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T-Mobile Sucks Charged Me $400+ In Charges I Didn't Make - Cancel Your Phone With Them If You Have One! [Update]

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*Warning - much cursing below*

I'm not going to go into details, but let me just say that I love receiving a monthly bill for more than $400 dollars in monthly charges I didn't make.

I called them about it and they say there's nothing they can do about it and that I'm simply screwed. Oh yes, there was much cursing and yelling at them. Threats of ending the call for foul language didn't deter me. Threats again from the supervisor also didn't deter me.

Needless to say the account was closed after I smashed the phone on the kitchen floor.

I was informed by T-Mobile that they would be reaming me in the ass for an extra $200 dollars for canceling my account early. I'd just like to thank my fucking wife for getting this phone in the first place and signing up for such an asinine service contract.

Goddamn I was pissed and I still am.

I'm a pretty spartan person and don't have a lot of flashy stuff. I live pretty simply and don't splurge on things like a fancy cell phone. If I were to get one it would be bare bones with a month to month contract. My wife got this one though and her complete idiocy shows through on this deal. She got an earful.

These people are a bunch of fucking rip off artists and there's really no recourse you can take against them. While $400+ to most of us means a lot, to them it's nothing. They know that for me to fight the charges would cost me a lot more in time and money than just eating the charges.

So now I'm pleading for all of you out there to cancel any T-Mobile services you may have. I may get stuck paying for this total bullshit charge, but at least if I know that they lost way more than they fucked me for in potential customer's revenue then at least I could be a little content. If I can help just one person out there avoid this total fucking bullshit that T-Mobile has pulled on me then I can be happy in the knowledge that I've helped another hard working person.


Sure, they all suck, but I'm telling you a true story of what could happen to you on your next bill.

This is one of the good things the Internet is for, to warn others of danger and businesses that are crooks.


If any of you kind souls out there would like to donate to the "Save Digger's Ass From The Fraudulent Charges Campaign" you could be a kind soul and drop a few bucks in the donation jar at the paypal link below (You don't need a Paypal account, it accepts credit cards too as far as I know). I've never asked for donations -- and I don't intend to start -- all of this money will go strictly towards the T-Mobile bill from hell.


Ok, some of my readers have said that I'm being too hard on my wife. Well, sure it's not her fault for their charges, but I told her from the beginning when she got that phone in December that we didn't need all those fancy extras and should just get a basic phone. So I was pretty pissed at her. It's just the economics of it all. She's a spender and I'm a saver, so naturally I want stuff useful not fancy.

OK enough, I'm already getting pissed off again thinking about this shit.

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Posted by Digger on June 12, 2006 04:17 AM (Permalink)

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Get all your documentation in order and take them to small claims court. If enough T-Mobil customers did this they would back off. I would call them again and tape your conversation.

Posted by: RA on June 12, 2006 11:00 AM

Coincidentally, I had a positive experience with T-Mobile today. I filed for a $50 rebate on the phone, which was rejected because my plan didn't have enough minutes, but the store put a $50 credit on my bill.

Posted by: Greg on June 12, 2006 09:17 PM

OMG I just had a similar experience with T-Mobile! Which is why I was searching online for people who may have had similara experiences.

My husband and I opened an account a month and a half ago. Since the network card was not compatible with our laptop we were unable to use it and we returned it 6 days later. (would have returned it earlier if we could have gotten there during the work week).

When we bought the equipment and signed up for the account they told us that they have a 14 day grace period where you would be refunded your purchase. And yes, we were refuned our money at that time, but a amonth and a half later... we receive a bill saying that we owe them 98 dollars.

I called up customer service to get the misunderstanding straightened out and they told me that since it was over the 14 day period there was nothing they could do.. And the kicker is that if I wanted to cancel than I would incur a 200 dollar early termination fee!!

Is that not absolutely outrageous!!! It's so obvious that we cancelled the account! Why would we have an account open with no equipment to use it with? Idiots!

I spoke with 3 different representatives and finally to a supervisor. She told me that there was nothing she could do because it was against their policy to credit an account that has been opened longer than 14 days.... Which has to be some real bull. She said the only thing we can do is to call the manager at the store where we purchased the equipment to see if he could work something out for us.

We called for the manager.. but he wasn't there ...But, we were able to speak with the woman who did not tell us that we had to call into customer service after returning the equipment. Of course she denies that she neglected to tell us that we needed to call in to cancel, she didn't even want to give us her name.. and it was a month and a half ago, so even if she didn't tell us, how would she recall a tidbit of information like that? I'm sure that the manager will side with her and we will be out of luck.

We looked through all of the paper work we received after cancelling and it doesn't say that we have to call in to cancel anywhere!! I absolutely refuse to pay 300 dollars for something that we never used a single minute of..

-Still in Progress

Posted by: Joanne on August 17, 2006 09:40 PM

Okay i just found your site, I just got off the phn with tmobile, I have 3000 minutes for 50.00 a mo, sweet deal right. Well I do automated payment on my acct, I was looking thru my past bills and didn't notice the one from last month, they charged me 270.00, that's like over 5 times what my bill is supposto be!!!!! I got off the phn with an rep and talked to a supervisor, wanted to see if I could retro the bill and add more minutes, they won't do anything for me, so if anyone is reading this, this is what I am doing.

going to go to a 30.00 plan until december, only a few months away, in dec my contract is up and I will grab a diff carrier. All of these carriers suck, but this is over the top!

I don't get it, I just wanted some credit back and to get my rate plan switched, these companies dump huge advertising dollars to get new customers, but when I tell them it is fix it or I leave they basically tell me to go F$%@# myself! Obviously they care more about new customers then keeping the ones they have. The guy on the phone "nick" said they have the best rate plans in the US. I know Cricket has UNLIMITED LD and MINUTES for like 50.00 a month, they don't have the service or coverage, but nick was talking about purely rate plans, so I told him he was wrong, he said well we were voted as having the best and if majority says we have the best rates then we do. That is totally illogical, if majority says that santa clause and the easter bunny are real and they are married, and i can PROVE that this is false, with FACTS, does that still make MAJORITYS statement correct because they are the majority?


l8r, keep up the good work

Posted by: Jesse on September 2, 2006 07:08 AM

Well FUCk t-Mobile. I called t-mobile to ask to activate my roaming. They said yes and that every call i make will be $1.50 so i said ok. They never explained that also every receiving call was $1.50. Now my bill is $600 and all they can say is opps we forgot to tell you that. My plan will finish in 2 months and i'll surelly leave them and taking with me 7 other people. FUCK you t-mobile

Posted by: Jiggie on October 17, 2006 03:31 PM

I have begun a new web site www.tmobilsucks.com. Please spread the word.

Posted by: David B. on October 22, 2006 10:39 AM

T-mobile is a scam, I purchased 3 contracts in august, after every call I made was dropped I took the 3 garbage phones back (48hrs later). That should be it right? No I get a bill for 500 dollars from the f#$$, They tell me its my fault that I didnt call them to cancel, It was not in the contract, and the creep at the store didnt tell me, because he wanted to get his commission. However the idiots at tmobile can clearly see that no calls have been from those phones since august 20th(the day I took them back). T MOBILE U CAN SUCK MY DICK AND KISS MY ASS> PUT ME IN COLLECTION CUZ IM NOT PAYING YOU> Ill CALL THE NEWS ABOUT YOUR SCAM

Posted by: sam on November 3, 2006 10:08 AM

I went online to change my texting from 1000 to unlimited. It never went through. Two weeks prior, I upgraded my plan with more minutes and also added the Blackberry data service to recieve e-mails as well. E-mails count as text's. so when I got my bill with an extra $142.90 on it I was shocked and called customer care. Nothing! I called five different times and spoke with 10 different people. I wrote 4 e-mails, and sent a letter to their address in New Mexico. Every single person said the same thing. There is no record of you changing your plan online so the charge is valid. I keep trying to tell them that their system is not flawless and there must have been some mistake, but no one wants to listen. The thing that really sucks is that you have these puppets in the world who have no brains and these are the fucks we get stuck dealing with. They don't care, they are just there to collect there shit pay and we have to suffer. I spend close to $1,500.00 annually on my cell phone, do you think for once they thought about how much money they will lose from me. I own my own company and as far as I'm concerned this is not a good business tactic. Not everyone is a scammer and I don't appreciate being treated like one.

