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JP Morgan Chase Says "Fuck You Americans!" To Send A Third Of Skilled Financial Jobs To India Within 2 Years

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JP Morgan Chase is sending a third of it's workforce to India by the end of 2007. I tend not to put the word fuck in a title of an entry, but this is getting out of hand. By the end of 2007 more than 9,000 skilled financial positions will be given to India fucking over 9,000 skilled Americans who have spent huge amounts of money on college to enter the financial sector.

Not to be bitter, but all of you people who say "It's only low skilled jobs being outsourced" or say "it's just manufacturing and boring repetitive jobs" need to wake the fuck up.

The first industry hit was the technology sector with college graduates finding nowhere to go upon spending 4 years of busting ass in math and science to get their degree or countless hours keeping up on technology so they're not obsolete. Now it's the financial sector. I can guarantee you the other financial companies will quickly follow suit. Today it's 9,000 jobs, tomorrow it's 100,000+ as 10 other banks and investment companies send 10,000 over as well. Then, it's a million as 100's of other smaller groups follow them.

I'm pro-business, but this is fucking ridiculous!


The bank will process most of its foreign exchange trades in the Indian cities of Mumbai and Bangalore, the report said. It will also transfer much of the processing of credit derivatives contracts, the FT said.

It said the bank is currently hiring between 300 and 400 graduates a month and plans a total of 9,000 by the end of 2007.

About 3,000 will work for the investment bank, and the rest will support the group's retail and commercial banking operations, including 2,000 call centre workers, the report said.

When will the people revolt and demand severe penalties for companies that outsource? It's not protectionism, it's common sense that our country cannot sustain the continued raping of our high paying jobs and still remain competitive in the world.

My question for JP Morgan Chase and all you pro-business people that excuse this behavior is "Will the price of JP Morgan Chases services go down or will they continue to rape the same Americans they disdain with overpriced fees?" I'm guessing no.

The tired argument for outsourcing proponents is that the American people benefit through cheaper goods and services. Well maybe in the case of Wal-mart, but even with all of the outsourcing of the software industry I haven't seen anything go down in price and things, especially services, continue to go up.

Medical services like X-ray's are regularly sent overseas to be looked at. Has the price of X-rays and other medical services decreased? Fuck No they haven't. It's all a smokescreen. Screw Americans and their families and lie to their face. Something needs to be done.

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Posted by Digger on December 7, 2005 01:47 PM (Permalink)

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I'm a entrepreneur starting my 4th company since 1983. During the start process, there's a lot of interaction with the financial community. I've been talking with angels and some private investors and floating private placement memoranda to selected channels and I'm hearing this disturbing chatter about JP Morgan Chase. This is highly unusual, because I would normally have no dealings that involve a commercial bank, and certainly no one from their investment house.

So I'm starting to do some research and found this comment on diggers realm about outsourcing help. A frightening pattern of what I would consider to be immoral and bad faith dealings across the entire company is emerging. They write these obscene credit card agreements that lay a trap for unsuspecting customers that kick in 31.3% interest rates on a credit card advertised as 2.99%. It's hard to avoid them because they've acquired nearly every card servicing business in the country.

I had to get out the GPS to ensure I was still in the U.S.A. because last I looked we had some usury laws on the books, not to mention Taft-Hartley and Sherman.

What's going on here? Illegal? Probably millimeters this side of the line. But these corrupt and immoral company leaders know exactly what they are doing - they are destroying the trust bond fabric of this nation and without any government intervention to put a stop to it. They prey on those that can least afford it and are unable to understand what is being done to them.

Oh, wait a minute - here's the problem, my mistake. Right after they managed to change the bankruptcy laws that allowed the smallest of victims to escape their web, it seems that Chase acquired DOJ last October at the end of FY05 when it defaulted on some credit card debt.

It's going to take a groundswell of public outrage against Chase and companies that use them in their affliate credit card programs. I'm going to start identifying those that I have and get rid of them and tell the affiliated companies that I am ceasing all patronage until Chase is gone.

Posted by: JDHawley on February 4, 2006 11:49 PM

I am searching for victims of mortgage fraud that was perpetrated by JP Morgan Chase, WMC Mortage, SPS aka Fairbanks...or anything relating to predatory lending.
I also am searching for former employees of these
companies who would be willing to give testimony in
Court (Arizona), it can be via telephone or in person
during Trial even written testimony is helpful.
Can email me at: Ipredict7@aol.com Please put Fraud
in the Subject line. Thank you.

