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The Path To 9/11 Is Great! Dems Are Weenies

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The Democrats have really come off looking like fools regarding their outrageous uproar about The Path to 9/11. Look, the fact of the matter is that most Americans don't give a crap about what political party someone is in when it comes to Homeland Security and the fight against terrorists.

We have been way too lenient on fighting against these radicals for nearly 20 years. Democrat or Republican, it is irrelevant. The most poignant thing that The Path To 9/11 points out is the lack of action because of "diplomatic concerns", fear of being blamed for doing your job or worrying that there might be collateral damage of those who have willingly congregated and supported these terrorists. Don't let them fool you, they knowingly put themselves and their children in harms way by hanging out with murdering thugs

The Path To 9/11 points out an institutionalized spinelessness throughout all of the agencies. Sure there were a few with backbones, but most didn't seem too concerned and chose to ignore the situations because they weren't happening over here.

The fact is that when you ignore a threat for long enough eventually it will strike more and more and grow in strength. Here's an example that may hit home to more people. Just ignore the threat of your credit card debt for awhile. pay the minimum for a few years, see where it get you. Not attacking a threat to you, either physical, ideological or economic will eventually come back to haunt you.

When someone declares war on you and comes right out and says "we're going to kill you" you better not ignore it. I'm looking at you Iran. It seems the United States and the rest of the world have not learned their lesson yet. It took Bin Laden a few years to strike the US after his declaration of Jihad, are we going to wait a few more years before we get hit by those currently threatening us before we do anything?

The spineless and weak nature of the countries of this world are disgusting and a threat to all of us who are just trying to live our lives day to day.

Currently the UN looks almost identical to what is portrayed in the film pre September 11. A bunch of people afraid to do anything because of fear of offending someone, taking a hit economically in order to ensure security and a general wimpiness throughout.

If anything The Path to 9/11 shows us the hate for America that these terrorists really have. It is not hidden by their media appearances and speeches where they are composed. It is splayed out for all to see. Calculating, vicious and hateful. Americans need to be reminded of this. If a few people's feelings get hurt in the process, oh well!

Other Commentary

Debbie Schlussel picks apart some fallacies in the movie. Particularly between credit given to the FBI and not the NYPD counterterrorism division.
Chad at In The Bullpen has some interesting comments on Massoud the character and the man.
California Yankee agrees that it's not the party, it's the people.
Decision '08 thumps the Dems without mercy.

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