Posted by: chris b. on November 14, 2006 10:32 AM

Okay, I got suckered and should have done my homework. Got sucked in by the $49/mo price for a family plan (plus my wife's best friend uses T-bone so they can talk free). Good service in our area. Part of the deal was two $50 rebates for the phones. Hitch: you need your account number on the rebate form. The "gotcha": The deadline is past for the rebate and T-bone still hasn't billed us, so I have no idea what my account number is. T-Bone's attitude: "you should'a called us" (what, and wipe the drool off your chin?). Their attitude: tuff sh%*#, we’ve got your money and we don’t care if we lose you as a customer.

I’d go out of business if I treated my customers that way. It’s a sad commentary that the American customer will put up with this behavior from large organizations.

I talked to a fellow once who offered rebates and asked him why he didn’t just lower the darned price. His reasoning: a lot of people don’t get around to returning the rebates and he makes more money that way.

Lessons: 1. Rebates are a scam. 2. T-Mobile is a predatory organization that won’t work to keep customers happy. 3. Most Americans are used to being taken advantage of by poor service and lousy quality, but you don’t have to be one of them.

Posted by: Al Philipson on February 21, 2007 05:37 PM

So yeah you're a fucking retard. If you had better conrol over your wife when she got the phone maybe you wouldnt be in this mess in the first place! So just remember that. And one word of advice. Recording calls wont hold water. I know I work for them :) Since you're probably calling through inter state lines anyway you have to go through a little thing called arbitration. And you have to state the call is being recorded and guess what they will say you dont have the consent of the Rep to record the call and if you continue to record the call it again wont hold up in court. So yeah Have fun with that one.

Posted by: I dont think so on February 25, 2007 03:53 AM

soooo.... why don't you explain why you got the bill....?
we can't express a 'POOR YOU' sentiment without a reason for the bill....
for all we know.... you fucked up and caused the charges....!


Posted by: t-mobile sucks? on June 30, 2007 03:45 AM

On July 2, 2007 I became a T-Mobile customer. As I sat and waited for my Sidekick to arrive via UPS the excitement grew and on July 5th my Sidekick finally arrived. Since then however, there have been nothing but problems. For the first two weeks that I was a T-Mobile customer I was not able to receive text messages, which was one of the primary reasons I got a Sidekick. Finally, the problem was fixed, after I called every day to get status updates. Two days before the problem was fixed I was told “we don’t have a time frame for that”. I was supposed to also received 4 callbacks regarding this issue and none came. Also, I didn’t even know the problem was fixed until I figured it out on my own using my family’s cell phones to send myself text messages.

But the problems do not end there. On July 23, 2007 my Sidekick battery alerted me that it needed to be charged. That is when a real problem developed. I went to plug my less than one month old Sidekick into the wall and it would not charge. I took the battery out, put the battery in, and plugged it into almost every wall socket in the house, all with no results. So I called Customer Care and I was informed that I should take it into the store and they can test it and figure out what it wrong with it. I took my phone to a T-Mobile store where a man named John helped me. He took my phone, plugged it into the wall and said “Yup, it’s the phone”. He then proceeded to answer the store phone, work on another customer’s phone and try to order me a new phone on the computer. While he was busy multi-tasking he didn’t even ask to verify the correct shipping address and sent it to the wrong address in my account, an address that is 6 hours away. He then spent 20 minutes on the phone trying to fix his mistake only to be told he cannot undo what he did for 24 hours; he then told me that he would fix the problem for me the very next day. The next day I called the store to ask for John to see if he had fixed my problem, there was only one problem with that, John was not working that day, even though he promised me he would fix my problem that day. I asked to speak with the manager and was told he was “out at another store” 3 different times during the day. I proceeded to fix the problem, which John created, myself after spending 30 minutes on the phone and driving 15 minutes to the UPS store to send out my Sidekick.

On July 30, 2007 at approximately 10:30pm (EST) I called your customer service to get some information about my rate plan. When I got upset over the rate plan that I have and was told I could not change it a customer service agent me to “not to get snippy with her” and when I asked for her name and ID# she hung up on me. Now, I don’t know about you, but to me that says or rather screams poor customer service. I have never in my life been hung up on for a customer service call. Upon calling back I did however speak to an excellent customer service agent, Tamillia Ref ID: 7481177, who took all my information and assured me she would take care of the problem, one of the rare occasions that I have been treated fairly by a customer service agent.

Is this not rediculous?

Posted by: *Red on July 31, 2007 02:40 PM

Tmobile can lick my clit piercing while i bleed in there mouth =]

Posted by: Ashley on August 5, 2007 04:32 AM

Tmobile is the shit, and has had nothing but awesome customer service from my viewpoint :)

Posted by: Tim on August 7, 2007 11:36 AM

Congrats to all of you who are complaining. Obviously you are leaving out a lot of information in your victim stories... Digger, what did you do to get such a large bill? Don't bitch just because you wanted a cheap plan and then went over your minutes. Take some responsibility for yourself. Joanne, you probably just need some documentation that you returned your equipment. The person you dealt with obviously didn't cancel it like you requested so they would most likely fix this in the store. Jesse, what happened? Where you not able to keep your mouth shut on the phone? Or were those all long distance calls? Either way, its your damn fault. I have T-mobile, you can check your minutes from your phone. If it was long distance, maybe you should have read the contract you signed where is says it is only for a certain area. Sorry sally, once again please stop blaming someone else for your irresponsibility!!! Fucking sally! Sorrry, dont have the time to deal with the rest of you..

Posted by: Bill on August 7, 2007 10:22 PM

Sorry, folks. Those of you complaining out there: I say this to a lot of people and I'll say it right here, right now. You people that bitch about cell phone companies have a LOT to learn. The chances are that if you had a problem with the cellular companies, you have somehow caused it. I will list a few of the things that cause problems with cellular companies:

1. Calling customer service too much.

2. Being rude and/or abusive toward service reps.

3. Failing to read your contract.

4. Going over your allotted minutes and or KB/data limits.

5. One word: Roaming

6. Bullshit like this article you wrote.

Try handling things differently and you might find yourself getting a lot further in life, you sick asshole.

