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Clark County, NV 12% Unemployment - Illegal Aliens 12% Of Workforce

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A recent report shows that the unemployment rate in Clark County, Nevada is currently at 12%. Another report shows that illegal aliens make up 12% of the workforce in Clark County. These numbers are revealing because it shows the disconnect of the American populace - and in particular people in Clark County who have their head in the sand. The connection between the two issues is lost. Recent polling in Clark County shows that their top concern is not illegal immigration, but the economy. Clark County includes Las Vegas and Henderson.

News flash to the people of America, when you have a large portion of your populace unemployed they are not contributing to either the tax base, nor the economy. When you have a large portion of your economy made up of illegal aliens, who are working illegally and paying no taxes they are a drain on your economy. This is because most illegal aliens either work under the table or under a stolen identity, which they then use to file taxes under for a refund because they are considered the working poor and are not in the top 50% of the populace who pays taxes. On top of this studies have shown that there is an increase in crime with high populations of illegal aliens. Then on top of that you have to add all of the services that the family of illegal aliens use, increased law enforcement, infrastructure, fire protection and emergency services care at hospitals.

In addition to all the costs that come with illegal aliens, those out of work also require the use of all of these services as they are neither contributing to the tax base and requiring more taxpayer provided services.

Clark County, Nevada is just a microcosm of what is happening all across this country, yet time after time citizens are not realizing that when they think it's the economy, one of those drains is the illegal aliens within their community. Removing even a portion of the illegal aliens would reduce not only the unemployment rate, but start to get local economies back on track and this nation as a whole.

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"You hit the nail right on head! No doubt illegal immigration is without question tied to the economy-for that matter, tied to everything else as well. My question is 'Why Don't We Hear More In The MSM, and Those Aspiring to Political Office! May be that's the reason so many Americans can"t see the correlation between illegal immigration and the economy?"

Posted by: GUEST9402 on November 3, 2012 07:40 PM

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