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Anti-American Racist Hispanic Papers Bash All Republicans, Tea Parties As Racists

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If you don't think there is a full on assault of the average American by the media and the political left, then you haven't been paying attention. In the latest article posted in the Spanish language paper Al Dia, they make outright lies to smear Tea Party protesters, Joe Wilson, Glenn Beck and anyone else opposed to the left-wing Hispanic group's racist agenda.

The article is entitled "Stand Up! Push Back!" and was published in Al Dia and written by Diario La Prensa - NY.

I haven't done enough digging yet, and my Spanish is severely limited, but the biggest newspaper in Honduras is also named Diario La Prensa. I'm not sure if they are connected.

Diario La Prensa - NY is a propaganda unit of the Spanish speaking media and the article was published throughout their papers. Al Dia is owned by ImpreMedia, they also own El Mensajero, La Prensa, Vista, La Vibra, El Diario, Hoy - Nueva York, La Opinion Contigo, La Opinion, La Raza and Rumbo.

To the article though, here is what the pro-amnesty, far left-wing groups, whom are out to destroy America, are shoveling to their readers.

Al Dia

From smearing President Barack Obama and former presidential advisor Van Jones to Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the Republican right wing has clearly shown that it is fully committed to fueling racial division as part of a political agenda.

Let's just stop there for a minute and really take a look at this opening statement. The claim that the Republican "right-wing" is fueling racial division in this country is laughable on its face. The left-wing for years have been pushing an agenda that benefits only certain racial segments of society at the expense of all others. From Affirmative Action to funding of left-wing pro-amnesty racist groups like La Raza, the left has been buying the votes of the minority communities in this country. What has the minority community gotten in return? Continued poverty. They have been kept down purposely by the left-wing so that they will keep voting in Liberals for more handouts - which they falsely will change their situation.

Opposing President Obama's stance on any issue is fueling "racial division" according to Diario La Prensa. And before you think they are simply mistaken in stating such, let me assure you that this is not the case. They are quite knowledgeable of what they are doing. They know that the opposition is not racist in nature, but they keep spreading that rumor because they are striving for money and power. They know that the only way they can achieve their goals is by dividing this country. To divide the country they must make people feel that they are directly being discriminated against. They do this by continuing to push out this propaganda as far and wide as they can.

... the racial fear-mongering that has characterized recent campaigns and criticisms against black and Hispanic leaders is unacceptable.

In other words, anyone - myself included - that is pointing out their outright lies and the reasons they are doing so, is a racist. You are not allowed to criticize racist congressmen like Luis Gutierrez who continues to push for amnesty for Hispanic illegal aliens so he can gain more power, Barack Obama for pushing a socialist health care system on the backs of working Americans or people like Janet Murguia - the leader of La Raza that stirs up unwarranted hate from the "Hispanic" community in order to line her pockets with green and her head with power.

It is considered "racial fear-mongering" and is unacceptable to question in the eyes of Diario La Prensa. "racial fear-mongering" is something they are an expert in, since that is all the article they have written is based on. They have ingrained in their reader's mind that Republicans are all right-wing and that all right-wing people are white and that all whites are racist. They don't even really beat around the bush about it.

... During Obama’s speech on health care reform, Rep. Joe Wilson called the president a liar. It’s hard to imagine Wilson, who was mentored by the segregationist Strom Thurmond, showing such blatant disrespect for a white president.

I can quite assure you that someone of Wilson's passion would have done the same to a white president. Their attempt to tie Wilson to Thurmond and segregation - and thus slander both - whom were/are sitting congressman - pretty much is exactly what they claim they are speaking out against. They state in the article that Wilson's act "push[ed] political discourse far beyond accepted bounds". That is the same thing they do in this article. I argue that Al Dia's tactic of falsely causing racial tension in this country is beyond the bounds of political discourse.

... Fox pundit Glenn Beck wildly claimed that Obama has a deep-seated hatred of white people, thus earning himself a massive popular boycott of his TV show. Beck reacted to the boycott by launching a smear campaign against Van Jones. Prior to joining the government, Jones was a co-founder of Color of Change, the organization leading the anti-Beck boycott.

Massive popular boycott? The boycott was a complete failure and actually has done damage to some Liberal commentators. Many of the companies that Color of Change contacted have pulled sponsorship of all commentary shows. This means that left-wing "heroes" like Keith Olbermann on MSNBC lost sponsors due to their boycott. Meanwhile Beck continues to go strong. Kathy Shaidle of the Examiner points out that those who canceled advertising on Beck simply moved it to FOX's other programming and many of the companies targeted, by the frothing at the mouth Liberals, didn't even advertise on Beck.