Posted by: Rob on August 8, 2007 09:32 PM

damm true dude t-mobile does suckz azz and lick big ballz fuck you t-mobile

Posted by: fdfsd on August 28, 2007 01:39 AM

I don't blame your wife! T-mobile sucks ass!
I bought a phone there and the monthly charge was goign to be about 57.99 well 3 days later I cancelled it becuase the phone was fucking shit as well as the service. They said I would get my corp refund check in a week since the total was over 50.00 I had to wait for a check and after going through crap at the tmobile place in the mall I was told it would be 7-10 days for my check. Well 2 weeks later I called the company after being told to by the store in the mall and they had not even recieved the check form! The guy had tried to not send it in hopes I would forget about it, 400.00 yeah right! I called the corp and bitched with them, I was extremely nice and understanding etc.. But the lady was a real bitch to me, she kept me on hold and switched me to atleast 5 different people.At the end my problem wasn't solved, I was told to wait wait wait wiat wait. 2 weeks LATER I finally recieved the check, and they took .3 off? wtf? whatever, but they tried to give me a credit.
The above post by "Rob", he must work at tmobile!
Because the people who work there are rude and don't care, thats IF you can understand them!
1 - YOur supposed to call customer service when you need help, its not our fault their company is shitty and somehting is always wrong
2 - Those who are rude and "abusive" towards reps have been rude to by the reps, not to mention tmobile doesnt give a fuck after they have your money, all they say is there is nothing you can do etc..
3 - Failing to read the contract? 99.9% of the time it is tmobile's fault for mistakes and they refuse to admit it, even when you follow the contract they are still money hungry bastards!
4 - Maybe your not understanding that tmobile adds stupid charges, not just for going over your minutes. Damn maybe if you had tmobile you'd realize how fucked all the customers are, they don't fucking care about you. They'll add fees like its going out of style.
5 - Ha roaming, yeah thats what alot of people complain about, the hidden roaming fees that they don't tell you about or telling you your covered for [ahem happened to me twice]
6 - the "bullshit" articles fucking bash the damn company because they're fucking fed up with being mistreated and ripped off, hell these articles are being read by potential customers and they are realizing what a shitty company tmobile is which means they get less customers and MAYBE just MAYBe they'll improve customer service.
Ah, welll 2 months ago I returned that phone and now I have a bill for 60.00 with no explanation of cost, which is fucked.

Posted by: JEANA! on October 26, 2007 04:53 AM

TMOBILE SUCKS CRAP!!!!!! reception is AWFUL! my sim card died. i feel like those phone commercials on tv where im always trying to stick my phone in every direction to find reception and it STILL dont work.

and if you cancel..they charge $200 bucks PER phone. losers!

Posted by: crap on November 18, 2007 02:50 PM

T-Mobile is one of the worse companies I've ever done business with. What a pathetic joke of a company.

Posted by: Pathetic Telecoms on November 21, 2007 11:22 PM

If any of you morons are defending a wireless carrier your a do-boy for them. To think that any text messaging should add up to over $200.00 is rediculous and BS. I've been with t-mobile for 9 years (before tmobile it was powertel and 2 other companies) I signed the contract for a phone for my son and added the t-mobile to t-mobile minutes,500, for 4.99 and 400 text messages for 4.99. That was in august of 2006 and he never went over his minutes and never used but maybe 3 text messages a month, then he got a girlfriend at the end of october of 2007 and had unheard of text messages which translated into $165.00 just in text messages. I have 4 other lines with them which my bill every month is usually about $350.00. Well I called customer service and like everyone else talked to 5 people and explained to them that I had "really" added the text messages to my plan and was truly not lying to them. They said it was never added and they could not pull my contract cause it was done at a local tmobile store. So I called the store and they said they could not find it and they did not have it in the system and like the 5 customer service reps basically told me I was screwed and to pay the bill or shut the lines off, unlike some people I was out of contract and basically told them to lick my ###%#@!. Now for $165.00 which is a total joke for text messaging.. it's basically a way to rape their customers and leave you with a smile, They would not even reduce that particular bill down and just give me credit for 400 of the text messages. Now I have High speed cable internet, expanded cable with HBO and I pay $110.00 a month, now your telling me text messaging takes up hideous amounts of system resources to charge that amount, which is 15 cents a text message (sent or received). So if you dont like someone and you know their phone just text message the hell out of them and they have no control over receiving them after they figure out their carrier wont reduce the bill or fix it. It's basically a way for Tmobile in general to screw you up and stick you in a contract and you have no control over. That would be for any of you guys actually defending a carrier because you have not been screwed yet. Btw they still would not turn off the text message feature which is really why I turned the service off. Lesson number 1 is dont use a carrier that you cannot turn off extra services you dont need. I own a business and I if billed a customer for something that they had no control over i'd be in deep ##$%%! so why are cell phone carriers not getting the same treatment for letting customers get charged for text messages they cant control. I can understand paying for sending but not receiving them so basically it's 30 cents for every text message sent because the receiver pays and the sender. Give me a $^&#% break so anyone defending a cell phone carrier needs to be screwed one good time, you idiots!.

Posted by: Jester on December 12, 2007 02:43 PM

T-mobile sucks. I'm glad you wrote this post. I got ripped off for over $100 because of a computer error. I couldn't prove the error at the time. A year later they did it again and I had proof on the second time. But they told me that too much time had passed from the first incident and they couldn't refund the $100 that they ripped me off for the first time. My contract is finally up and I canceled. It feels great.

Posted by: tmobile sucks on December 21, 2007 05:49 AM

are u serious! what a bunch of winers! u went over on your minutes!! no one put a gun to your head! fuck what is wrong with these people! and your "fucking" wife? she didnt DIAL the numbers your were calling..so you apparently YOU are the fucking idiot!....people talking about errors and shit that they cant prove! its cuz your making it up! DUH!..changing shit online and fucking up isnt our fault! YOU did it! and contracts not being cancelled its probably becuase we didnt know..who the hell did you return the phone too.. we cant fucken read minds!and being rude to the reps! oooooo will never get u shit..we love u mean ones..we will sit there all day and not crack becuase we know the reason u are calling for its cuz your ass went over your minutes, cant pay your bill...overage u caused..roaming charges? u actaully didnt think u would be charged for incoming calls! someone slap that foo! how do some of you people remember to breathe?fuck...its a miracle that u do..

Posted by: tmobilewhiners on December 22, 2007 01:40 AM

T-Mobile guys are ROBBERS and THIEVES. Make sure you always document every call with them. Get everything in writing and email them to confirm. I canceled my service a YEAR AGO, talked to a manager, took notes, and they kept charging me for it. After I called them day in and day out, the managers refused to credit my account. These people should be prosecuted for SCAM and ROBBERY.

Posted by: Arthur Ian on December 26, 2007 10:57 PM

T mobile sucks. all we get is dropped alls. we bought a telephone for my aging mother in law for use in an emergency but whenever she tries to use it the call is dropped. t mobile claims we should have known the coverage-the phone is being used in a major us city and only a few miles from a downtown city center. There are no mountains, obstructions, etc to block the signal. t mobile wants to charge us 200. to terminate a service that does not work. i see that this company has about the highest unhappy customers in a industry that has most unhappy customers To anyone experiencing trouble with this company---call them daily and whenever you have a dropped call-keep calling with tech problems ---keep their phones busy. complain-complain and then complain more. if everyone does this we may gt results.

Posted by: stve ran on January 4, 2008 01:18 PM

All u people bitchin and complaining about t-mobile:
Why don't u get a petition going and take their asses to court. Many people have done it with other companies that have caused them grief. By doing this it will set an example to othe cell phone companies. I remember when Verizon got taken to court and everyone got a 30.00 credit. Yes cell phone companies suck big time, they stick it to u with the rebates and other bull u don't really need. Just stick to what u really need and try not to go over your alloted time or data and you will be fine. If that doesn't work ur screwed. I burned one cell phone company back in the day..... when they refused to help me, I told them that I was not going to pay the 489 dollar bill, to do whatever they wanted. Their response was that my credit will be ruined, and I told them I'll just get prepaid service and will be fine. Remember This a monopoly it's the rich get richer and the poor get fucked.

