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California Takes Lead In Poverty Ranking - Other Border States Follow

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Californians live in a bubble. They still have an opinion of themselves as being a leader in all areas. This self-conscience, high opinion has been instilled in them through the continued barrage of California vacation videos they have seen since they were children, the sports teams, the movie stars. "Californians are different. Californians are the trend setters. As goes California so goes the rest of the United States." This is the stuff they believe - at least until the TV goes off, the red carpet is rolled up and you actually walk outside.

I'm wondering if those who live in California have even taken a look around them in the past generation. Millions of illegal aliens have swarmed across the border adding to the sucking of their state and local taxes. At the legislative level, far lefties have been in charge for a long time and continue to put anti-business regulations in place. The radical and ignorant environmentalists and other "Greenies" have fought tooth and nail to drive their state back into indigenous cultural living arrangements. They rail against progress of technology - just read their Facebook posts.

On top of all of the above - the illegal aliens and the liberal overspending and environmental "feel good" bullshit - comes the people themselves. They continue to make ballot proposals that are idiotic. Rather than having spending come from debate in their legislature (not that they would vote against it mind you), people just propose a ballot measure to spend $50 million on a park or $60 million on a bike trail or to save some fish or bird. The voter goes to the polls - and without critically thinking (since their teachers unions have removed that from the classroom and focused on "feelings" and "emotion") - they say to themselves "aww, that would be nice for the little kids to play and ride their bike on and the birds will sing!". They vote yes not only for the park, but also for their own poverty. The nice thing about ballot measures - the spending cannot be cut by the governor.

All of this has come to pass, while all the time many out there have been warning them. I won't say "I told you so" though, because I am sitting back and enjoying watching a bunch of ignoramuses suffer. I simply cannot feel sorry for them. Sure, there are some conservatives out there, but that is their choice. They choose to live there, nobody is forcing them to. "But I have family here" or "I like the climate here". Well, then don't complain that you live in a liberal craphole that is in decay with blaring mariachi music coming in through your windows, gangs roaming your neighborhood and trash in the streets. That is a choice you have made to live with. You have chosen to support that system and live with it. So, no complaining out of you!

The main problem bogging down the state is illegal aliens. Many don't want to point their finger at the real problem because they are afraid they'll be called a racist or be looked at as some mean person. When it comes to poverty and people stealing your money, the finger must be pointed at the real source. "Illegal aliens add more poverty than even wasteful spending?" you may ask. Of course. When you are feeding, clothing, sheltering, providing medical care, "educating" and taking care of millions of poor people and their children from cradle to grave you are going to spend a ton more than just providing a little spending on those already here that are sucking off of the system.

The stats below prove out that illegal aliens are the cause - even though the article tries to ignore the true main cause of the poverty.

Daily Caller

The Golden State has reached a poverty rate that is now twice as bad as West Virginia’s and substantially worse than the rates of poverty in Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Texas...

Here is the part that proves it out. Note where all the states are facing this increased poverty. Nearly half of the illegal aliens in the country have come within the past 10-12 years (since 9/11/01). You can't import that much poverty in such a short period and not have it drag your state down and increase poverty. All of the states below have been struggling with a large influx of illegal aliens.

The new ranking leaves California at the bottom, along with and close to the 23.2 percent poverty rate in the District of Columbia.

The next worst-off state is Arizona, which has a poverty rate of 19.8 percent, followed by Florida at 19.5 percent, Nevada at 19.4 percent, Georgia at 19 percent, and Texas at 16.5 percent.

And where do they say the poverty level has decreased? Well, in all those states away from the border, of course.

The least poor states tend to be the unglamorous, undiverse and sprawling communities close to Canada.

Iowa, Vermont, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming have poverty rates just below 10 percent. Iowa’s rate is the lowest in the nation, at 8.4 percent, roughly one-third California’s poverty rate.

The Daily Caller, as you may know, is libertarian in nature with a conservative slant. Being libertarian they are generally pro-open borders and pro-illegal alien. But even they can't ignore the impact that illegal aliens have had on the poverty rate and the destruction of the budgets of these states.

I'll leave you with this quote from the article on California.

... outside the wealthy zones, there are high rates of poverty in the Central Valley — where the agricultural sector still relies on low-wage, immigrant stoop labor, rather than crop-picking machines — and throughout the chain-link conurbations that stretch from trailer parks in San Jose to barrios in San Diego.

Barrios in San Diego...

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Posted by Digger on November 16, 2012 11:37 AM (Permalink)

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Some people (feel-good liberals) refuse to see the high price that illegal immigration is costing us. My state, Arizona is next in line after California for poverty rate and I've watched the plague of illegal aliens take my state down slowly. I wish that people would pay attention BEFORE it takes their states down too. I hate to think of what our state would be like if we didn't have great sheriffs here to help fight the plague. (We're still getting over the loss of Sheriff Dever.)

If people don't heed the warning it will only be a matter of time before states that aren't along our border start seeing for themselves what the true price of illegal immigration is.

Posted by: Brandy on November 17, 2012 01:59 PM

I live in Kentucky, and can tell you that illegal immigration is adversely impacting our state as well! Much of the same problems: high cost of feeding, housing, medical care, educating their children in our schools, etc., are plaquing us, and no one in the statehouse wants to do anything about it! I with a small group of local citizens have tried to get lawmakers to stop the invasion, but local church and business leaders, and other major institutions seem to have more sway. In fact, even our largest universities are pressuring lawmakers to create more opportunities for illegals, and refugees from every third-world country on earth! One of the biggest myths is illegal immigration is only a problem in border states; I'm here tell ya' - it isn't!

Posted by: feedup2 on November 17, 2012 08:30 PM

in the town i live in i told them if you are a land lord do not rent to illegals ,if you rent to one you rent to the whole villiage because they all come ,they send for every one

Posted by: rea on January 28, 2013 04:10 PM

we need to stop going by the heart and start thinking about what is best for this country >They come here with all these sob storys so we can feel sorry ,stop it they care nothing about this country just about what they can get

Posted by: rea on January 28, 2013 04:33 PM

dear white gov pull your head out of the sand they will be in your area sooner then you think .Illegals care nothing about you they care about the usa pocket book,that is why they are having all these babys so we can foot the bill ,so sad so sad oh yes it is called we are going to take over the usa

Posted by: rea on January 28, 2013 04:41 PM

I've lived in California almost all of my life and if there's one thing that is clear it's that its legislature is perhaps the most incompetent in the Nation - and that's no small feat with States like Illinois, Louisiana, and New York out there. It leads from behind and will ALWAYS kow-tow to whatever version of Cesar Chavez is attempting to strong-arm the legislature. At times it feels like we're still just Baja California. Though the electorate can be surprisingly centrist at certain moments, the leftward/liberal drift has been locked in place for decades now, meaning we actually re-elect morons like Governor Moonbeam three decades after he ruined the State initially. In short, there's scant hope that the electorate will turn around the State simply because they don't know how and, well, because they're liberals and consistently enact destructive economic policies that are driving business to any other State, especially Texas, Nevada, and points eastward. Another couple decades and California will be like Europe: Relying on tourism to buoy what economy is left and watch all the real businesses and industries fading into the rear view mirror.

Posted by: boethius on February 13, 2013 08:36 PM

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