Posted by: Joyce on April 9, 2006 06:30 PM

I on my third Bankrutcy, fighting to hold on started as Equicred,then fairbanks and now SPS, 10 long yeas

Posted by: Garland Hudson on May 3, 2006 07:44 PM

4 years of busting ass?? I dont know what you mean? Unless you mean it literally. Ive done my degree here in the US and I think most of the good American students got into very decent jobs. Whereas the ones who were found drunk on the roadside every Friday night (and there were tonnes of them) were fucked. So were all such non-Americans (yes, that includes Chinese and Indians). So you guys need to wake up and welcome the world of "meritocracy", or else you will be fucked and rightly so. Your problem is that youve had it all too easy all your lives, which had to change. Nature has a way to balance. You guys who crib about tough academic levels in US cant even imagine how tough its to get into an IIT (India)(the best undergrad place ever) or Tsinghua (china). People who get in are nothing less than prodigies. And when they come here (with scholarships, again rightly so), they breeze through with straight A's. You will have to beat that if you want your jobs to stay. MERITOCRACY!! or you can whine about it all your miserable lives. I say this from experience. I started in the US with a base salary of 85K, as a fresher, without any prior experience in the industry. But God knows how hard I worked for it, unlike some of my mates, who enjoyed every fucking Friday of their course. Its all a balance my friend.

Posted by: Neeraj Vora on July 24, 2006 02:58 PM

The reason I got into this site is as I have a former Bank One AOL card which is Chase now. They charged interest after I paid my balance in full by the due date.
I left the country and coming back after two months I found the balance of ZERO up to $54-probably the monthly payment they make to an Indian.

Posted by: Liana on August 22, 2006 09:10 PM

When will the people revolt and demand severe penalties for companies that outsource? It's not protectionism, it's common sense that our country cannot sustain the continued raping of our high paying jobs and still remain competitive in the world.

By that same logic please also scrap the WTO agreement as every exporting country robs the other country of jobs as they manufacture products that could be produced locally and please tell industry leaders not to crib when developing countries do not allow ur goods...

Posted by: JD on January 17, 2007 02:10 AM

Kid seems like you just woke up after tripping on drugs your entire life. The world economics has changed. Americans have done a wonderful job the last 2 centuries , they worked hard to make America what it is today. The present generations don't know what working hard is, all they know how to do drugs,have sex and go for vacations being in debt all life. Its time to wake up and start working hard. There are millions of products that you sell in china,india making billions each year and when it comes to moving a job to these countries not just because they can save money but also because they are highly skilled compared to their american counter parts and also who work very hard, you tend to lose your nerve.

Time to wakeup and do your shit

Posted by: rocky on January 27, 2007 10:49 AM

Liberal americans get what they deserve! Take all the jobs and give them to people who actually deserve them and worked harder than the stupid americans.

All americans want is a free easy ride in thier ignorance and selfishness. Now it's finally catching up to them!

Stupid americans :)

Posted by: Outsourcer on February 18, 2007 03:20 PM

I don't mean to be mean, but if you Americans insist on preaching free-market capitalism to the rest of the world, you'll have to lead by example and keep a stiff upper lip when your jobs go to more competitive countries. America is about competition, so now compete and shut the fuck up.

Posted by: anglojack on April 25, 2007 07:56 PM

Ok so everyone is mad about the jobs going to India, but if you really look at it its not there fault. Most people in America are NOT EVEN HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE! I can understand the frustration, because I am in the IT field with aspects in Finance so now one knows better then a person in IT field what outsourcing is. IF PEOPLE IN AMERICAN STOPED DROPPING OUT OF SCHOOL AND IF EDUCATION WAS FREE (LIKE IN INDIA, OR ATLEAST 1/2 OF WHAT ONE HAS TO PAY TO GET A COLLEGE DEGREE)this would not happen. 90% of that country speaks English and no one gets into a job market before they finish Bachelors. Not only have that, what we learn here in college they already known that in the 9th grade. So you see the difference, MORONS! So next time before blaming others, we should look at our faults. Honestly, I have nothing in favor of them but look at it…the only reason we make noise or use obscenities because we are educated and we don’t like our jobs going to another country. So instead of blaming other people maybe you should really look at people in US that don’t want to work because working more then 8 hours per day is a crime here! I have a master and I am perusing my PHD…but how many people in America really have masters? Forget about having a PHD! People in countries like China, India have at least 50% of educated people with Master or above. So you see, why jobs are going there!