Posted by: Joe on January 6, 2008 11:33 AM

T-mobile sucks!!
I have been a T-mobile customer for more than 2 years now. I changed my phone number 3 weeks ago since I moved to a different state. After the change, I realized that I couldn't receive international calls. I called T-mobile and they said I should wait 72 hours, so that the whole system could be updated. I waited and waited and waited..nothing changed! I called them again, then they started testing to see what is wrong with the phone and the new number! After talking to 3 different representatives on the phone and spending more than 3 hours answering the same stupid questions (what is the model of your phone, what problems are you facing, do you know what is a simcard? did you try it in a different phone, etc.) they said they could not solve the problem and that they have to report it to their engineers, so I got a ticket number. 2 days passed, nothing changed! I sent them an email..didn't get a response. At the 4th day after getting the ticket I called them again..First, I was told they don't see a ticket issued, but I had the number written down!! It took them a while to find the ticket. Later, the representative told me that I haven't called them for the past 4 day! Duhh?? Do I need to call you every single day, couple times a day? Is that how you work? No solving problems without talking to angry customers..Is that your engineers' motivation for problem solving? Finally, I was told that the engineers are still working on the problem, but couldn't figure out what is wrong..they said it might take up to 11 days! I told them I want to cancel my contract, but the answer was I should pay for the cancellation fees since my contract will normally end in November.

Anyways, this thing continued for 17 days! They suggested me to buy Hot Spot from T-mobile. The T-mobile representative said having Hot Spot might solve the problem and that I should give a try. How is that related to my problem???? They even said the problem is not T-mobile's, the people who are trying to call me should talk to their local providers, and the local provider should contact T-mobile. I was really mad when they told me that..Are you kidding me? Is this a joke? These people were able to call me before I changed my phone number and they can still call any number in US but me!!! and T-mobile says Turkish Telecom needs to fix it, it is Turkish Telecom's problem.

Overall, T-mobile was not able to fix the problem and offered me to give a new number. The new number seems to work fine and I can receive international calls. The change happened very recently, but this time I started receiving calls from people I don't know and they want to talk to Janine. I believe she is the previous owner of the line. We'll see what happens next. The lesson from this is; think more than twice if you are planning to get a T-mobile plan or planning to renew your current contract. You understand how good these companies are at customer service or how much they value their customers only when you experience problems with them. T-mobile customer service sucks! I am very disappointed with them. I am stuck with T-mobile until November but you don’t have to be.

Posted by: Neslihan on January 30, 2008 03:59 PM

tmobile is absoultely a garbage company! Their singals are very weak. You can not have singals in many city buildings which Verizon & AT&T give you very good singals. tmobile's service is even worse!!! when i tranfer my family plan to another providers, they just hold one of the numbers and keep biling me for mothly family plan. On the day, I transfered to another provider, I actualy went to local tmobile store and the clerk there told me all my family numbers already went to verizon. Verizon also told me when the primary number transfer to them, the family plan's others numbers also follows. tmobile's service people keep saying Verizon transfered my other numbers, but left one with tmobile. They are very bad service and I will suggest any people who want tmobile must very very careful with their service. I end up with bad singals, bad services and need pay more than hundred dollars extra which we never used the serivces.

I 100% agree tmobile sucks. they are a little cheap than others but they do not worth the money you pay at all!

Posted by: Joe on January 30, 2008 10:51 PM

I am posting the letter I sent to t-mobile. No answer yet, except that "we appreciate your business"...

I have been a customer of t-mobile for years, but the customer service has deteriorated and I wish to file a complaint hoping that something will change.
First, I bought a new phone from the web site in April 2007 and I still try to get my $50 rebate. When I cal the rebated phone number, I need to try all possible combinations of keys to speak to a human and when I manage to do so, they always say that it is the problem of my post office.
The last time I talked on Feb 18, 4:00pm, with Chelsea, with Refid 492650 and she told me that the shipped my check on Jan 28 but it is still on its way!
She then accused my post office, even though I told her I never had a problem with them for 3 years I live here. I asked her very politely to resend the check and put a tracking number so I can track it on usps.com and even offered to pay myself for the tracking, but she said it is not possible. So I do not see any way for me to get my rebate…Any suggestions?

Second, last December I went on cruise and I used my cell only for texting. I got a bill of $29 for roaming which seems to be because I received some voicemails which I never listened! I called on 2/17/2008 to complain about it, and the representative was saying one sentence, then putting me on hold for 2 minutes and so on, and after 10 minutes she hung up on me.

I have given up on trying to talk on the phone with customer care and I hope this letter will finally give me my right.

Posted by: Vagelis on February 18, 2008 05:22 PM

TMOBILE is bad. They sucked in GERMANY where i am from but suck even more here in the US! I just got my bill for $ 750 Dollars and they wont even adjust to a higher rate plan! They suck so bad I cant even tell you! Alltell I never had this problems with. I am switching back as soon as this contract is up in May 2008! TMOBILE i can ONLY WARN EVERYONE DONT GET TMOBILE

Posted by: Mandy on February 28, 2008 10:14 PM

I have a second home in Mexico (San Felipe, Baja California) and I have always received excellent reception there; five bars -- always. I can make calls, receive calls and send and receive email on my BlackBerry without any problems. What I haven't been able to do for the last six months is pick up my voicemail while there, and T-Mobile can't provide an answer. I have received numerous numbers to call, I have spoken for hours (from Mexico using Skype) to numerous customer service and technical support people to no avail. Finally, I have asked to terminate my account because they are unable to provide me with a means to pick up my vm while in Mexico. Although I have been a good customer for a number of years, I bought my BlackBerry last year in March and so my contract is not up for another year so I will have to pay the $200. early termination fee. I don't believe I should have to pay the early termination fee since it is due to a lack of service that I am terminating my contract; service I used to receive. Everyone I spoke to until I reached a supervisor, was very pleasant. The supervisor I spoke to was argumentative and rude. She told me "we can't troubleshoot a problem unless you are at the location that the problem occurs" -- is she for real? I told her that it was a bit too much to ask that I continue to spend hours on the phone while on vacation in Mexico. I was so furious, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The guy "Jason" who responded to my complaint was rude and cut me off almost immediately and went on a 60 second rant. He then told me his position was not going to change and I told him my position was not going to change. T-Mobile has a lot to learn about Customer Service, Customer Support and troubleshooting and their insincere comments that they are sorry for the trouble that I am experiencing, is insulting. I used to speak highly of T-Mobile but I will now do everything I can to help others see the service inequities they will likely face if they become, or continue to be, a T-Mobile customer.

I encourage others who have had problems with T-Mobile to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Posted by: Brandi Meintzer on March 4, 2008 11:03 PM

Seems almost everyone who is having problems simply didn't pay attention to the contract. YOU messed up, do you really think they are going to forget about the charges and say "Don't worry about, have all this extra service for free!" I have been charged for things I shouldn't have been by T-Mobile. I called customer service, was connected to some very nice people who took care of the problem quickly. Maybe you shouldn't be rude to the customer reps and they won't be rude to you. If anything the people I talked to were overly nice.

Posted by: James on March 21, 2008 09:02 AM

I had a service contract with TM for 2 years, and when I used the automated system, they took extra money out of my account. Basically, they lied and said that I would be credited for the money, but that never happened. Instead, they kept it, giving me a song and dance about another bill. Lying sacks of shit!

Posted by: Lori on May 10, 2008 09:45 PM

FUCK T-mobile. My phone broke and I even had a phone insurance. I called the customer servies and they told me "don't worry, insurance covers, so send you broken phone to T-mobile." After that they charged me $100 for new crappy phone. I was really pissed off and called the customer survies again. They told me I should have just sent it to the insurance company. I was like, what do you mean? You guys told me to send my phone to T-mobile. And they said "oh well, there is nothing we can do about it. you can claim about it." My phone broke again and they told me, "oh your insurance expired, but if you make a 2 yrs contract again, we can give you discount for new phone." WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO MAKE ANOTHER CONTRACT WITH THIS FUCKED PHONE COMPANY?