As far as Van Jones, Beck was covering him long before the boycott started. The fact that Jone's group Color for Change mounted a boycott against a person who was exposing him for the radical that he is, through videos of Jone's own speeches, should show that there is corruption going on between left-wing politicians and non-profits like Color of Change.

The fact that they lied about all of this in their article should make anyone, who doesn't already, question anything else they state as "fact".

At rallies, Republican leaders and commentators have stoked racism instead of denouncing it. The so-called “tea party” demonstrations have featured numerous placards with virulently racist messages.

I have not seen one Republican leader come out and say that Blacks and Hispanics are the cause of all of America's problems, as they assert. Another outright lie.

Diario La Prensa states it here because they want to try and put that in your head when they have no facts to back it up. Having been at the Tea Parties - and believing that the people who write these racist articles have not, just by their lack of actual facts - I can tell you that there were a few borderline signs that were in bad taste. Bad taste does not equal racist.

"Virulently racist messages" however? Who uses the word virulently anyway? Virulent means poisonous or venomous. I'm sure they used that specific word because if they used the true meaning of what they were saying it would be to obviously untrue to the reader. There were no "venomous racist messages" or "poisonous racist messages". They disguise it however by using a word that some would not know what it means, but others would subconsciously make the connection. Another way of lying.

The shameful truth is that the racist right has a problem with people of color in power. To them, an African American, Hispanic or Asian landing a significant position does not represent a move towards fulfilling America’s promise. Instead, it is perceived as encroachment on a “pure” America of the imagined past.

They associate the right with being racist again. Not just a portion of the right, but the whole right. The racist right. They want to drill this into the reader's head. If it is not accepted by the reader, then all of their arguments fall apart.

As for their claim that the right has problems with Blacks, Hispanics or Asians in a role of power, all that the average person needs to do is take a look at the Bush Administration's people in power and those appointed by the elder Bush. Some come to mind off the top of my head Condeleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Alberto Gonzales, Elaine Chao as Secretary of Labor, Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court Justice. There are many, many more and chosen based on their qualifications, not their race. Of course to people like those at Al Dia, these people are "Uncle Toms" and "Coconuts", sellouts to their race. The people at Al Dia and Diario La Prensa make everything about race, until their claims prove false, then they just start calling people names. First it's racist, then it's sellout.

This racist attitude was abundantly evident in attacks against Sonia Sotomayor. In their distortions of her speeches and record, most Republicans tried to frame her as a danger to white men.

The only distortion of Sotomayor's speeches was done by herself and her defenders after the speeches were noted. It was quite clear what she said time and again that a Latina can make better decisions and conclusions than an old white male. There is no distorting of that. Anyone who noted her statements though was dubbed a racist.

The true opposition to her confirmation though was made by Senator Jeff Sessions who pointed out that she believes that foreign law should be considered in cases in the United States, not the constitution. There is nothing more un-American than that. To Al Dia though, it was just a screen for his racism. Nobody could possibly question a Supreme Court Justice's decision making process on it's merits, to Al Dia it was skin color alone.

Sadly, instead of pushing back against a growing racist strategy, the Democrats and the White House have chosen not to fight.

They have chosen not to fight, because they know that the agenda racists like Al Dia and Diario La Prensa are pushing is wrong. The majority of Americans, of all colors, see through their divisive "reporting" and claims. I'm not really sure what they are talking about though when they say that all Democrats haven't pushed back. There have been a number of Democrats playing the race card 10 times a day on every issue from health care to immigration to bailouts.

Racist Democrats like Hank Johnson have taken the tact of Al Dia and stated that Joe Wilson's outburst was based on race and that we'll soon have people donning white hoods and white outfits and riding across the countryside cutting down colored people. It sounds idiotic because it is. This is what the people at Al Dia want though. They want lunacy, they want as much outrageousness as they can make happen, because then - behind the scenes - they can trick people into taking sides and they can hopefully gain a little more power in the process.

They allowed Jones, a progressive advisor on environmental quality, to walk away. They failed to call the Beck-marchers on their overt racism.

Jones is a Communist. Stated straight from his own lips. If that is what "progressive advisor" means then we better start taking a look at others who call themselves such. Thanks for the tip Al Dia. As for the "Beck marchers", they weren't there simply because of Beck. I was there, Al Dia was not, and I saw very few Beck signs or people mentioning Beck. And the marchers weren't racist. Al Dia thinks if they repeat it enough people will believe it, but it simply isn't true.