Instead of blaming others, maybe we should look at our faults first!

Posted by: claw on May 19, 2007 03:45 PM

America made it, created it marketed it and now export it. I love my country (USA) and I care about others in the world, but I will have to say that India's are being exploited again and again by others. First the British and now the States.. they are working for wedges that are poor and they don't get the same benefits and care as their co-workers do in Europe and the states.
Don't be fools :)

Posted by: Worker on May 25, 2007 02:21 AM

I might be disappointed too if I were to lose my job tomorrow but I wouldn't whine over it, instead I would look to re-invent myself as with the fast paced world tomorrow there would be enirely new industries requiring new skill sets, probably not even being taught at universities. It has always been a very competitive environment, only difference is that globalisation has resulted in new avenues and far more people can compete. It is like a vicious cycle (like it has always been), globalisation leads to increased prosperity for American firms, forcing emerging markets' local firms to compete aggresively, American firms looked for ways to cut their costs and began moving jobs to places like India/China/Philliphines etc., which opened up employment opportunities within these countries and higher disposable incomes with the young talented work force, that leads to higher expenditure due to brand awareness and local taxes being eased a little bit, which eventually turns out as lucrative figures in P$L of the American companies as they announce positive earnings on Wall Street. Corporate America has been doing phenomenally since 2001, about the same time when outsourcing caught up pace.
I would pack my bags and head straight to the emerging markets as there is demand for good talent and that would give me the much needed experience/expertise that would help me make the jump to the next level.
That's what I am doing next month and trying out my luck with the bulge bracket investment banks.

Posted by: mistyhead on August 6, 2007 05:46 PM

I have to agree with many of the negative comments from those on this blog that came to America for a better life- Americans do need to stop crying and work harder as the days of old. Capitalism is such that change is ever present, requiring the American worker to adapt.
The thing I don't agree with is the off-shoring of technology jobs. I have worked in a number of firms that have off-shored. They soon find out that nothing is accomplished. Language barrier, timezone differences, lack of understanding the business, etc, etc. The overall factor is the buzz factor that started in the Silicon of off-shoring, "saves money, and the productivity is great." They soon found out and have brought the work back. I know, I live in the SanFran and work amongst the technology here. The American companies simply need to come back to reality and realize that the "brilliant" Indian technology guy is 99% of the time one who is full of bullsh't, reciting theories read in a book, but simply can't implement. I suggest that the 99% of the Indians I have worked with stick to coding a VB app on their desktop at home. The vast majority of them cite "universities" on their resume, but when a simple googling is done- no such university or it is some ridiculous school of crap. They can't handle simple questions in the initial interview, they use a "shotgun" answer, running in circles hoping that the interviewer can't decipher the bullsh't they spew. Don't forgot that the Indian technology person always, and I mean ALWAYS thinks their solution is correct, even when they are completely incorrect. It is funny how I sit in meetings and let them spew and watch as not only myself, but other peers from China, Nepal dispute their comments. It is known amongst all my peers at various companies, whether they be American, Chinese, Japanese, Nepalanese when entering meetings with Indians- let it go in one ear and out the other- they have no f'ckng clue what they are talking about......

Posted by: Steve on August 29, 2007 01:03 PM

I totally agree with mistyhead. It is really sad to see how our American Jobs are being exported to other countries, creating everyday a more difficult situation in every recent graduate that wants to look for a job. For some reason (probably because they haven't really had the chance to get in touch with an indian), most people think indians are the "very highly skilled" workers. And that's how they (the indians) sell themselves, even that is not true at all. As with ALL the countries in the world, in india there may be brilliant people. But this doesn't mean that we need to bring them here to the U.S. Its amazing the HUGE number of indians that are trying to come to the U.S. everyday. This will make that someday (in 10, 20 or 30 years), we the Americans, will loose the culture that differentiate us from other countries. Every time I go to different cities here in the U.S, it's scaring how many indians you see walking on the streets, with that number increasing every single day! If we don't stop this, the day where we can find an indian in every corner will come. Remember that they are reproducing themselves like rats! It is estimated that by year 2025, India will be the country with the largest population, surpassing China. This means, that with over 1 billion people that are right now starving, the pressure to come to the U.S. and other 1st world countries will increase dramatically.

