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Disney To Do Toy Story 3 Without Pixar

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The shear arrogance of this action by Disney just reinforces their downward spiral into the hate-filled core of my soul. I've always been a huge Disney fan and have just been really disappointed with them ever since after the release of Aladdin -- arguably my favorite Disney film. Not only did they turn Aladdin into straight to video part 2 and part 3, but they then turned it into a crappy half hour television show, totally destroying the original films grace, elegance and uniqueness.

Then Disney did Cinderella 2. I cried when that was announced and could not leave the house for several days. Cinderella 2 the shear gall!

Well, now they have announced that they don't need that crappy studio known as Pixar and that they can go it alone on Toy Story 3. Shyeah right. Get a clue Disney, you are no 3D animation studio. You abandoned what you were good at when you dumped 2D animation and I hope you fail miserably at this attempt to snub one of the great original creative studios out there, in Pixar.


Disney is in the process of setting up a digital animation facility in Glendale -- not far from the digs of its bitter rival DreamWorks Animation -- that will be used for the production of "Toy Story 3."

While Disney has the rights to do sequels to "Toy Story," it has held off from doing so in the past, in part in deference to Pixar CEO Steve Jobs and executive VP John Lasseter, both of whom haven't wanted to lose control of the characters.

But with Pixar announcing earlier this year that it would end its distribution relationship with Disney following the 2005 release of the Lasseter-directed "Cars," Disney CEO Michael Eisner and studio head Dick Cook have signaled their determination to bring Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the gang back to the big screen.

The project falls under the aegis of David Stainton, president of Walt Disney Feature Animation. Andrew Millstein, who headed the company's now-shuttered animation facility in Orlando, also is involved and has begun the process of recruiting animation heavyweights from rival animation studios and effects shops.

I hope the artists he's trying to recruit tell him to Fuck OFF! Helluva job he did shuttering and putting out of work the vast number of traditional 2D artists that Disney was so renown for. Burn in hell Disney!!!

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