Caving to the Beck-mongers of racial division should never be an option because it does not work. They are insatiable. They refuse to accept our validity as full participants in American society.

And who pray tell are "our". This is where people, like at Diario La Prensa, try to assert that they are the voice of every minority in this country. They claim that all Blacks, Hispanics and Asians all march in lockstep with the beliefs of these race-mongers. It's just another ploy. They once again try and divide the country. It's not about all Americans, it's about "ours" and "theirs".

Instead, responsible Republicans and Democrats, most especially Congressional leaders, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, must stand firm and speak loudly against divisive, racist campaigns.

I'll be waiting for Pelosi and Reid to condemn the statements of Hank Johnson and Al Dia, but I won't hold my breath.

The fact is that those attending Tea Parties and standing up now are not simply Republicans or "right-wingers". They are Americans who happen to be independents, constitutionalists, liberals and conservatives. They are sick of the divisive tactics of groups like Diario La Prensa and that is why articles, like those above, are written by them They see the changing tide of America. They see that people are noticing that these groups are virulently anti-American (hey a useful place for that word!). Yes, they are venomous and poisonously against America as a united people and that should be self evident in their writings.

It's only a matter of time before the American people have had enough of these groups and organizations that are trying to split this country into pieces that will never be able to unite again. I'd rather see this happen sooner rather than later, for the later will not be pretty. That is what they want though, it's their opening for power.

They tagged their "article" with this at the bottom.

Contributed by El Diario La Prensa NY - This editorial is running simultaneously in African American and Latino publications across this country due to the urgency of the moment for diversity and racial relations.

Translated it read "We must urgently get the Hispanics and Blacks in this country to be outraged, for we are losing our battle of disinformation".

Divide and conquer.

Tipped by: Mariann Davis of the Kitchen Table Patriots and You Don't Speak For Me

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Posted by Digger on September 24, 2009 10:25 AM (Permalink)

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Hey, Digger, check out the story about the Negro Extortion Plot against The Valley Club. www.phillyburbs.com
Another Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission pogrom against European-Americans(whites).
PHRC Chairman Stephen Glassman, a Jewish Homosexual, does what bossman Rend-ADL tells him to do - punish whites!

Posted by: NObama 2012 on September 24, 2009 03:29 PM

There should be emphasis on E-Verify being adopted by every business in America, mandatory or not? Now that it’s locked into the US workers psyche, it should be evident to the pro-illegal immigrant groups that--THE PEOPLE--are not letting go of this computer illegal immigrant enforcement application without a fight. It has been ridiculed and ostracized by the US Chamber of Commerce and subjected to federal lawsuits by the anti-sovereignty groups as the ACLU. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but when the Council of Foreign Relation intolerable globalist and internationalists get involved with America’s immigration face-off, you really wonder what their true agenda is? GOOGLE-- across the Internet and understand their plan for the free flow of low income labor in every available industry including Agricultural jobs.

This quasi agency was the machine involved with the inception of NAFTA. Coincidentally, I recall that President Obama and his administration addressed the general public that he would renegotiate the treaties of NAFTA and CAFTA? So far this has not materialized, nor has his promise to implement an open transparent government? He is following the same illusory lines as the Bush presidency, other than National security--remaining secretive?

E-Verify is a very powerful immigration tool that is a composite of the SAVE ACT. Around the country it's building in momentum as more and more companies are intending to use it? It could additionally have multiple future uses, including detecting illegal aliens applying for driver’s licenses. It could also be adapted to apprehend any foreign nationals who apply in any health care reform or any other government benefit. By overturning the 1986 Immigration legislation and enacting a new AMNESTY the American population lose culturally and financially. Another possibility is checking the status of individuals admitted to higher education or schools. Its availability is a free service on the web, by accessing both Homeland Security and the Social Security databases. On an ongoing basis it is seemingly the principle tool to detour anybody who is stealing jobs from the legal population.

It almost succumbed to Democratic leadership, because both Sen Reid and Pelosi had an ulterior motive to kill E-Verify and other immigration enforcement weapons. Having massive illegal immigrant occupation in both Nevada and California and an escalating need to financially support the millions already thriving in all Border States. YOU CAN HELP AMERICAN WORKERS IN THIS JOBLESS SETTINGS AND HALT ANY NEW AMNESTY BY CONTACTING YOUR POLITICIANS AT 202-224-3121. NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIAL WATCH & CAPSWEB have many of the true answers for you to decide.