Posted by: LizzY on June 21, 2008 07:46 AM

I've been with customer care for the last 5 years. I've heard all the stories, complaints and even the rudest remarks known to man. We are there to HELP YOU, not screw you. If you have a problem, the worst thing to do is yell,scream and use vulgar language. if you do this the rep will not be as helpful. We understand your concern & frustration and the inconveniences, but a little patience goes a long way.. Trust me on this. I use the sliding factor, the nicer you are, the more I will do for you, the worse you are, I will do the bare minimum as I don't want to sit there for hours listening to..VERBAL ABUSE.
For those of you that have INSURANCE, insurance covers accidental damage, lost/stolen phone. You can call ASURION directly 800-268-7221 and file the claim or online at phoneclaim.com.. your costs will be $40-$110 for the deductable, pending on the phone model you have.
For those with claims of invalid calls; every time you pick up your phone, the system records your IMEI, location, sim card #,the number you are calling or receiving the call from and the length of the call. It's all individual information that gets past from the phone to the server.

PROTECT YOUR SIM! I had this lady complain about her bill having international calls that she didn't make herself, this was true, as she left her phone on her desk and someone took her sim out of the phone and used it to place those calls, but she is STILL RESPONSIBLE for the charges. She was educated on how to put the SIM LOCK CODE on to protect her in future. I even went as far as crediting 1/2 the valid charges for her as a one time courtesy. Now don't expect the company to pay for your services, if there is a valid reason we do everything in our power to help you!

Remember when you call in for help, we need to ask all kinds of questions to get resolvement. PLEASE EXTEND COURTESY, it goes a long way...don't call us for help and then sit there chatting with your friend. Listen, learn & for god's sake READ YOUR CONTRACTS/Terms & Conditions of service, as it's all layed out there for you.

As for people going into store and they claim they promised you something, there is nothing Customer Care can do for you...you have to deal with the store directly, esculate to their superiors if need be. Unless you have proof that you can fax in, again CC can't do anything, we need proof of it.
If there is an issue happening with your service, call us immediately and please call from another line of service so that we can then quickly get to your resolvement.

Early Cancelation fee $200. If you break your contract, this fee is valid & legal. But there is a repreive. If you are under contract and move outside of TM coverage area (out of country or in areas not covered) we can waive this charge if you fax in proof of new residence (legal documentation, reciept, something with your new address & name) or simply request for a CHANGE OF RESPONSIBILITY, if you know someone that will be willing to take over your service, qualify for credit & agree to the Terms & Conditions, then you are released from the charges from that point on..if you still have a bill owing you are still responsibile for it.

Man, I could go on about everything, but the bottom line is, you as a consumer have obligations as well as the company you are going with. We can't tell you everything every time you call us or visit the store, you have to ask questions & request insurance if you purchase new phones. (Asurion gives 14 days from point of sale or exchange, that's not TM giving you that it's the insurance company).

Taping the call. Legally you have to advise the person you are doing so. TM Policy doesn't allow reps to continue with the call until the recording stops. Recordings are inadmissible evidence in court of law unless you get permision from the other person.

Flex pay customers, you must ensure you have funds in your acc for downloading ringtones, games, wallpaper, long distance outside of the US, 411, xtra minutes/sms. #999# send will show you your bal, top up cards are available practally everywhere (711, target, walgreens, walmart) or use *233 send for debit/credit card or chq fillups. CC doesn't do this, only the automated system can help you with fill ups. For FUNDS TRANSFERS, you have to speak with CC and request this to be done as its not done automatically, or under Tzones, My ACC, Fund Transfer directly from phone.

If you have any questions, concerns. I'll do my best to guide you, but please again be RESPECTFUL!

Thanks for reading this.

Special thanks to Brandi, if more people were like you, the better the service they would receive.

Posted by: TM REP on June 24, 2008 05:07 AM

VERY Hate T-mobile! They are cheating!!

The phone number for rebate is always disconnected!!!!

Don't do business with T-Mobile!

Posted by: cheated by t-mobile on July 14, 2008 02:08 PM

All the people comlaining are fucking idiots maybe if you would check your minutes from your phone or realized what YOU signed up for you wouldnt be the fucking idiot receiving a high bill. You call and sound like a retard because you are irresponsible.You shouldnt even own a phone anyways because with any other company you would be going over doing the same shit because you dont know how to read or you are just too fucking lazy too. A little advise for the people who just get mad and cuss anyways while your bitching about how you hate us we are putting you on mute and telling the person beside us "you should hear this fucking whiny piece of shit complaing like we give a shit"
Suck it bitchs.

Posted by: Mitch on August 8, 2008 12:50 AM

Good to see you "customer service" people care about your customers.

Posted by: Digger on August 10, 2008 06:50 PM

I just went out of the country and came home to a bill of 2069.00 they had no explanation and just kept transferring my calls. Never let me speak to a supervisor. They are fucking pieces of shit. They masturbate to the thought of money. I hate everything.

Posted by: Thomas on August 20, 2008 11:51 AM

T Mobile is AWFUL. I sent 10 texts in total.

the time i spent on the phone was 6 minutes in total.

that costs me £10.

This is f**king ridiculous

Posted by: Evan on September 20, 2008 03:42 PM

T-mobile's has a big problem with coverage. We have a 3 lines family plan. Initially it's work fine. Recently one line moved to UW-Madison. But T-mobile has no coverage in the dormitory. I asked T-mobile to terminated our plan. T-mobile agreed that area is not covered, but they would only let me cancel one line without penalty. When I told them it's family plan with 3 lines that I bought. If it's just 2 lines, then it's not a family plan to me. No, they said and they can't do anything on it. Then I went to BBB for a reference, so far BBB transfered my complaints and T-mobile's replies with rejection to my request twice. Now I asked BBB to provide a verdict on it.
When I signed the contract online, they promised to give me $60 rebate. But later the company that signed the contract with me went to bankruptcy. and I didn't get the money.
I told T-mobile that since I didn't get the rebate, which is a part of a package deal, then I have no liability to finish 2 years contract even if it's not the issue of coverage. Then T-mobile shameless replied that the rebate is the liability of the company I signed the contact with. So you see, when T-mobile wants you keep using their service(although worse that others), they said you promised to stay with they for 2 years. When you want them to honor the rebate, they said you signed it with other. Does any one sign the contract twice when they buy any thing with rebate online? All of them are a package deal. But only T-mobile would think these are two unrelated issues.
I wonder how long T-Mobile can keep doing business in US.

Posted by: Endonef on October 4, 2008 02:17 PM

T-Mobile has outsourced their email customer care to a company named NCO. NCO's center in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada has been where ALL your Customer Care emails have been coming from for a long time.

Now they have sent all the emails to the PHILIPPINES! Get ready for your email and webchat customer care to be coming from Filipino people! HAHA. I thought T-Mobile would never go offshore? They do through NCO. You thought your customer care was bad before?!

Posted by: Screwed on October 11, 2008 04:05 AM

I recently went to Toronto Canada for a vacation and got a $500 bill from TMobile!! And the $500 charge was for Internet roaming charge that I did not even use at all!!!!! I called Customer Service and said that there's a setting on the phone (which is Sidekick 3) where it will automatically connect to a network or something. But the whole point is THAT I DID NOT USE THE INTERNET WHILE I WAS IN CANADA!! They transferred me to another dept telling me that they'll give me $100 credit for it with a 1yr contract .... which is totally BULLLSHIIIEEET! I will call them one more time .. but basically i would like to report this to the FCC and to BBB because they did not even take the time to investigate the problem and to give me details about the charge. I would like for them to show me what that 40MB of internet usage entails -- that i did not even use! If you encounter the same scenario please email me and let me know.

