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Congress Bars Schools From Forcing ADHD Drug Use On Students

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I have had numerous teachers in the past try to get my daughter put onto ADHD medication merely because she has had poor grades in the class. When asked about behavior in the classroom they say she is one of the sweetest kids, very helpful and creative. So because she daydreams and doesn't pay attention they want to turn her into a fucking zombie.

I have resisted. When I was in California they were particularly forceful -- actually in a threatening way -- as mentioned in the article below. I was kind of slyly threatened in a manner that made me think that if I didn't put her on drugs that they may contact Child Protective Services for being a bad parent or some such nonsense.

I will not put my kid on drugs and they can nail me to a cross before they force me to. Maybe if the California schools were actually worth a shit and didn't spend 3/4 of each subject discussion trying to explain it to all the non-speaking English kids and 30 illegal aliens -- out of the 42 -- in the class she might have done better.

Thank God that Congress actually has a brain occasionally -- well at least half of it -- the Senate hasn't voted yet. The House voted to bar schools from forcing students to take ADHD drugs or be banned from going to school. It is absolutely ridiculous that we should even need a bill for this, but there you have it.

The Education Wonks

This one is a tough call. ... I need my pupils to be under control and for the classroom atmosphere to be conducive to the learning process.

But I am also a strong advocate for parental rights. ... I don't much care for the idea of parents being forced to medicate their children.

On the other hand, no child should have the right to disrupt the lesson and thereby deprive other children of their right to maximize the educational opportunities that our school system offers.

There are no easy answers.

Here's an easy answer EdWonk, bring back corporal punishment in the classroom. Back in the day you wouldn't see some stupid kid acting up in class or he or she would be sitting in the dunce corner, standing with arms out to the sides holding books or getting a major whacking on the knuckles with a ruler or on the ass with "The Punisher".

Our pansy ass ways have forced us into a corner when dealing with punk kids and until we get back to putting the smack down things will continue to degrade.

Fox News

The U.S. House overwhelmingly passed a bill Wednesday barring schools from requiring hyperactive children to use drug treatments as a condition for attending classes.

Backers say the bill was designed to curb anecdotal but troubling reports of officials telling parents that disruptive kids must begin drug treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in order to stay in school.

Doctors routinely rely on teachers to identify troubling behavior that can be a sign of ADHD. But some schools have overstepped their bounds and coerced parents into starting children on medication.

“Sometimes officials even attempt to force parents into choosing between medicating their child and allowing that child to remain in the classroom. This is unconscionable,” says Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., the bill’s main sponsor.

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