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Legalizing Prostitution

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I make my case for legalizing prostitution over at the Jolt message board.

There's one moralistic woman on there called "Sheilanagig" who decries the way the women are treated, she has this incoherent train of thought:

Prostitution is a sordid world, no matter what anyone says or tries to do about it. There is so much abuse and exploitation, not to mention degradation, happening to these women. Legalizing it is not the answer. Then we could just add one more exploiter to the list, because it could be legislated and taxed.
The thought of people like this come down to "ooh they are so unfortunate, but lets do nothing about it". What an unhelpful thought on the subject.

Prostitution isn't going to go away, it's been with us forever. So there's basically 3 ways to handle it:

  1. Leave things as they are having it remain illegal and lightly enforced being controlled by the underworld of drugs, gangs and other thugs.
  2. Divert even more police and investigators to really cracking down on it hard putting people in prison for a long time and with severe retribution. This however costs a lot and would take away from other criminal investigation and enforcement.
  3. Legalize it, restrict it to certain zoned locations, slap regulations on it requiring medical testing for STDs and tax it.
There's really no other options available and since 1 above isn't working, 2 above isn't really feasible if you want to continue keeping other crime in check then 3 is the only real option if you want to both remove it as a criminal issue and at the same time reduce the majority of the quips most people have about it.

I understand peoples moral opposition to it, but it ain't going anywhere, so why not reduce as many things that offend people about it as we can?

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Posted by Digger on July 21, 2004 04:38 PM (Permalink)

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prostitution needs to remain illegal. If not, it will only shorten the time in which we reach the same end that befell Rome and all of it promiscuous glory.

Posted by: Erik Breakfield on May 19, 2006 03:35 AM

I agree with Digger's points in this article. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, and sex/prostitution are as much a part of human history as war, violence, cravings for certain foods, or desire for money. Yes all are subject to abuse and excess. That, too, is part of being a human. All have been or still are illegal in America at one time or another. Recreational drugs and the sex trade are the only ones still totally prohibited.

In virtually every case total prohibition has always created more problems than it has solved simply because these activities remain in demand. Therefore only the criminal element remains to provide them in a virtually uncontrolled and unrestricted fashion. The femenists and moral majority loudly proclaim that women are abused, treated poorly, and often forced into this occupation. Why? Simply because it is illegal and there is no way to protect those who participate voluntarily or forceably in this activity. Since there is no legal outlet for fulfilling the demand we have an open opportunity for a sort of "black market" in which even young children as young as 11 to 17 find an easy way to fill their pockets. Bored housewives find an easy and somewhat entertaining way, though potentially dangerous, to get some extra cash and add some excitement to their lives. Lustful desires are not solely the province of the lower classes either. As seen in recent news events even the rich, powerful, and influential are often exposed in their pursuit of a sexual fling.

If it were legalized the potential for large black market type financial gains would be reduced, those desiring such services would have a hassle free and legal outlet for their sexual frustration thus reducing their predilection for predatory behavior, the providers could work in a reasonably protected environment and do so voluntarily and be able to quit the business if they so desire without worry of violent recrimination. Outlets could be controlled and regulated, business and income taxes could be collected, and our young boys and girls would be at less risk from frustrated lechers.

The period in America called the Victorian Era between the mid 1800s and early 1900s was in many ways much more liberal and understanding of human frailties than we are today. Men had discrete clubs available where they could have some drinks, do some gambling, and enjoy the company of a charming lady of the evening. Then they could go home to their wives and children and appear quite normal and upstanding. This was because the local authorities were usually paid to look the other way and were often eager participants themselves. It was quietly understood that this was just part of human nature. The women in such relationships also had a sexual outlet that was considered quite acceptable. They could go to their doctor and get a diagnosis of "hysteria" which would permit them to make regular visits to the doctor's office or a designated spa where they would receive treatment which consisted of masturbation to orgasm by the doctor or a spa employee. Such services were paid for by the understanding husband. Consequently everyone was happy and had nice rosey cheeks due to the satisfaction. Young pubescent boys were often escorted by their fathers to such establishments as part of a right of passage into manhood.

Only when we started to try and eliminate these basic human desires did we create the kind of violent atmosphere we live it today. During prohibition the gang wars over territorial rights turned our city streets into bloody arenas. The same is true in the drug wars today. Time and experience coupled with a lot of deaths and abuse taught us to finally come to terms with gambling and alcohol. Now we need to find some sort of a "middle of the road" approach for dealing with drugs and prostitution. If we do not then our children are going to be faced with being lured into drugs and prostitution for a cheap thrill and the promise of easy money just as many of our youth were drawn into bootlegging and numbers running in the past. Many other countries have learned this lesson long ago. We just happen to be slow learners and are too willing to sacrifice the peace and tranquillity as well as many young lives in an effort to attain unrealistic goals.

Posted by: Old Philosopher on December 5, 2009 02:48 PM

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