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Mexican Cartel Los Zetas Graffiti In Seattle: 'Coming Soon'

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Seattle Zetas Coming Soon

Seattle DEA and Seattle officials are trying to downplay graffiti found in the Seattle area that announces that the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas will be in the area soon. The graffiti simply says "Coming Soon Zetas" and was found on a bridge overpass. Despite denials by government officials locally and nationally, most people realize that there are major drug gangs in every major and most minor cities in the United States. In the liberal bastion and sanctuary city of Seattle, according to officials, it simply couldn't happen there. After all, they've been so open and welcoming to illegal aliens and the gangs that come with them, so how could the cartels possibly not like them?

Los Zetas is a top drug cartel and is responsible for the beheadings, public hanging of mutilated and dead bodies and mass graves in Mexico. They were trained by the US special forces to fight against drug cartels and are thus a highly trained killing team in all environments and conditions. They turned all of this training into carving out a very nice niche in the massive war with rival cartels like the Gulf Cartel. Recently they have been using more terrorist tactics like the beheadings and car bombings in public area to show that they control area and strike fear in their opponents, both other cartels and the Mexican government.

None of this could possibly happen in Seattle though, right? The blind cannot see their own demise.

The Blaze

“Although it is possible, we do not have any intelligence that graffiti is being used as such domestically by Mexican drug cartels,” DEA spokeswoman Jodie Underwood said in a written statement.

More from Seattle Weekly on how a Los Zetas thug born in Yakima (yes, Yakima) ended up slaughtering hundred in Mexico.

As for Los Zetas, in April 2011 Mexican authorities arrested a 34-year-old Washington native named Martín Omar Estrada Luna and accused him of leading the massacre of more than 200 migrant workers found buried in mass graves in the Zetas stronghold of San Fernando, Tamaulipas. Luna, nicknamed “El Kilo,” was raised in the Yakima area and grew up a member of the La Raza street gang. He was deported in 2009, and later turned up in Nuevo Laredo.

The article goes on to downplay it - despite a guy straight out of the hood of Yakima who went on to be a hardened Zetas killer.

it’s more than likely the handiwork of some trifling wannabes. And that’s a good thing. With all the gun violence lately, the last thing Seattle needs is a vicious Mexican turf war.

Note how they point out gun violence... as if knife, bat and fist violence are fine, just as long as no guns are involved. Stupid liberal logic. I say, ignore at your own risk. Trifling wannabee? Maybe, but they dismiss it as if it is not even possible and that should worry some.

Picture courtesy of Northwest Gangs

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Does that also mean bombs are acceptable as well? Stupid Liberal illogic! When the heads start rolling (literally) then as long as a machete, knife or sword is used then that's ok as well? lol

Posted by: AMisEnemigos on December 31, 2013 07:33 AM

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