To give more specific numbers, I checked the USCIS site and some local newspapers, and found that in July 2007, 300.000 indians were trying to apply for permanent residence. Three hundred Thousand Fucking Indians! And remember that every one of those will want to bring their families to the U.S, so multiply that by 6 (easily). That explains the reality of the problem we have here. Let's do something, for God's sake!

Posted by: Marx on September 25, 2007 10:33 AM

Life is tough. It’s not going to give you an inch. So take the crap it throws at you and move on. Lost your job tough luck bro. Need a tissue? Might have it! Want sympathies? Might get loads of sympathies. Want a job that is where it boils down to. So go ahead say and write anything you want but its you there looking for the job and the faster you find it the better it for you because the world doesn’t give a damm about you. Don’t like foreigners in your country then be very ready to kiss goodbye your social security check in the future. By the way dude America was built by immigrants so you may want to think before you want to kick everybody out of your country.

Posted by: KK on September 26, 2007 05:37 AM


Posted by: gofuckyoursisterwhiteinbreedinghick on October 23, 2007 11:12 AM

Like the natives comeing back home. Indians were the orignal owners of the Americas and the fcuking starving europians entered the country with out a green card and killed them and used the africans to get fat on the land and now it is pay back time. fcuk the americans.

Posted by: indian on January 6, 2008 01:05 PM

You know what really sucks, companies using cheap labor and cheap materials have resulted in the US consumer, the ones whose dollars are feeding you assholes, having to put up with the cheap shit products and bad service coming out of the Middle East and China. What even sucks more is we pay the same or more for it then we did for quality US made products we use to be able to get.

Posted by: Fatcat on February 28, 2008 05:54 PM

Are you sure this isn't a plan for a one-world government? One world currency? Then the rich will get really rich because they'll control everything, under one world "JP Morgan-Chase" bank.

It's in the works people...no one will be ready.

Posted by: Phil on April 10, 2008 05:12 PM

Unbelievable. The above discussion is a mess. Full of prejudice from "enlightened" foreigners and "experienced" seniors....rediculous! I believe the original article outlined the current trend in the workforce, highlighting the fact that none of the corporate savings are being passed on to the consumers.

Excuse me, but were the U.S. citizens that previously occupied those jobs performing so poorly that they were causing problems? Were they doing too many drugs, too lazy, and discovered on the roadside drunk? Did that lead to our current economic situation? No fucking way. I don't care how hard you worked to get into your precious universities in China, etc. Good for you...pat yourself on the back because you did something worthwhile with your life.

There are millions of hard-working, intelligent, friendly, DESERVING citizens in this country who certainly do not need our corporations and govt. to sell out and leave us to pay the tab. Greed and corruption are causing very painful problems for millions of us, and it is wrong. To hear "Neeraj Vora" (see above) get on his soapbox and tell the U.S. that we deserve it is more than irritating. Oh, I'm sorry, didn't you come here to make a better life with your 85k salary? And you wish to criticize the people who made that possible? FUCK YOU PAL. If the trend continues, you may just lose that 85k, and then where are you going to be?

The world market is truly that...but the U.S. needs to retain some autonomy. TO RE-EMPHASIZE the original point, we're not losing jobs because the rest of the world is "oh-so-deserving", more competitive, and intelligent. We're losing jobs because of FUCKING quarterly earnings statements. In closing, fuck all of you "intelligent" commentators who used this as an excuse to vent your jealousy and elitism. The US is full of good people who need to be treated well by their corporations, and especially their government.