Posted by: Brittancus on September 24, 2009 05:20 PM

This phrase, "pro-amnesty, far left-wing groups, whom are out to destroy America" - do you just cut and paste that every time, or do you have a macro and keyboard shortcut to type it for you?

Posted by: The Glenn Beck Program on September 24, 2009 05:53 PM

You caught me, it's a macro... I used it for the first time tonight.

How about some actual content in your comment if you want to try and spam your website?

Posted by: Digger on September 24, 2009 11:12 PM

The real racists are those voters who put their race ahead of their country and it's immigration laws.

Posted by: Kenneth E. Pope on September 25, 2009 05:05 PM

All we want is to absorb immigrants----not be overwhelmed by them. Is that to much to ask????

In fact, it is better for the immigrants. We just can't take millions per year and sustain any quality of life for everyone, especially with the Democrats pushing for socialism and jobs going overseas. It is just common sense. None of us lived in the era of the horrendous immigrant slums, does Obama and the Democrats want the country to repeat history?

Posted by: ccollins on September 25, 2009 05:32 PM

The latino illegal alien lobby and their countrymen know using cries of racism works. They are getting the sappy, feel good type Americans to buy it, especially the naive youth who believe there is such thing as a possible world utopia. Funny, how they are moaning about the USA--not their own corrupt countries. Maybe, if they spend some time fixing their own issues, instead of getting involved in ours, they would have a decent shot at making their own governments work for their people.

Posted by: ccollins on September 25, 2009 05:45 PM

Immigration has always been good for this country, we are what we are because we got the best from every corner of the world, whites are good in bussines black and hispanic in sports Asians in science so what's the problem?.

Posted by: Tony kings on September 27, 2009 02:14 PM

HAHAHA @the comment by Tony Kings - WHAT? oh hispanics are good at sports, okay, just let 'em all in, we need 20,000,000 soccer players to fill out the bench. Thats got to be one of the most stupid things I have ever heard. What's the problem? you don't like drunk driving no license having illegal aliens running over your kids? whats the problem? You don't like drug and weapons traffickers? whats the problem, you don't like MS13? you don't like billions and billions of dollars spent on illegals instead of you? Yeah can't see what the problem is, what was I thinking?

Posted by: rebecca smith on January 18, 2010 02:00 AM

Sorry. You do realize there are plenty of other races BESIDES MEXICANS that have immigrated to America illegally correct?

Like I dunno, Asian people? There are almost as many. You just use Hispanic people as a scap goat, in the way Hitler used Jewish people.

Posted by: Desirae on April 8, 2010 03:12 PM


What makes you think our government is working for us? We are EVEN MORE CORRUPT just better at hiding it. And its the Americans that need to get the hell out of other countries governments including Mexico.

Its true that we only get along with the countries, like Japan who just lay down and do what we say, not the ones who fight back.

Americans just make it worse. Why the hell do you think Che Guevara wanted us out and fought so hard for it? Because we want to control everyone.

So much false pride. Thats what you have. But guess what? Pride comes before the fall. And believe me, America will fall.

Posted by: Desirae on April 8, 2010 03:17 PM

Sorry. Didn't want to believe you only wanted to listen to like minded individuals. Your really quit shallow and narrow minded in that way.

You will only post the comments that you agree with.

Posted by: Desirae on April 8, 2010 03:19 PM

You comments are showing up just fine, and your hatred of America and its people, for all to see.

Like I dunno, Asian people? There are almost as many.

I suggest you do just a little research. Your assertion that there are just as many Asian illegal aliens in this country is absurd.

And no, it is not just about "Hispanics", if it is an Italian illegal alien they need to go too.

Amazing how you jump to conclusions that it's "all about me" or "all about race". Just because this single entry is on how the Hispanic media is falsely demonizing those with legitimate concerns for this nation in no way means that Hispanic illegal aliens are the only issue.

Posted by: Digger on April 8, 2010 07:14 PM

Hi Digger,

Just a note of thanks for a great website! Have shared your links with many others. We all need to learn more about the vital issues you are discussing.

BTW, maybe you could find a way to post the DATE of your postings up closer to the TITLE of the articles, so that it's more apparent how old or new the piece is? Just a thought.

Thanks again.

Posted by: Appreciative Reader on April 27, 2010 04:44 AM

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