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Two Faced President Calls Those Opposing Amnesty Un-American

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President Bush at a speech at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Georgia showed his two faced nature on immigration and insulted the majority of Americans who oppose his lame Comprehensive Amnesty Bill.

Now not only are we simply expressing our opposition to illegal aliens being given amnesty and selling citizenship to them for a few thousand, oh no, in the President's eyes we are un-American and hate this country.

Let's take a little look at the first of his two faces.

You're going to safeguard our ports of entry, you'll investigate workplace immigration violations, and you'll arrest those breaking the law. We are a nation of laws, and we expect people to keep the laws. And if they break the laws, there will be a consequence.

Yes, President Bush is tough on crime. He's tough on employers who hire illegal aliens, so much so that they'll be arrested for breaking the law. Funny that, because I don't see that happening.

Sure you have the one or two arrests of employers, but take the Swift & Company fiasco for instance. Not a single executive will face charges, be imprisoned or be severely fined. Do you call that facing consequences and being prosecuted? This President is a liar when he says he wants immigration laws to be enforced. He likes to sound tough though.

The speech goes on about how the funding has increased and they're doing more now, but I'd just like to ask the President why only 2 miles of the Secure Fence Act's 700 miles of border fence has been built since November 2006? I mean it's the southern border, it's not like they had to wait out winter to get to building it. There is absolutely no excuse except that you, Mr President, don't want the border secure.

Let's quickly look at a couple of ridiculous statements in his speech.

If you come to the country, we will find you, and we're going to send you home

Yes, like Elvira Arellano, right Mr President?

We've tried to address immigration reform in the past by talking about only one aspect of immigration reform. To make it work, to address the concerns of the American people, there must be a comprehensive approach.

The fact of the matter is Comprehensive has been tried in the past. In the 1986 amnesty, it was "comprehensive" and was supposed to consist of a one time amnesty and then true enforcement. We were ensured that it would solve the problem of illegal immigration once and for all. Since that time the number of illegal aliens in this country has increased anywhere from 4 to 10 times as many illegal aliens now residing in this country than there were in 1986.

Comprehensive hasn't worked! To suggest that it hasn't been tried numerous times in the past is an outrageous lie!

It's time to try something different. Enforcement first <,b>and then we can talk about increasing the number of legal immigrants into this country. Any other suggestion is simply ludicrous when looking at past performance and results.

I believe the bill before Congress learns from the mistakes of the past.

Those who support this bill obviously haven't even taken a cursory glance at the past. Those who support this bill have learned nothing from the past and it is almost an exact duplicate of the actions taken in 1986.

Then we have the insult that if you don't support this ridiculous bill then you are not doing what's right for America

If you want to kill the bill, if you don't want to do what's right for America, you can pick one little aspect out of it, you can use it to frighten people.

I'd just like to suggest that allowing 12-40 million foreign nationals (and their families) that have broken our laws and shown a total disrespect for America to stay here and be granted legality is a little more un-American than wanting to enforce the laws.

Enforcing the law is a portion of the Oath of Office every member of Congress, the President, the Attorney General and the head of the Department of Homeland Security have taken. Since they've taken the oath, all I've seen is a severe lack of action because they don't want to look like the "bad guy" by "splitting families up" that shouldn't be here or entering a church where a wanted fugitive from justice is hiding.

We see a total lack of spine from those who support this bill and instead of doing their jobs they would rather saddle the American taxpayer with this gigantic bill. The costs of implementing this travesty of a bill that will never work haven't even been investigated. By making all the violators of US federal laws magically legal - and therefore the numbers of "criminal violators" will go down - they intend to make themselves look and feel good rather than actually solving the problem.

In the meantime the low wage earners in this country suffer and the poorest Americans among us have to have their services cut back, their schools dismantled, their Social Security bankrupted and their Emergency Rooms and hospital clinics closed as these new "legal" people become eligible for massive amounts of social services.

It makes no sense at all and to be called un-American because I want to put Americans first is just unfathomably off the charts when it comes to illogical reasoning.

Other Commentary:

MJ of the Freedom Folks has a video rebuttal to this insult by President Bush (and a chapped ass!)

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I would just like to say that I agree with you and I think that it is this so-called president that should be labeled un-American. But what can we expect from a oil tycoon that only cares about his wallet and nothing else which is obviously apparent from the way with which he handles his office. I am Hispanic and white by birth, and my family is pretty much self employed. This seems to be the hardest hit of all the industries as it is really simple for the illegal alien to falsify documents for his own company. I have also heard rumor from out of the JTF's that help to guard our borders that our own government is behind the influx of illegal immigrants as it is their business's that benefit from the illegal workers.

Posted by: Jerry on May 30, 2007 06:12 PM

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