Posted by: missingthepoint on September 19, 2008 07:12 PM

Why not take some more breaks at your work?
Why not take some more drugs?
Why not threaten your bosses at work with guns and maybe grenades?
Why not spend even more than what you have been spending by now and earn even less than what you have been earning so far?
Why not take some more loans and not pay?
Why not answer the question, why US economy is getting raped?
Why not answer the question, why Osama Bin Laden chose America and not Canada or UK or India?
Why not answer the question about so much sex, rapes and divorces?
Why not go ahead and file more bankruptcy?
Why not go ahead and have even worse credit history by spending more than your dads can pay?
Fuckin you are busy being cowboys and bragging about your latest gun, where the fuck are you serious about business?
We Indians WORK when we are supposed to WORK! We care for our jobs! I can bet you, ANY GIVEN DAY, I can work more and better than you with better tolerance. When will you change your attitude? And when will you stop blaming and criticizing and start working to retain your jobs instead?
It is YOUR GOVERNMENT. Ever thought why they are outsourcing? Because yes, Indians work more than YOU and that too while getting paid 1/4th. Secondly, THINK how many of you have the attitude to work and stick with one place/business for years?
Don't answer to me .. Ask yourself and find answers to these questions. It is for your own enlightenment. I don't need answers to these questions because I'm already enlightened.

Posted by: Adarsh on November 16, 2008 08:11 AM

Fuck the USA! Viva la revolucion! Down with fucking American Marxists! May Capitalism PROSPER! FUCK COMMUNISM and AMERICAN OPPRESSION!

Posted by: FuckYOU on November 24, 2008 03:06 AM

Take it easy man. Your full of hot air relax a little take a valum or ritalin. deep breath

Posted by: Tony on November 28, 2008 04:17 AM



Posted by: FuckAmericans on April 9, 2009 11:12 AM

Steve, that's dead on mate. Indians are good at talking shit. That's all they ever do, just like their f****n govt. The movie Slum Dog Millionaire pretty much sums up what they really are. It's not their fault though, after all you are the product of your environment. They grew up with shit all around them, so much so that they actually talk it. Seriously USCIS should wake up and formulate a smarter approach to prevent these clowns from landing here.

Posted by: Andy on July 10, 2009 07:57 AM

The US government is partly to blame for the increase in outsourcing of assets and labor by US corporations.

Of course there are plenty of US workers that can make even the best of Tsinghua U's graduates pale in comparison. However, notice that the economies of China and India are actually GROWING in the current recession. This gives the young people of these countries quite a bit of optimism and a clear incentive to succeed, if nothing else. We in the US might soon experience a massive "brain drain" if the negative trends continue.

Had the US government simply stepped back and let the recession administer discipline upon the profligates of American business & commerce, we would not be in this mess. Sure, we'd have Great-Depression-like conditions for 12-18 months, but after that all the impurities would be removed and things would be normal again. Think of the US economy as a forest where one stage of species is replaced by the next stage thereof, with forest fires punctuating each stage.

Forest fires are good, not bad; burnt deadwood is great for green shoots - just as defunct companies' assets are great for use by the new upstarts.

However, for the last 25 years or so the US government has tried to keep the gravy train going. In a push for perpetual growth, the Feds tried injecting extra USD into the US economy. With each increase in the money supply consumers are forced to spend, spend, spend to keep all those USD in circulation. Otherwise, inflation sets in because there are not that many dollars changing hands. Either the government burns all those excess bills or inflates the USD so that, say, a Big Mac Combo at Mikky D's costs $30 instead of $6.

Personally I would not mind a bit of inflation. In fact, inflation is the least of our problems here.

Most business leaders and entrepeneurs look at Washington DC's latest stimulus package and grow green with despair. So much private business prostituting itself to Congress in a push for undisputed supremacy, and now something that looks like a concerted drive to debase the US dollar.

With all the fresh money being issued from the Federal Reserve, supply has exceeded demand for the USD and now hyperinflation is a possibility. A little inflation (say, 5-15% yearly) does not hurt, especially in times of growth. Also, a weak dollar makes US-made products more attractive to foreign buyers, but where has US industry gone?!

With so many billions of dollars out there and the imminent drop in the value of the USD, China and everyone else with huge reserves of USD are trading away their USD for hard commodities like gold and oil.

As for "free trade", it must be remembered that - like Communism - it looks good only on paper. Truth is, Western countries became rich and powerful through a shrewd combination of liberalized trade and protectionist policy. Free trade in strict accordance with the textbook does not exist. Such a theory only works for countries with economies strong enough to support high-volume trade. What I see with China and India these days is not all that different from when the USA was the emerging industrial power - back in the late 1800s.

Sometimes, a good spanking is what's needed to drive out those demons ^^

Those US company heads who openly encouraged the outsourcing of their assets and labor to China should not be surprised when Beijing decides that the Chinese economy does not need further FDI (foreign direct investment) and proceeds to evict foreign corporations from Chinese soil. I'd like to see what the new-money tycoons will do then.