Posted by: AM on October 20, 2008 06:22 PM

yeah same thing for me, im in the army and at the time I was stationed in germany. I had just got back from iraq and was home visiting and I bought a phone. The tmobile store sold me a phone saying it was basiclly an overseas plan and there was no international roaming and a whole bunch of other junk. I believed them, and then i found out i had a bill for 400 dollars. and they especially didnt like the fact that it got stolen so i had to cancel early. Well my bill turned into over 600 dollars that i owe them. After much complaining and work, my father they said they fixed the problem. Well that was 4 months ago. Today I went to finance a vehicle, and my credit score was 130 points lower than what it was last time i checked. So tmobile is still fucking me. Im getting ready to have a kid and i need this vehicle, but with bad credit the payments would be too steep to afford. I basicly wanna just burn all there facilities down. Horrible service and they are lying pricks. Dont buy t mobile

Posted by: Drew on October 30, 2008 11:14 PM

T-Mobile sucks BALLS.

After telling us that we could split a "family plan" account and making us sign up for an extra two year contract, they turned around and said that it couldn't be done. They wanted to raise our bill to an outrageous amount, because, based on what they told us about splitting the account (I'm moving out of the state, the other account holder is not) we upgraded the phones and signed the contract for the two year agreement.

They sent us a letter telling us that they were NOT able to split the bill and that they would be charging us this outrageous amount for the next 2 years. They made us turn in our new phones and we had to fight to keep the sim cards. Then they charged us a "drop fee" for going back to the original plan. Well, for ONE OF US going back to the original plan. I have decided that T-Mobile is a disease and they should be avoided like the plague.

Posted by: HeathenAngel on October 31, 2008 03:33 PM


Posted by: T-MOBILE REP. on November 12, 2008 10:09 PM

I HATE T-Mobile.

I was a 7 year customer with them - never any problems. Then I decided to get an iphone, so I had to move to AT&T. I ported over all my cell numbers except one. While I was at the AT&T store moving the numbers, I spoke with the customer service rep from T-Mobile and told her to cancel the last outstanding number.

Three months go past. I usually bundle 2-3 months worth of credit card statements, then check them all at once to be sure the charges are legit. As I'm checking them over, I discover that T-Mobile has continued charging my credit card $120 per month for the single remaining number I did not port over to AT&T.

I call them back to find out what is going on, and they explain that they had no record of my requesting the last number being canceled.

I point out that the number has not had any calls since the portage, and why on earth would I keep a single number with them when I moved all others over to AT&T? The woman tells me that is not her problem, that there is no record of the cancellation.

So - they stick me with $360 in extra charges. No refund.

I just got another statement (AFTER I had canceled my contract) saying there were a few extra charges that needed covering ($150). When I called them about it, the customer service rep explained to me that if I did not pay it, it would likely go to collections and they would ruin my credit.

Nice job T-Mobile. I'm not a big fan of AT&T, and I was considering moving back to you after my contract with AT&T was up (so long as I could bring my Iphone with me), but now? No way. I hope you rot in hell.

Posted by: Thane on November 26, 2008 09:04 AM

t-mobile has decent coverage and the wifi connection thing is pretty useful too if you are outside service area sometimes. everything else about t-mobile sucks. their customer service is the worst. honestly though people, if these morons at t-mobile are pissing you off so bad just dont pay them anything. ever thought of that?

Posted by: Andrew on December 28, 2008 03:47 AM

I had to change my service and add a line because my business was picking up. I chose a plan based on recommendations from T-Mobile. 1000 minutes for $79. I checked with them the following month, said I was fine with my current plan. Got my bill for $360 the following month! They now will not back up their great customer service by issuing a credit. T-Mobile's customer service is non-existant. I will be getting another line from a reputable company and reducing my plan to the minimum per month with them so I don't get stuck with the cancellation charges. Please tell everyone you know to stay away from t-mobile.

Posted by: peggy on January 12, 2009 12:52 PM

joke of a fuckin company i got bout year and a half of hell left on my contract with them. cant wait tell im out of it.

Posted by: I agree fuck t-mobile on January 12, 2009 05:35 PM

I have stalworth credit. And for two years I have never ever paid my bill late, or ever ran my minutes. NEVER. And for most part I was happy with T-MOBILE. I actually thought there customer service was excellent. Than one day I got a bill for $240. They were charging me a billing cycle that started in November 08 all the way to February 09, NO KIDDING, while between these cycles I was making my regular payments on my credit card (auto pay). They said I had gone over my minutes and that's why I was being charged this amount of money. I was like WTF? When this revelation come about, and why did it take this long to show up or charge me? You must think this sound crazy or absurd, which is what I thought. But I swear I have the payments/bills to prove it. When I spoke to the account manager, his response was, "lets try ways to correct this so it won't happen". My response was look, I have never been late, paid my bill on time, never ran my usage up, this a mistake. I don't mind paying, I like t-mobile, but reduce this a bit. But the guy was a complete douche bag. We went back and forth, and to be honest his understanding of vocabulary and English was a freaking rudimentary. If he could be a manager than so could ELMO. In the end I was like OK. Bill me, and I won't freaking pay a dime. I am law student, what is t-mobile going to do hire a freaking lawyer, for what over $330? LOL, one there too busy with cornucopia of lawsuit they have with such companies like Starbucks-no joke. Or do what, send someone over to a small claims court.LOL Ohhh thats right, it might ruin my credit. With this putrid economy, there going to threaten me with this? Middle Finger UP!!! They can kiss my ass! Instead of giving them money, I got my self a niceeeee Sony Erickson phone from AT&T. Thank you very freaking much. Oh did I mention FUCK YOU TMOBILE. And those that state our complaints are unnecessary or have no merits, check youtube or plethora of other sites with horror stories about t-mobile, it really isn't that hard to find.

Posted by: George on January 17, 2009 08:16 PM

Hahahahaha you all got screwed, I laugh at your misfortunes, haha they're so stupid. Pay pay pay, riun your credit haha. Is it so hard to just use a cell phone normally without going over your minutes, text messeges, or internet.Dumb people will never learn, but i still laugh at you hahaha. I have a myFav1000min plan for $20.00 with 1000sms free and unlimited internet for $15.00 For all the dumb ppl out there do the math 35.00 bucks plus tax thats how much i pay every month. never had any problem. Contract? WTF is that? haha i dont care i have a better plan than all of you haha i dont care if my contract was 5yrs. Suck on it bitches(at this point i rub it all over your face with cumm on it)

Posted by: haha_u-got-screwed on January 31, 2009 05:56 PM

Oh I know how you feel about T-Mobile! I had them for a few weeks and I got NO service anywhere in my city. I then called them up and told them I was cancelling and I was instructed to send my sidekick and simcard via UPS back to the warehouse and all I would have is a final bill. Well I paid the final bill but a month or so later I kept getting billed so I called them up and told them that I did not owe that money because I cancelled the service already, and they took the charges off... Lo and behold a few months later I get a collections notice in the mail for 200.00 from T-Mobile.. the technical support obviously did not do his job in cancelling out the "past due" so I called them up again saying that I was wrongly sent to collections and then they yet AGAIN recanted the bill I owed and got my name out of collections... a month LATER I get another bill for a 200$ termination fee.. umm well I called again and told them I cancelled within the 30 day trial period.. finally they cleared it up again. These people drug me around every which way and especially having the nerve to wrongly send me to collections. BEWARE of T-Mobile.

Posted by: Sera on February 19, 2009 07:20 PM

OMFG t-mobile has screwed me over sooo bad!!!! This isn't even the first time they've done it, and I can't afford to pay an extra $200 to terminate the contract especially since it's going towards the extra $300 that they're charging for things they make up. But I know someone who can hopefully take them out of business forever.

Posted by: Brenda Crites on February 20, 2009 12:00 AM

AMEN! T-MOBILE BLOWS. I just got off the phone with them so that makes it at least ten times within the past 2 months that I've had to call them. I've been a customer since 2003, paying anywhere from $60-$200 per month. I've called and changed my plans several times trying to get a plan that doesn't ream me financially. The customer service reps are always in a hurry to sell me something that they don't explain fully which ultimately screws me in the end. Then I threaten to shut off service and they are like "ok let me transfer you" what the fuck?! What happened to customer service? Screw t-mobile I'm done once my contract is up.

