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Fahrenheit & Hot Pussy

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I watched Fahrenheit 9/11 and wasn't really that impressed. I actually liked Bowling for Columbine. Of course his political views don't match mine, but Bowling for Columbine was well done and did present a point of view that at least is semi-understandable as someone's point of view. Fahrenheit 9/11 however is just a bunch of old news footage, some sobbing people to try and get your emotions going and an incoherent bashing of the current administration, complete with the goofiest footage of each of them that Michael Moore could find.

As a film I'd say it was below a 5 on a 10 point scale. There are a few tidbits of information that are interesting, but I already knew some of the numbers in the movie were fudged. For instance the percentage of time the president spent on vacation pre-9/11 was noted as something like 43%, failing to mention that the figure includes weekend days counted as vacation days. These false numbers make me question some of his other figures. See Bowling for Columbine if you haven't, it's worth a peek. Ignore this over-hyped piece of crap though.

Now onto the pussies as promised!

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently proposed to lower California's retention of animals in shelters from 6 days to 3 days before they are euthanized. This measure would save the counties 14 million a year in animal upkeep and a serious overcrowding problem. The animal activists are all outraged at this, as you can imagine. "How could you kill all these animals!!! You murdering bastards!!"

I'm a cat person. I absolutely love cats. I'm part cat myself being a nocturnal loner who likes to cuddle occasionally and rub up on womens legs. I'd hate to see cats die. However, these activists are total fucking morons when it comes to understanding the problem.

The issue is money, not hating or loving animals. All Arnold is really saying is that the state is not in the business of housing animals for long periods. I agree with this totally. The state should have the job of catching stray or dangerous animals. Beyond that, housing and care for those animals if they are to be saved needs to be done by private individuals in the form of private animal shelters.

So these animal rights people need to get off their asses and go raise private money from animal lovers to house these animals or stop their damn whining. I don't understand why they think the state should be responsible for welfare care for animals.

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one of days digger ill make some good cat stew an we will go fishing buddy.

Posted by: john on January 21, 2005 09:26 PM

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