No good to build a fine house on sand; the waves will come and wash it away!

To all of you I say, learn Weiqi! Go here for details.


Posted by: Arian I. on July 20, 2009 03:07 AM

JP Morgan Chase Says "Fuck You Americans!" To Send A Third Of Skilled Financial Jobs To India Within 2 Years

These mobsters have decided to cancel the accounts of millions and Jack-up their interest rates *HIGHER* then -AUTOMATICALLY freezing the unaware trusting victims account, claiming bad credit based on a "business decisions". "The current economy made us do it"
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CANCEL ANY ACCOUNTS WITH the EVIL DOERS--> CHASE BANK are anti-american and have no morals what-so-ever.
WHERE THE FK is Mr OBAMa- nation's plan to take charge and rid these evil bankers from interest hikes on our credit cards. fucking JOKE of a president. recorded 07/21/2009 5:47PM PDT P.S. A BIG FU to lobbyists who are selling out our country and everyone in the white house participating in those sanctions. Contrary to popular belief we are getting FUCKED!

Posted by: drdredge_tells_all on July 21, 2009 08:43 PM

this is what happens when you fucked over other people to get up there. its a wheel of fortune. america needs to stand behind the end of the line and take some licks. its just nature taking its course.

Posted by: suck my dick on October 23, 2009 03:46 PM


Posted by: NATASHA on November 27, 2009 02:03 AM

I see this shit going on everywhere in Europe. I trying to get a fucking tech job since 2 years with 5 years of workexp and getting nowhere.
Europe is NOT open for the professionals, it's open if you have a lot of money and you want to spend it...

You dont have to worry about that border-jumpers will take your jobs, Indians will from their dirt country.

Companies seriously should pull out their heads from the sand and stop outsourcing to ASIA otherwise
the east will win.

Nuking that shit out of the map would restore the whole world economy!

Posted by: xaero on January 13, 2010 07:44 PM

We Indians are most talented so Americans beg and get our service. We work harder than them. No need to say what Indians are. WE never called them to establish their firms in India. If they do then sure we have right to work. The profit goes to America only not India. Its just Give and Take policy. We Indians respect all never means we keep quit for whatever the shit u American speak. First learn to give respect then talk. YOU AMERICANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THAT HAPPENS WITH YOU. BEG YOUR GOVERNMENT FOR JOB INSTEAD BLAMING US.TAKE YOUR SHIT COMPANIES OUT OF INDIA THAT IS SPOILING OUR CULTURE.

Posted by: Jaladungi tuje on February 27, 2010 02:26 AM

Free Market Economy...Competition/Best Deal, etc etc...
Where is it now?
Do you not go to Walmart if they offer cheaper price for the same commodity? Do you not want your services and goods to cost less?
For someone in India who speaks english,wouldn't bitch about working extra hours, holds a college degree,wouldn't complain about the A/C not working for 30 minutes(if it happens), is doubly courteous on the phone while talking to external/internal clients... Why wouldn't the companies reach out?
And geniuses...People in India work overtime and at night to make those rupees.

Americans that come to India to head the Indian units of their companies or to work/transition the process, get 5-7 Star accomodation, servants, chauffer driven cars, their salary in USA, almost the same amount as 'Hardship Allowance' and additional dollars to spend for food... Their food allowance for a day is enough to feed them for a month.

Posted by: Roy on March 14, 2010 07:47 PM

fuck all you all - I have never been in a walmart and would only go there if the shit hits the fan, to loot. the consumer economy is complete bullshit. buy what you need, plant a garden, and read. go get a damn library card. fuck chindiazil, you dumb bitches work as slaves and then turn around telling us how much smarter you are than us? fuck wall street, a bunch of pansie-ass bitches calling for globalization because they need high profit margins to make enough to sit around all fucking day whoring. fuck big oil, fuck industrial agriculture, fuck it all - we're fucking hosed people - I don't give a shit where you live - your quality of life is going to decline because the 'elites' have won - and whatever is in the global water supply makes it so nobody gives a flying fuck... so fuck you.