Posted by: Ashley on March 18, 2009 12:55 PM

Wow. You people blow my mind. I am, in fact a former employee of T-Mobile and currently I'm just a regular customer like all of you. T-Mobile does nothing to rip you off. You do this to yourselves. Of course you have an early termination fee if you cancel your contract within term. You signed a contract, what did you think that was for? Are you honestly dumb enough to not read it before you signed it.. really? As far as text messages adding up to over $200.. uhm, did you look at your bill? You texted a lot, didn't ya? T-Mobile offers exceptional services in which you can check your messages balances as well as minutes balances right from your phone to ensure you dont have charges like that. And of course, if you're too moronic to do that you can call T-Mobile. And I'm sure you'll have a positively wonderful expirence speaking with Customer care considering T-Mobile recieved 7 JD Power awards in the past 8 years. That doesn't lie. I don't understand how you all sign these contracts and then are not responsible with your phones and do not accept any responsibility for the services you use. Why in the world should T-Mobile accept full responsibility for YOUR misuse? Normally if you speak with a customer care rep and treat them with respect, they will work with you even though your charges ARE VALID. But when you call up placing blame which, obviously its not the person on the other end of the phones fault, and use foul language, why would they WANT to help you? If charges are in fact invalid the reps will reverse all charges, but every one of the posts on here that I've seen, besides ONE, are valid charges where the consumer is irresponsible. If you continually call using vulgar language you will get special instructions on your account and only be able to contact T-Mobile via writing. Now, if you think speaking with a rep gets you nowhere, think about doing your busniess by mail. Seriously, it's a real person on the other end of the phone. They will treat you with respect if you extend the courtesy to them. And if you are unwilling to be respectful that rep does NOT have to listen to your verbal abuse and can and will disconnect that call.


Posted by: Kate on March 27, 2009 06:53 PM

YES YES YES, I agree T-Mobile sucks! I told them I will tell everyone I know that they suck and that I hate them. The T-mobile store suckered me into adding a line and they said they would pay the early termination fee for my husbands line all I had to do is bring in the final bill and they would pay it. At no time did they tell me I had to pay it up front then I would get re-embursed. They never did pay me back. I was also supposed to get a rebate on my phone, after 6 months of them telling me that they submitted the wrong form and I would get paid in 6-8 weeks I told them to keep my $50.00. After my husband and I seperated I dropped him from my line and he opened his own line with them as they told me to do (then my contract was not SUPPOSED to be extended), but they still kept me on the family plan. I called because my bill was still $160.00 with basically no extra features. I called and talked to a supervisor who brought my single line off of the family plan and was assured my contract would not be extended. Guess what when I again recieved a $160.00 bill I called and was told that my contract was extended. After some choice words I was told that it has been corrected and my contract is up on 9/6/09, we will see. T-MOBILE SUCKS!!!

Posted by: Natalie Simon on April 22, 2009 01:35 PM

Tmobile really is awful. Nearly every phone that I have purchased from them has had some sort of defect, then I'm stuck with it for 2 yrs because they won't replace it. We couldn't update our family contract (meaning could not add another line) unless we all purchased new phones. What kind of stipulation is that? Since when do all phones have to be upgraded to add a line? Not to mention that coverage is spotty, phone selection is poor, and there always seems to be mysterious extra charges on the bill. All in all, Tmobile is not worth the time or hassle or money. My brother in law uses Verizon, has no problems with it. Switching as soon as contract runs out!

Posted by: Eliza on April 30, 2009 05:39 PM

omg!!!!!!! i HATE t-mobile, they have ripped me off so many times!!! i'm online right now looking for a phone number to call and speak to an actual person who can listen and actually HEAR what i am saying, instead of just spewing back a bunch of "i can certainly understand your concern, but at the same time, i'd like to point out that..." shit!!! my advice is don't even waste your time trying to call the regular t-mobile "customer service" number, because they just pay people min. wage to do NOTHING except read screens back to you and enrage you with their robotic response that has NOTHING to do with you or your predicament. i had a horror story of being completely overbilled, they did NOTHING, i had to pay (eat) it. this was about four years ago. now, they've been charging me late fines every month (even though i pay the full amount they ask when i call on the automated line) and this past due date, i kept track... (i always knew something was off, and felt like i was getting ripped off!) i paid my balance in full, which included 2 late fees (which are $5 each, ridiculous!!!) then about a week later, i looked at my account online and was ENRAGED to see another amount due for next month - with a late fee! i (stupidly) called "customer service" and totally had an argument with them over the phone - i just kept saying "i paid my bill, IN FULL, 5 days ago -- how can t-mobile even TRY to justify another late fee!!!" i'm getting all worked up again over this, but wanted to write - hopefully my story will help out with anyone bringing legal action against these THIEVES!!! this is soooo wrong, that these huge companies can just nickel and dime people, and there's nothing we ("the little guys") can even do about it unless we fork over even MORE money to a lawyer to sue! i'm done!

Posted by: jenna on May 15, 2009 02:57 PM

Most of the time you get a large phone bill it's because you don't keep up with what's on your plan and how much you're using your phone. You can get high charges with any company, and trust me, T-Mobile will give a credit to someone before AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc will. There's a reason Tmobile has won 9 out of the last 11 JD powers awards.

Simply put, don't be a douchebag, pay attention to your bill, and remember you attract more bees with honey than you do vinegar.

You're mad at your wife? Put some pants on. You could've returned the phone just as easy within the 14 days buyer's remorse.

Posted by: Jeff on May 20, 2009 06:11 PM

Hey. T-mobile Customers. You under educated lazy irresponcible turds. No one owes you a living. T-mobile is an american company, if you go to FUCKING MEXICO there are roaming charges BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE COVERAGE IN FUCKING MEXICO. Why is this surprising? You know that contract you all hate so much? Without it you would have to pay full price ($500) for that Black Berry Pearl you bought your whore 14 year old daughter to use in school instead of pay attention so she can be as stupid as you. And please don't call to dispute her text charges. She has a full keyboard on that piece and you want me to believe she didn't use it? I went to school assholes, i'm not a fool like all you knuckle draggin' moneky fuckers. OH!!! And hear this all you black women from the south: The neck-action-finger-jabbin-ohnoyouditint shit is not cute in customer care, I KNOW YOU DOWN LOADED THOSE T-PAIN RING TONES, STOP LYING AND WORK, AND PAY YOUR BILL. Asian people: WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CANCEL YOUR SERVICE AND OPEN NEW ACCOUNTS? ARE YOU FUCKING INBRED? THIS COSTS YOU MORE MONEY!!! Working in Customer Care is the funnest most amusing job in history. You people are an endless sourse of amazingly entertaining stupidity!! When your bill has overages on it, it's because YOU TALK TO GOD DAMN MUCH not because the "system" got it wrong. When i tell you you didn't pay us in march it's because YOU DIDN'T. Oh and i dare you mother fucker, i dare you to get on my phone and disrespect me and ask for favors. I DARE YOUR FAT STUPID ASS to call me up, shout obscenitties, and demand credits for games your down syndrome 6 year old bought on his Sidekick. FUCK THAT. GET BENT. PAY YOUR FUCKING BILL AND THANK KARMA YOUR AREN'T A STARVING LITTLE AFRICAN BABY NO ONE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT!!! FUCKING AMERICANS!!! JESUS CHRIST!!! Will you all just please kill yourselves so we can write you off already? FUCK.

