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Illegal Alien Arrested, Deported Protesting Outside Phoenix ICE Office

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From Robin of We the People Rising California's Crusader

"The NotOneMoreDeportation website states that an illegal alien, Jaime Valdez Reyes, was deported after protesting in front of an ICE detention center in Phoenix.

Members of NotOneMoreDeportation are outraged that a PROTESTING illegal alien in front of an ICE detention center was actually deported. Of course, this should be the norm, not the exception...

It is admitted, in the letter below, that he has a DUI."

Jaime Valdez-Reyes

To: John Sandweg, Action ICE Director; Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, National ICE Public Advocate

I am writing to ask that you allow Jaime Arturo Valdez Reyes (A#201288309) be returned to the United States, after he was deported unfairly. On the night of February 24th, Mr. Valdez Reyes was deported without notice to his attorney or to his family, and while he has a pending appeal in the 9th circuit court. Jaime’s only charges are for one DUI. He made a small mistake and served his time. He should not also be facing separation from his family for the minor charge.

Jaime’s parents both live in Phoenix. Jaime’s fiancee, Berenice, is a U.S. citizen. Jaime’s family has already suffered enough from deportation. His brother was killed when he returned to Mexico. Jaime’s parents are terrified that their only living son will also die if he remains deported.

I ask that you immediately allow Jaime to return to his family.

I await your response.


The path has not been easy. On the night of February 24th, Jaime Valdez-Reyes, one of the hunger strike participants was deported to Mexico. He was removed as punishment for defending his civil rights.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix police outside removed the family members outside, and arrested two Arizona activists, Carlos Garcia from Puente, and Erika Andiola from DRM Dream Action Coalition.

The families and hunger strikers returned to the ICE offices the next morning, and they have been there ever since. Carlos and Erika were released by the police the next day, and have both said that what is important is to continue to fight for the release of those inside detention, and to ask ICE to bring Jaime back.


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Posted by Digger on March 6, 2014 02:44 AM (Permalink)

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Unfortunately,our administration has not followed America's immigration laws. This has resulted in many people who are here illegally thinking that if they have been here for a while, and "set down roots," then they should not be deported. Our country, like every viable country has immigration laws! We can't let people come and go at THEIR will and still consider ourselves a country. I personally believe that people who have come here illegally should be deported, REGARDLESS of whether they have committed other crimes! They aren't suppose to be here! Our resourses are for OUR people here in America, and we owe illegal aliens NOTHING! My condolences for the GREAT misunderstanding to the "...not one more!" crowd...America isn't Disneyland!

Posted by: Lois on March 6, 2014 08:46 PM

I believe that you are mistaken about Jaime being with the hunger strikers outside of the Phoenix ICE headquarters. His father was one of the hunger strikers outside of Phoenix ICE and was striking because Jaime had been in detention and was awaiting news on his appeal. Jaimie was deported in spite of that appeal. (Yay ICE!!!) However, one of the detainees in Eloy was released after 13 months... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=741823195842533&set=a.137253172966208.20604.111467578878101&type=1&theater (BOO!!!)

Here's is their version of what happened... http://youtu.be/nj4rjbwwAgU The police gave them a warning during the afternoon telling them to leave. I took video of the police telling them to leave... http://youtu.be/oaddzZ015pg At first they started folding up chairs and packing up but then they started moving across the street... http://youtu.be/UQ8eRjZxzOg and http://youtu.be/I4aiUaWJCb8 Their lawyer showed up and the next thing I heard was they were still there... until the police finally raided them and tore up their little camp and took it away.

Posted by: Brandy on March 7, 2014 04:58 AM

My fiance Oswaldo Cardenas Martinez age 35 of Mesa Arizona is in Maricopa 4th ave he had a term of 60days issued by Courts For a DUI Arrested Feb 14th this year he Served his time then after needs to be infront of ICE Judge determined if he will be deported. I am 2months pregnant with his first child and he's not a criminal more has been in trouble He had a dui a few years back and as a normal human being he didn't completely follow rules! Lesson learn right! He loves he job and loves he's place of home he's work for Stone Cold Missionary for most of his time here been in th USA for ten years and has been so since working and so honesty a devoted employee for this Company I love this man i am also a Victim of the 9/11 Attacks. I'm emotionally drain and can't do this alone my mother is my guardian Angel and I'm fighting for someone who deserves a second chance I'm writing to whom ever can hear me It un American and not Freedom if I lose another person I love to the system. And I am an American Citizen of the United State also a Victim of circumstances and America isn't what it's Claim to Be if He is deported unfair to American..So God have blessing on those who are taking from love ones and not a chance of Real Freedom...aka B.Cintron

Posted by: Beatrice on March 21, 2016 05:07 PM

ok not DisneyLand but wasnt we the land of the free??? what this land needs to really do is thank the illegal aliems and came up with that name?? anyways try thanking those who clean fixed and gained off so call aliens there so many people who comes here for a purpose and thats to survive why take good peoples dreams away. its not a right state if you cant see or investigate those on trial lots of women for other parts of the world came and approved this dysfunctional State and those who dont see or blind with are selfish ways with hate of race ,color and belief were not giving them a chance and i mean by you Americanx im American and mom will always be in all americas history she died 9/11 ] i think we need to see the truth and understand you have no idea what you guys have done to me! You took my only thing i needed to cure im done with all this America Sucks theres no freedom and you take that away i loved my Fiance and he improved this state wonderful caring and hard worker. i was teaching him Subway Sandwiches and guess What? he knew all of em... i was finally happy in my life after my mom passing and what you do you deport him back to Mexico..WHAT A WONDERFUL LAND!! YOU YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY SUICIDE SO COMMON NOW IM BROKEN THANKS TO THOSE WHO LOVE DESTROYING FAMILIES AND FRIENDS THAT WORK TO MAKE THOSE PROUD SOMETHINGS AMERICANS DONT DO SO DONT GIVE ME THAT BULL THEY HAVE TO LEARN A LESSON. THEIR TEACHING YOU LESSONS NOT ALL ARE WHO YOU BETRAY THEM TO BE!! FOR MY BABY..[OSWALDO MARTINEZ] FROM MEXICO HERE 11YRS SENT BACK FOR A DUI MAKE IT WORST A DAY BEFORE VALENTINES DAY FEB-13-16

Posted by: Beatriz on May 21, 2016 01:05 AM

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Posted by: ron on November 10, 2016 01:12 AM

Leticia olalia morales submitted fake documents to obtain a tourist and work visa. She now has a green card. She lives at 15501 pasadena ave #H Tustin ca 92780

Posted by: ron on November 14, 2016 01:59 AM

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