Posted by: dishwashing engineer on March 17, 2010 01:38 PM

To those Indians who would condemn all residents of the united states: we are not all in the top one percent of the SES here. My father has worked his entire life as a physician who graduated from the top of his classes from every school that he went to, and still earns a modest amount of money-enough to raise a family. You are not entitled to American money. If anything you should be angry that you are being used to advance the american way of life. However, it seems that all of you are too busy hating the "America" that you believe exists here. no, the streets are not paved with gold. No, we don't make a lot of money. The image of America is much more romanticized than life actually is here. Regardless, a meritocracy is as dreamy an idea as it is impractical. These companies don't care for our grades. They care for your price. Everyone has a price. India's is just less. There is one thing that we have in common. We've all let our price be known. This is not the fault of America, its the fault of the elite. The rich who will become richer. Congratulations india and china, you have been bought. Consider yourselves inducted into the corporate throne of america. And please, pipe down with the anger. All anyone does with that is hurt others. Do something positive with that energy.

Posted by: chris on March 28, 2010 09:13 PM

India doesn't need off shoring as much as US or any other country does. Whereas this is no excuse for people losing their jobs, the only people who are gaining are US and Indian CEOs. Let me draw your attention to some facts:

1. IT and IT-Enabled services in India are barely 4% of the country's total Gross Domestic Product/Income (GDP/GDI). It does not matter to the government of India whether you choose to outsource or not but it does matter to the Businessmen who are busy filling their coffers.

2. Indian employees hate outsourcing as much as their American counterparts. In the last a decade or so, most of the employees have had to work the graveyard shift consistently - sometimes for years together, can you even consider the ill effects on their health and family lives? All this for working on 1/10th the pay of their foreign counterparts with virtually no tangible benefits. Besides being treated inhumanely by every American who feels they are the cause for loosing their jobs.

No doubt the workforce has swelled to over 2million in 10 years - but these people are not fit to work in other industries due to their peculiar skills which are weird accents, odd work hours and low skills when compared to other industries in India.

3. US has never been a major investor in India - you can look up the data for the last 10 years. Even smaller nations like Netherlands have made more investments in India in the last two years. These of course were not related to off shoring type work.

I really don't know what the big fuss is about. Practically there is no value add for India through off shoring work. US corporations are the one's which are reaping in benefits. So much for President Obama's comments on tax breaks for these companies in the inaugural speech? So what are you people waiting for?

In fact the US economy is surviving on Chinese investments. Let's see you guys take on China for a change.

We hope that off shoring ends as a practice at least in India because it is destroying the impressionable minds of our youth who are being forced to talk in fake accents and adopt alien lifestyles besides facing ignorant customers. Besides being a humiliating experience it is a low IQ/ skill profession.

Finally as Johnny Paycheck/David Allen Coe put it -- Americans can take this job and shove it..and don't fucking come around here no more!! Burn in hell, IDIOTS!

Posted by: Fuck America on August 30, 2010 02:24 PM

FUCK CHASE may all their senior executives die slow painful deaths and they BURN IN HELL

Posted by: tim on September 10, 2010 05:01 PM

the ultimate strategy to crash JPMorgan


bring them down ppl

Posted by: socus on November 12, 2010 10:18 PM

Busting ass? More like monkey see monkey do. An Entrepreneur is an ass buster.

Posted by: ACG on December 6, 2010 11:33 PM

I have inherited the CHASE whip from a WAMU account.
I have closed all my accounts with Chase last month.
After closing, they reported my credit went over balance one month, by about $150.00 during a time when I was moving and incurred a lot of costs. I even warned them I'd be hitting the limit and possible going over for one month to which they said it would be ok.
I never had a late payment. They only did this after I closed account.
This repot had adverse effect on credit report as well.
They care nothing for you and will do everything in their power to fool you in order to keep your money.
If you have account with CHASE, close them.
If you are a slave to CHASE, quit.
Put your money and savings where you heart is to your local bank.
If you cannot quit, better, yet, bring them down from the inside.
Post to wiki links or some other such haven any and all material you can get your hands on, emails , policies, anything even if you don’t know what it may entail but suspect, rest assured someone else may.

Posted by: Timmy Burton on January 3, 2011 10:14 PM


Posted by: SPFX5150 on March 7, 2011 08:11 PM

crash jpmorgan buy silver

Posted by: eb on March 31, 2011 11:41 PM

Fuck JP MORGAN and the Monetary system all together :p

Posted by: JP MORGAN IS A TWAT on April 8, 2011 07:15 AM

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The Dark Side Of Illegal Immigration
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