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Immigration Reformers Thrilled That Amnesty May Not Go Through - I'm Not

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I keep reading it over and over, "amnesty for illegal aliens still may not go through!". They point out that a bunch of Democrats got elected by changing their stance to a hard one on illegal immigration and therefore can't possibly back an amnesty.

For instance this quote by Tom Tancredo

“On further reflection,” says Tancredo, “I’ve the distinct impression … there’s no enthusiasm at all for a guest-worker or amnesty plan.”

Hey that's great, right?

Or how about this quote from Jake Jacobsen of Freedom Folks:

This is pretty much what I've been saying. I don't think things have gotten any easier for amnesty supporters even though Democrats control the house.

That's wonderful too, right?


It's not right and I'm sick of reading it!

Since when have we taken the tact that not having amnesty pass, but also not having our laws enforced is a good thing?

We should not all be thrilled! We should be totally pissed off that we're settling for having things remain as they are rather than having our politicians actually cracking down on illegal immigration.

This is absolutely ridiculous! We're happy that there's no amnesty...whoohooo...let's all get together and dance...

Meanwhile another 4 million illegal aliens will attempt to cross our border in 2007 and we may catch 1 million of them.

Whoohooo!! Let's do the happy dance! Somebody get me a girl!

What the fuck?!

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Posted by Digger on November 21, 2006 12:06 AM (Permalink)

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I wouldn't classify myself as "giddy" over this, merely reflecting that amongst the various shit sandwiches we're being offered amnesty most likely won't be amongst them.

Since I don't think the solution will ever come from Washington my take is to minimize the damage they do at all levels as much as humanly possible until we can figure out how to deal with this problem ourselves.

Think Minutemen V.2

Posted by: Jake Jacobsen on November 21, 2006 01:00 AM

You like it or not, millions of ilegals will be legalized and then you will be terrified for now stop being cry babies or is it that an ilegal is making finally happy to your mom and/or your wife or maybe is it that when you were kid you were molested by an ilegal???
I am an ilegal and I am fucking a white mans wife maybe is your wife or maybe your mom and you know what??? they love it.

Agapito Melo Horques

Posted by: Agapito Melo Horques on November 23, 2006 01:35 AM

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