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Sons Of Revolution Denied Parade Permit In NYC - Marijuana, Haitian, Turkish Parades Go On

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It's always a sad day in this country when a patriotic group, celebrating a pivotal moment in American history, is denied a parade permit while foreign groups, fringe groups and pro drug groups receive permission and expedience in their approval.

The latest such ridiculous hatred of America and pride for our country comes from the NYPD who recently denied an application by the Sons of the Revolution - descendants of those who fought the revolutionary war and fought so that New York isn't currently under a Union Jack - to hold a parade down Broadway to The Battery.

All the while groups like the Marijuana March, Gay pride parades groups celebrating Haiti, Turkish-American relations, and Philippine independence receive permission and actual participation by those in the government.

The Sons of the Revolution "Evacuation Day parade" - a celebration of the day England left the United States - only occurs once every 25 years.

Large cities really are causing the decline of our nation. They are being run by anti-American diversity "experts" who tell us what we should think and what we are allowed to celebrate as Americans...

... as long as it's nothing America related.

NY Sun

Mr. Gregory said that the Sons of the Revolution submitted an application for a parade permit about one year ago; they received a Parade Permit Application Disapproval Notice from the police department on May 21. A representative of the Patrol Borough Manhattan South rejected the application on the grounds that the "proposed activity and surrounding events will substantially or unreasonably interfere with traffic in the area contiguous to the parade route."


The police department suggested that a "stationary event in Battery Park" be held as an alternative to a parade down Broadway. "We're asking to hold the parade on a Saturday," Mr. Gregory said. "You can practically bowl down lower Broadway on a Saturday morning — there's nobody down there. How can traffic be a concern? To be told we should have a picnic in Battery Park is a bit of an insult."


the city hosts annual parades such as the Million Marijuana March, as well as parades honoring Haiti, Turkish-American relations, and Philippine independence. In the past year, the Hare Krishna parade marched down Fifth Avenue. The largest parade in New York City occurs every June, when Puerto Ricans converge in Manhattan for their annual parade.

... but damn you if you want to have an American parade!

If you want to voice your outrage you can send a message to NYPD Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly here

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Posted by Digger on July 30, 2008 02:53 PM (Permalink)

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And Americans don't stand up to this SHIT, what do you think will happen, next thing you know, Fag will be getting Married, and Leftist Bitches will be Speaker of the House...................

Posted by: Jack Ripper on July 31, 2008 08:45 AM

If Americans tolerate this shit, "Next thing ya know, Fags will be getting married, and Leftist Bitches will be "Speaker of the House"..............

Posted by: Jack D. Ripper on July 31, 2008 08:48 AM

I am curious, did those who marched on May 1, 06 for "amnestia" have a permit, or were they undocumented demonstrations?

As long as we stick to the sidewalks no permit is needed; the constitution guarantees the peaceful freedom of assembly (hopefully, even the ACLU agrees).

Posted by: ken pope on July 31, 2008 06:16 PM

As for homosexual marriage, a marriage is a contract and all Americans have a right to enter into a contract.

It is the politics of the homosexual agenda that concerns me. Once gay marriage is passed they will be after other socialist laws, such as employment and housing rentals; "you have to hire or rent to me, I am a homosexual and you are discriminating..."

The whole agenda is to force society to accept homosexuality as equal to normal heterosexuality; and if one objects, they are committing "hate speech."(?)

Posted by: ken pope on July 31, 2008 06:23 PM


Why can't we get a full reply from the NYPD as to why they denied this obviously highly patriotic US group a permit, but let those other foreign national based causes have a parade permit, and not just a pic-nic permit as they offered this US group.

Can you try to contact the higher up person at the NYPD who made this traitorous, treasonous revolting anti-American pro-foreign national decision,

and in a very civil and sobering way put them on the spot and ask them,

'how could you deny this pro-US group a parade permit, but allow all of those other foreign national based groups a parade permit?"

if they don't give in can you try to get the New York Post to put it in their newspaper.

Which they most probably would be interested in doing, if you alerted them to this highly scandalous and controversial anti-American/reverse racism story involving the NYPD!!!

Why didn't you do that already???

So as to expose this unbeleiveable scandalous anti-American action by someone in a high enough position to make these decisions at the NYPD.

I ask why you didn't do this already because this could be a highly revealing and embarrassing expose of reverse racism and anti-Americanism being allowed by certain people in the management positions within NYC's law enforcement, who also regulate NYC's cultural parade promotion and cultural influence on the American people.

Why aren't you following up on this travesty of justice and exposing the corrupt individuals behind this reverse racist and discriminatory, anti-American culture and pro-foreign national culture scandal/policy???

Can you follow up on this???

The New York Post would probably want to publish and follow up on this scandalous story!!!

The exposing of these kinds of scandalous, revolting, anti-American NYPD law enforcement management policy stories, can be the catalyst for real change in America.

Because when they are brought to the forefront, the masses of Americans who otherwise would never hear about this scandalous, revolting, anti-American story,

will be up in arms over it. And they will start to vote more Conservatively in all kinds of elections. Besides the fact that 1000's of NYC and NYS citizens will start contacting their NYC, NYS, and NYPD political and law enforcement officials with very strong protests!!!

Don't let this story just sit where it is, pursue it all the way to the NYPD management and the person who pulled this anti-American move,

and then onto the NY Post if they don't change their position and do the right thing and grant them pro-US group their rightful parade permit, in lighgt of theor giving parade permits to every other foreign national based groups!!!

Posted by: WakeUpUSA on March 3, 2010 01:31 PM

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