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Diggers Realm Crosses 3 Million Visitors

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3,000,000 Visitors!
Sometime last night Diggers Realm had its 3,000,000th unique visitor (according to Sitemeter). Of course Sitemeter isn't the end all and be all of counters. Actual web server stats show that they routinely only count about 75% of actual unique visits, but it is a good gauge since so many people use them.

This website doesn't really have a birthday, I just started it one year on a different platform and so don't really know when that was after I actually moved it onto different software.

I'd like to thank all of those who have visited over the years to read my silly rantings, stories and coverage. I never thought I would actually be a writer, but now I consider myself one. I have simply written so much over the years that to consider myself otherwise would be admitting that I wasted a lot of time.

I'd especially like to thank all of the websites out there who have supported me throughout the years. A couple in particular guest blog here. An extra special thanks to those guest authors. Jake and MJ of Freedom Folks and Mike Pechar of Interested Participant. I don't know what happened to Ed Wonk, but I thank him as well over at The Education Wonks.

Sometimes people ask me how I've managed to have so many readers come over the years and there is no answer. I never personally hit it big as a blogger. This website never caught on like a Michelle Malkin or an Instapundit. I just kept plugging away day after day. Sometimes I have down days and don't post anything and other days I practically write a small book on so many varying subjects that the words just flow. To those out there who are still plugging away I salute you. Just keep at it and grow naturally like this website has. There really is no overnight success.

Now a little on how this little website has changed my life.

Since I started this website I've moved from news coverage to actually organizing events and running groups (like the Raging RINOs) and also becoming a semi-activist. I never saw myself as such, but as my passions showed themselves and turned more to illegal immigration, so went this website. I have shouted at the White House and met other bloggers and leaders in the immigration movement. I have contributed to some groups just starting out that have now grown pretty big, such as Save Our State in California. These are things I never thought I would be involved in when I just started typing one day.

It's really strange how life works. One day you're one thing and the next you're something else. It has always been inside you, but until you start digging it doesn't show itself.

Most of these entries in the past (the very few that there are noting milestones) have been classified under just the Blog category, but not this entry. This time it has become a part of my life and who I am and so goes under the category of Digger's Life as well.

Thank you for being a part of my life by reading this.


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Posted by Digger on June 9, 2007 12:01 AM (Permalink)

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Posted by: Jake Jacobsen on June 9, 2007 12:49 AM

Hey Congratz dude!

Posted by: BloodSpite on June 9, 2007 05:34 AM

Congratulations Digger! Thanks for offering up your unique insights for all of us to read!

Posted by: Ruthiness on June 10, 2007 10:15 PM

Thanks guys

Posted by: Digger on June 11, 2007 12:45 AM

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