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Beating Sexual Predators To Death On NUMB3RS Episode "Killer Chat"

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So I'm sitting here watching Numb3rs. This episode "Killer Chat" is based around groups that pose as teens online to bust sexual predator. There have recently been a number of episodes on Dateline called "To Catch A Predator" that is about sexual predators showing up to meet what they assume to be underage girls for sex only to be greeted on camera by Chris Hansen. They are then scooped up by the police. The group Perverted-Justice is usually involved in posing as the teenagers online.

Unfortunately it seems these predators are released back onto the streets relatively quickly since I saw one Dateline where they caught the same guy they had caught on a previous episode.

This episode of Numb3rs takes it a step further. There is a serial killer who is luring these predatory pedophiles to empty houses that are up for sale and then video taping them as they are taped to a chair and beaten into confessing their crimes with a bat. After confessing they are killed.

So the FBI team is tracking down the killer vigilante.

One guy that the vigilante beats to death confesses to having molested 40 girls.

Call me vicious, but I'm on the vigilantes side on this one. Pedophilia is a sexual fetish that will never go away. That's right, a sexual fetish. It's not a sickness. Just like some guys like blonde hair or dark skin, sexual predators like underage girls and/or boys and there's no way to fix it. If they live to be 90 they will continue to carry this want and for those who have acted on it once they are more than likely going to act on it again.

No amount of time in prison or rehab will stop them and even if their penis was cut off they would probably still find a way to molest girls and boys. The loss of one sexual predator saves the devastation of thousands of kids lives

That's my belief and I'm sticking to it.

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I completely agree. I even have a family member who is a pedophile and I believe he needs to remain behing bars. I also have no objection to him coming to harm.

Posted by: Dez on April 11, 2008 01:04 PM

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