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Some Laguna Beach Homeowners Not Insured - Too Bad

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Here's how not to save for retirement. Put all your money into a home on the side of a landslide prone area where you can't get insurance and then crying when your home and your life savings take a dive off the side of a cliff. If you expect taxpayers to bail you out I say

Go Fuck Yourself


A landslide sent 17 multimillion-dollar houses crashing down a hill in Southern California early Wednesday as homeowners alarmed by the sound of walls and pipes coming apart ran for their lives in their pajamas. Five people suffered minor injuries.
You get no sympathy from me.

Preston at Six Meat Buffet (whom I stole the image from above) hates them too.

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Posted by Digger on June 3, 2005 01:43 AM (Permalink)

» Beach Party linked with Some Laguna Beach Homeowners Not Insured

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Hate is an awfully strong word. It's more like amused disdain.

Posted by: Preston Taylor Holmes on June 3, 2005 07:45 AM

Preston is right, I can't say I hate them. It's more like,so what? They see everyone else getting a teat from Uncle Sugar, why not them.

I agree, they knew how bad it was, they built there anyway- they have the problem- not me.

Posted by: KurtP on June 3, 2005 08:29 PM

I agree with Digger on this one.

Having grown-up in Florida, I grew weary of constantly hearing folks with beach-front mansions plead for the taxpayers to restore their eroded property and make good on their federally-subsidized flood insurance.

When these "victims" rebuilt their homes, they invariably built LARGER, more luxurious houses on the same property.

Meanwhile, here in California, there is no SUBSIDIZED earthquake insurance for us folks.

And yet those that live in canyons qualify for federal aid when they get burned-out by wildfire.

I heartily dislike subsidizing people that knowingly take the risk and can (usually) absorb the loss.

Posted by: EdWonk on June 4, 2005 01:55 AM

What pisses me off the most regarding the mayor of Laguna Beach asking for private citizens to give donations to those who lost their homes in the landslide is that the city of Laguna Beach gives $30,000 a year to fund an illegal day workers's site in the canyon! Those who use the site are NOT even American citizens and NON Laguna Beach residents!

How about if she begins asking private citizens for donations to fund the illegal workers' site and give the city's money to our own residents???

Posted by: OCAngel on June 7, 2005 09:33 PM

For all of you who have a problem with the way Laguna Beach conducts itself regarding the slide and the workplace in the canyon...I have one thing to tell you...THEN DONT EVER COME HERE-

Posted by: Laguna/home on June 22, 2005 02:49 PM

your stupid and arrogant.. the people who recieved funds were people who lived on the hill for 30 years.. the others were people who were rich. my girlfriend's step dad's house fell and all they get is a relief mobile home and they still have to pay for the property with no house on it. luckily they do have money to rebuild but most of the other people who lived on flamingo road were retired and have no money becuase they bought their homes when they were a lot cheaper. now they can't afford to rebuild so they take relief funds. i agree with the guy above me don't talk shit on a place that's better than where you live.. honestly i didn't like laguna till i met my girlfriend but now i love it. so fuck off cause you know if you had the chance to live there you would..

Posted by: fuckyourselfdigger on May 26, 2008 01:04 AM

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