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Egoism Within Our Legal Immigration Movement - Apparently I'm A Hypocrite

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That's right folks apparently egoism is "in" within our pro-America, legal immigration groups. Some within the movement are just in it for power, glory, money or their ego. Isn't that true with any type of special interest group though? There are those who are in it for the cause and others in it for themselves.

Recently I received an email from someone, whom I thought pretty highly of previously, that had the absolute audacity to claim that I am a hypocrite and thereby hint that they think that the whole point of me covering illegal immigration is some ulterior motive other than my patriotic pride in America and ending illegal immigration.

What was the basis for this claim? Because I didn't make a post about their rally in advance.

Yes, I am a hypocrite and now everything I do is suspect (according to them) because I didn't take the time to post about their rally. I literally receive hundreds of emails a day, comments, spam and have other assorted tasks relating to the website, in addition to everyday life, yet because I didn't specifically post on their rally - one of many that were going on that day - I am a hypocrite.

I explained this in a reply to the individual, but it wasn't good enough for them. Nope, I have an ulterior motive for spending hours a day reading and covering the issue. Not only that, but I specifically have a vendetta against them for some reason.

This individual seems to have gone as far as mentioning to others that I don't really care because I didn't post their rally.

Now I've been covering this topic for quite a while now and I can tell you that there certainly are others that I have noticed that seem to be in it for a paycheck or face time on TV, or even starting their own radio shows. While some seem questionable, I have never called them a hypocrite or said they don't care because they didn't pay attention to me, me, me! I have never taken a paycheck from any group. I currently don't work with any groups funneling money to me. I have not done any interviews to date. And other than posting my speeches and pictures of rallies that I've been to on my site, about my take on things I've never much looked for direct attention.

These calls of hypocrite seem to center around the fact that I announce and cover rallies that I am attending, therefore I must only be in it for myself.

What makes people, who are supposedly in the same cause and fighting for the same thing, go so far as to actually insult someone's beliefs and question their patriotism? In my opinion it is a direct reflection on their character.

I am not going to go into a list of all of the things I have been involved with in order to just help others in this movement. Those people I've worked with or helped know me well enough, but damned if I wasn't just a little ticked off that after all of the time I have spent in covering this issue - and asking nothing in return - my dedication is called into question by someone who has such a big ego that they call me a hypocrite because I didn't pay attention to them.

To all of you out there who have held rallies and sent me tips and information that I didn't seem to get around to, I apologize, I am only one man.

To the others who think I'm some selfish freak just in it for the money or power, you can kiss my ass!

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Posted by Digger on November 16, 2007 03:04 AM (Permalink)

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You do WAY TOO MUCH for us to be treated like this BY ANYONE !!!


Posted by: Arizona Patriot on November 16, 2007 11:03 AM

I am truly beginning to believe the illegal alien movement is
one big ego club afor it's leaders nd that if you disagree or question anything
about it; you are attacked, ostracized and made an outcast. Often the SOS
staff well-known public forum banning rules are corrupted/adapted and not followed by staff.
No forum staff warnings are given to some 'special hard' active SOS members the staff personally doesn't like or one simple initial 'one week' bans are
secretly staff unethically extended/converted into SOS LIFE BANS. All the while the
general member is not participating or posting any additional comments on
the SOS forums to be unfairly held against them for the new LIFE BAN. It is clearly an excuse for corrupt egotisitc staff to get rid of
general members. The SOS will lose their beneficial ideas & activities. The irony is now that SOS staff is now crying out to general members for people to get more involved with SOS by posting more ideas and doing public more activities. Why? When members speak out too much the ego driven staff will ban you from getting too much of the public 'spotlight'. The staff is making this a popularity contest and proving it with their immature words and actions against consistantly long-time beneficial members who are routinely banned off the forums. This is just a small
sample of the SOS staff unethical dealings with general members.
There are MORE problems. If general members contact SOS staffers
for assistance or for help, general members get very little assistance
or at best get several conflicting directions on the member frantic
problem on the SOS forums. Or general members are told that the SOS doesn't have 'a staff'. That's strange because the very people who says there is no SOS staff are routinely quoted in the press releases as SOS media spokesperson or such and people who says there is no SOS staff order other general members around in club activities do show they are accomplishing SOS staff responsibilites. Joe Turner has set up this group and
assigned the SOS staff to run it. There are MORE problems. I would
hope that most people do NOT believe this saying, "Go along to get
along, the end justifies the means", philosophy. People are
beginning to see that illegal immigration movement leaders(like this) want and need
general members who don't rock the boat kind of a people. That is NOT what the mission needs or wants.

Posted by: disgusted in people on November 16, 2007 03:54 PM

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