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Amber Frey is Worthless: A Dissection of Her Testimony.

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After all the hyping of Amber Frey on the news and in the papers as the "star witness for the prosecution" lets take a quick look at her "relationship" with Scott Peterson from a realistic point of view.

1) They met on Nov. 20, 2002 on a blind date that ended in a hotel room tryst. Scott didn't wear his wedding ring. Here's what happened:

He poured champagne in his hotel room, putting a strawberry in her glass, and they had sex later that night. The next morning, he left her with his cell number, not his home number.
2) Second Date. December 2, 2002:
On her second date with Peterson, he carried her 22-month-old daughter as they went hiking. Later that day, he gave the girl a children's book. Then, he cooked seafood lasagna with wine before they had sex again.
Sex for carrying a two year old for awhile while hiking, a childrens book that probably cost 3 bucks and cooking dinner. Hell I'm getting ripped off, I pretty much cook dinner every night these days and watch some damn kids all day and night. I should be getting 3 times as much sex.

3) Scott quickly gets taken advantage of and screwed:

The next day, Dec. 3 — she gave Peterson a car seat and the key to her house, and asked him to pick up her daughter at day care.

"He said he would be honored," recalled Frey, who returned home to find him warming up the previous night's dinner. Then all three went out to buy a Christmas tree, and after decorating it, Frey and Peterson had sex for a third time.

4) The next time they saw each other was Dec. 9, Frey testified:
He told her he had lied about never being married.

Then, she said, he began to cry and told her "he had lost his wife."

"He said this would be the first holidays he would be spending without her," she said.

At the time, Frey said she understood Peterson to mean that his wife was dead. "I thanked him for sharing that with me," she said, adding that she asked him if he still wanted to have a serious relationship with her. "He said absolutely," she said.

5) 2 weeks before Lacys disappearance (approx. Dec. 10th):
... they had sex again, but this time it was unprotected — prompting a conversation about their future together, Frey testified.

She said Peterson said he did not want to conceive any children, but would care for her daughter. "He would consider her his own," she recalled him saying.

Peterson also suggested that he would consider getting a vasectomy — an offer she said she found "disturbing" given his relatively young age.

Her testimony continues tommorow, but from what we've seen so far it's compelling evidence that this bastard murdered his wife and unborn baby in cold blood and dumped them in a bay after dating this loose woman who trusts some stranger she just met with her 2 year old child.

I don't expect to hear anything from her that is remotely perceived as evidence for a guilty verdict. She knew Scott Peterson for a whole 1 month before Lacy disappeared and the prosecution is hanging their whole case on this affair. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Prosecutors appear to be trying to show that Peterson began hatching the murder plot a day later [after the above vasectomy discussion]. Evidence shows he searched for used boats on Dec. 7-8, as well as numerous Web sites for fishing information, currents in San Francisco Bay and details on boat ramps in the area.
Well they say he's searching for the boats on Dec. 7-8, but the vasectomy discussion occured 2 weeks before Lacy's disappearance which would be about the 10th of Dec. (since she disappeared on the 24th). So the prosecutions line of thinking is bogus because they are claiming he searched for the boat stuff before the "unprotected sex discussion" on about the 10th of which they highlight as the turning point that Scott decided to kill Lacy to be with this woman.

Article Reference: AP article

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