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Elvira Arellano

Illegal Alien Liliana Still In Church - One Year Rally Protest - July 27

Liliana - the illegal alien Elvira Arellano wannabe - has been holed up in the Simi Valley United Church of Christ for one year this week. Throughout this year patriots have been rallying and protesting the church's outright illegal behavior, ... [ More ]

By Digger on July 17, 2008 | Comments (5) |

Mexican Political Party Backing Elvira Arellano To Collect 500,000 Signatures For Amnesty - In Mexico

The liberal political party in Mexico that backed Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who narrowly lost to Felipe Calderon in the last Mexican election, is coming out in support of Elvira Arellano's fight to pass mass amnesty for illegal aliens here ... [ More ]

By Digger on January 15, 2008 | Comments (5) |

Calderon: Illegal Mexicans 'Symbolic Hostages' For US Presidential Candidates And An Arellano Update [Video]

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has said that Mexican illegal aliens in the United States are "symbolic hostages" of US presidential candidates and that they are being used as a tool to get elected. Now this should come as no surprise ... [ More ]

By Digger on November 29, 2007 | Comments (5) |

Support Rally At LA ICE Office By Minutemen [Pics, Video]

Members of Gilchrist's Minutemen rallied in front of the Los Angeles ICE office on August 23, 2007 to show support for ICE and for the freedom of Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean. Now I'm not going to go... [ More ]

By Digger on August 25, 2007 | Comments (2) |

Elvira Arellano Discussions On Glenn Beck And Bill O'Reilly [Video]

Below are two video clips, one from Glenn Beck and one from The O'Reilly Factor, on the deportation of criminal fugitive illegal alien Elvira Arellano who "hid out" in a church for a year in Chicago only to be arrested... [ More ]

By Digger on August 22, 2007 | Comments (4) |

Comments On Elvira Arellano Arrest On Fire

Elvira Arellano MugshotSince the arrest of Elvira Arellano the posts that I've made throughout the last year have had many commenters. If you haven't read some of the comments on the articles I've posted on Elvira in quite awhile do... [ More ]

By Digger on August 21, 2007 | Comments (3) |

Elvira Arellano Arrested In Los Angeles!

Finally our federal officials take action. Elvira Arellano was arrested outside Our Lady Queen of Angels Church in Los Angeles as she was on her way to another church in San Jose to spew more of her "woe is... [ More ]

By Digger on August 19, 2007 | Comments (63) |

Elvira Arellano, Fugitive Illegal Alien, On The Run

Elvira Arellano, the fugitive illegal alien who has publicly "hidden" herself in a church in Chicago for a year, is on the run. Arellano slipped out in secret from Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago and took a three... [ More ]

By Digger on August 18, 2007 | Comments (1) |

Nationwide 'Deport Elvira Arellano' Campaign - Call Today - One Year In Hiding

Wednesday August 15, 2007 will be one year since illegal alien fugitive Elvira Arellano openly "hid out" in a church in Chicago. Since that time nothing has been done to apprehend and deport Elvira Arellano and she has continued to... [ More ]

By Digger on August 13, 2007 | Comments (6) |

Elvira Arellano And Illegal Aliens To Lobby Their Members Of Congress

America has really changed and I didn't even realize it. Apparently - without Americans knowing - illegal aliens now have members of Congress assigned to them that they can contact. You remember poor little old illegal alien fugitive from justice... [ More ]

By Digger on June 12, 2007 |

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