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Michael Chertoff Is Now Our National Economist

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I'm really getting fed up with these heads of departments in our government not doing their job and I'm sure you are as well. Now we have Michael Chertoff, the head of our Department of Homeland Security, at the Border-Security conference in El Paso, Texas saying that doing his job he has been assigned will be detrimental to the economy.

You know what Michael Chertoff, I don't really give a crap about your opinion of the economy. You were hired because of your supposed skill at security and management of organizing protecting the United States citizens. Why don't you focus on your damn job and stop being concerned with other departments like agriculture and the economy?

If we thought you were a good economist and agriculture head we would have made you the agriculture secretary.

Now shut the hell up and do your job!


U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said he hopes Congress will soon revisit immigration reform for economic reasons.

Chertoff told a border-security conference in El Paso, Texas, that his department was now faced with having to enforce immigration laws that not only pull resources away from dealing with security threats but also have a negative impact on agriculture and other economic sectors that have become dependent on illegal migrant labor.

How about focusing a little more on security and a little less on agriculture business, something you have zero experience with?

Homeland Security found itself facing “a need to pursue people coming here (illegally) to work, taking time away from (pursuing people) who are coming here to do us harm” like drug smugglers and terrorists.

This guy is a serious quack. He has plenty of money and backing. A huge, massive amount of money. The only problem is that - through mismanagement and his constant whining and kowtowing - nothing has gotten done. I don't consider a few minor arrests of illegal criminals and a few minor cases against potential terrorists to be enough - and you shouldn't either. We need to demand more from our government, especially agencies like the Department of Homeland Security that are blowing through funds like its candy and giving us little in the way of true enforcement.

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Posted by Digger on August 15, 2007 02:46 PM (Permalink)

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He is a real piece of crap ain't he. Dept of Homeland Security? What a joke. He's not fit to be a dog catcher in El Paso. He's a yappy dog apoligist for Jorge Bush and his love of illegal aliens!!!

"immigration helps restore our souls" Says Bush. What a disgrace.

Posted by: Emery Woodall on August 15, 2007 09:26 PM

Chertoff seems to stick his nose in wherever he wants to. You know, every time I see that guy on tv, he gives me the creeps. Doesn't he look like Skeletor or something?

Posted by: Trish on August 16, 2007 02:17 PM

This guy needs to be taken out behind the shed and whipped.

He is utterly clueless. Bush was good at putting good people in good positions in the beginning. They knew their job and they did it. Then....2004 happened. He lost his way. Then Katrina happened as well as the other hurricanes to strike the Gulf Coast. He started putting soft people in. Chertoff was one of these. If FEMA head was removed, Chertoff needs to be removed for same reason. He is clueless and not doing his job. Follow the laws and keep us safe.

BTW, start prosecuting these illegal sanctuary cities for violating federal law!!!

Posted by: captainfish on August 16, 2007 09:23 PM

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