clear-cut case of a nation that allowed a terrorist organization to prosper and flourish in their country whining when those same terrorists launch missiles at civilian populations in another nation causing a retaliation.

Recent polls that I've heard from Lebanon show that 85% or more of the population supports Hezbollah. Those same people who support this terrorist organization took to the streets this morning compelled into action by a strike by Israel on a building and area that was warned ahead of time. These "protesters" broke into the UN headquarters in Beirut in a fit of "retaliation" as the media called it. The stupidity of such an action is quite obvious. Most of the UN wants a cease-fire, so what do the people who claim to want the attacking to stop do? They attack the building of those who seem to be calling for their same requests. Pure idiocy.

As for Israel... well I'm no shill for the Israeli government. You'll find no "I support Israel" flags on this website. It's not because I don't like Israel or the Jewish people. It's because they have their own country and need to deal with their own problems. I like England as well, but you won't find their flag here. I'm an American and looking out for America. Call that selfish or shortsighted. But while I like those countries, look at them as allies and approve of supporting them to a point, I just can't throw myself onto their flag like so many others across the web.

Anyone who finds what Israel is doing as despicable or wrong just really hasn't thought things through in my opinion. Israel has recently been pulling back from areas they've occupied for a long period. They've turned them over to the forces they've been fighting with. I believe this was done in hopes that the terrorists would stop their attacks since the main point they've stated as the reasoning for their attacks are the occupation of these areas by Israel. They can no longer use this excuse anymore for those who were dumb enough to believe it in the first place.

So what has Israel received in return for these concessions to these terrorist forces? Attacks from the Gaza strip and now these missile strikes from southern Lebanon. That just goes to show what you get for negotiating with terrorists. Many in the terrorist community saw the hand over of these areas and withdrawal by Israel, not as an act of peace, but as an act of weakness and now they plan on striking while the striking is good. I personally didn't understand why Israel would turn over the Gaza strip. It gave the terrorists an even closer land area to attack from.

As far as these civilian deaths that those in Lebanon are complaining about. I have no sympathy. I have a friend whose family is from Lebanon. As with all the people of this Earth the majority are good people who just want to make a living. They're not terrorists. The problem is when you sit back and let terrorist organizations grow within your country and do nothing. This makes them complicit in the terrorists actions and by they're inaction at stopping these forces, supporters of their cause. Israel has been making attacks now for several weeks. Civilians have been dying, there is no doubt about this. However, I feel that Israel has taken every step they can to warn areas ahead of time to vacate before they've attacked. They've dropped leaflets and made broadcasts on the radio. Those who do not heed the warning after seeing the ongoing strikes over the past weeks have no right to complain. These same people sat by while Hezbollah launched missiles into civilian populations in Israel and saw nothing wrong with it. Now that the attacks are falling on them they're complaining.

The media seems too sympathetic to Lebanon. They cover the civilian deaths and how all of these "innocents" are dying. Once again I point out that their inaction and actual support for these terrorists in their midst does not make them innocent to me. You can't have it both ways. You can't support terrorists who want to wipe out Israel and then complain when they start conflict and you face the consequences of their failure.

If someone was launching missiles into cities in America I can guarantee you there would be action and while civilian deaths of those who are truly innocent are always a travesty, there's nothing that can be done about it when you allow evil to flourish amongst you with no complaints.

So I don't see this as a "crisis" I see this as a legitimate action of a nation to defend itself. If you're going to lie down with wolves then don't complain when you get slaughtered along with them.

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Finansiering og billige banklån, penge på nettet, billigt lån, RKI !

Lån Penge

Posted by: banklaan on July 30, 2006 06:30 PM

The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things. The Israeli military are doing what they have been trained to do. The Israelis aren't cowards who hide behind the need to have world or UN approval either. They do what is best for Israel. Some other countries need to take notice of their example.

Posted by: Raven Shadowwinds on July 30, 2006 10:25 PM

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