Posted by: Customer Care Rep :) on May 29, 2009 07:01 AM

Matherfuck t-mobile it wasting our gadamn time i am sick of the shit from t-mobile who ever out ther is getting rip off BY THOSE BICTHES is crazy like a few weeks ago my wife had brouth me a phone from them and it started to mess up i call them rusty matherfuckers and told them what had happened this bicht is going to tell me to buy another one for 350.00 dollars i said no i told her to get me on the phone with the manager she said no i sais bicth i will come up ther and kick you ass the hoe tried me so i came up there and and ack a fool the manager got to fighting and TOLD ME TO TELL EVERYBODY ON HERE HE WAS GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS FOR THIS SO DONT FUCK WITH THEM ANYMORE

Posted by: damarkas on June 16, 2009 06:25 PM

t-mobile suck nearly as much ass as hp

all call centres should be banned or blown up and they should meet us face to face so we can kick the snot out of them when they rip us off

Posted by: wankstain on August 18, 2009 07:44 PM

T-MotherF’in Mobile just billed me a $465.00 this month!! WTF! I had to buy a new phone for i got my shitty razor stolen and i didn't have insurance. Then i got the cheaper silver shitty razor for $115 and a renewed 2 year contract!! (bullshit) Then i went kyaking and got that all wet with salt water. Bought insurance that time around and bought the cheapest nokia at the T-Mobile store. Then i crushed that phone and luckily got it replaced and no further contractual agreement!! THEN I GET MY BILL FOR THIS MONTH FUCKING $465!!!! I know i didn't make that many calls, TEXT MESSAGING!! THOSE FUCKING ASSHOLE WILL FIND ANY LOOP HOLES AND STICK IT TO YA! Like these fuckers need this much money?!?! It's like insurance companies-just milking everyone's money. IT"S ALL A SCAM!

Posted by: DoopedByTMobileTxtMsg on September 3, 2009 10:09 PM

i have had T-mobil service for 3 years and have three lines on it and yes there has been times that i have gotten rude customer service and there has been times that i have been treated with the up most respect there has been charges that i have found on my bill that were not mine and i called and spoke to them and they have always fixed them and yes i also have had a problem with the ins i pay t-mobile for every month that in 3 years i have never had to use but my son lost his phone 4 months ago and i am still trying to get that back and now that i have had to suspend his phone so if found no one could use it and it has taken 4 months to do this they want to cancle his phone and make me pay 200.00 for canceling the phone when that is not what i wanted to do i just want to get my son his phone back so we all have problems with phone services but it is not t-mobils fault on that and it is the fault of the rep that did not do there job just like it was your fault for not asking more questions and your fault for not getting something in writing from t mobile that you dropped of your phones and wanted them canceled out so you can only blame your self no cell phone provider is perfect.

Posted by: heather on October 2, 2009 11:43 PM

I have had horrible experience with T-Mobile. Wish did not get into a contract with them.

Posted by: Farooq on October 3, 2009 05:50 PM

Here is my experience with T-Mobile. Could you please share your thoughts on what I should do now?

July, 2007 - Got T-Mobile postpaid phone service from Sunshine Wireless, 99 Wall Street, Newyork. The merchant promised that the contract is for 6 months.

On December 1, 2007 I left US.

18 March, 2008 - Contacted T-Mobile customer care to enquire whether the service is terminated and informed them that I left US on Dec 1, 2007. I was told that there was a password on the account which I was not at all aware of. No reply from the merchant inspite of repeated communications through emails and telephone.

April 2008 - Upon communicating with Sunshine Wireless, I was told that the service is cancelled.

19 April, 2008 - Contacted T-Mobile Customer Care agent named "xxxxx" (Id: xxxxx) and came to know that there was an amount due for Early Termination Charges. I was not expecting this at all. She gave me the Fax Number 0018133483110 and told me to send document copies that show my journey out of US.

23 April, 2008 - I sent the below documents through fax.
1. Letter with the details of copies attached
2. Flight ticket copy showing my outward journey from US on Dec 01, 2007
3. Visa Stamping and Immigration stamping page
4. Deputation letter from my employer stating the duration of assignment (Jun30,2007 to Dec 16,2007)

13 Oct, 2009 - I came to know that there is a collection charged on my Credit History by T-Mobile.

My request is to waive the Early Termination Fee (as I sent the requested documents) and also remove the remarks in my Credit report.

Note: If required I can provide you the proof for all the communications I mentioned above. I can also provide you the proof that I left the country on Dec 1 (Visa stamping on my Passport.)

Posted by: AnotherVictim on October 18, 2009 01:32 AM

yes i agree 100% that T-mobile sucks. i have a 44.98 plan and i dont remember every paying that amount for my bill. it is always around 60 bucks and they sometimes put on my bill the international calls that i never made and then i have to call and tlk to thier unfriendly and unknowlegable cusotmer service.. i think this was my last month with them.. thier services are unimaginably painful..i give up. have so much other things to take care of then to fix my bills every month.

Posted by: Shamail on January 12, 2010 11:40 PM


I signed up for t-mobile on jan. 1st of 2010 my phones where shipped out that following monday activated on the 5th when they was still in the mail and i didnt get them until the 7th so i have to pay for service from the 5th to the 7th which i didnt even have the phones. Needless to say that the problems didnt stop there. I had the wrong area codes i told the guys on the phone when he did the order that i need 276 well he promised me that is what i would get. I got 540 area codes which is long distance about a hr or two away...I called spoke with a rep that said it would take 24hrs called back the next day on the 8th no request was put in so they had to make a case which would take around 6 days on the 12th my # was changed finally...Then the real problem started they txt. me to tell me that they was going to be taking money out of my acct. cause i was on easypay. I called them and said i was told that i wouldnt have another bill until around feb. They told me that they didnt get the first payment. I said well im a flexpay cust. so in order to start service and get equipment i had to pay you guys and it was took out of my acct. on the 6th for 68.33...They said ok we will fill out a missing payment report it takes 72hrs I called back 3 days later and no it takes 6 days...Needless to say that they put in a request for 70.18 (WRONG AMOUNT)...So now they want me to fax in my formal bank statement with my FULL ACCT. # i dont think so...I canceled my service today...I asked them to put it in for the right amount they said that once a missing payment is put in and they said they couldnt find it that i have to give them the info they need in order for it to be looked into further...So it was there fault they put in the wrong amount but they want me to give them personal info not on there life...I called the dept. i ordered the phone through and they said well we should have took 70.18 and we cant help u....So i didnt call them and start anything with them like some ppl said i wasnt rude didnt cuss or raise my voice...And i did read my contract...SO THAT BLOWS YOUR THEROY ALL TO CRAP!!! PPL that say t-mobile rocks is either


So before you go talking crap plz make sure u understand what is going on...Also make sure that u have had a problem like this before u open your MOUTH!

Posted by: Anita on January 14, 2010 10:34 PM

T Mobile, what a joke; I can't even pull up a copy of my wifes contract on line! WHY? Because, they don't have a copy of it either, all of a sudden, the phone contract changed. Immagine that, well I guess there just like any other fucked up business out there; changing a contract, in the middle of the contract cycle-GO FIGURE! Went from 7pm nights and weekends to 9pm nights and weekends, let me ask, how do you do that? Because, I'm going to start up a phone company myself and do the same thing, why not, I could be rich too. After all, 52 dollers a month bill, went to a 350 doller a month bill, hell that's over a 250 percent mark up! What the hell do they think their selling, GOLD, NOT!!!
By the way, T Mobile--GO FUCK YOURSELF, I'm filing bankruptcy on your 690 doller bill that you sent me. I really hope more people, do the same thing, if 4776 people did the same thing on their T Mobile phone bill (bill must be over 500 dollers to work) then T Mobile would go bankrupt; that's a loss to T Mobile of $ 2,388,000.00, that they cannot afford. DO IT- believe me, they deserve it.
GOOD LUCK T Mobile, your going to need it !!!!!

Posted by: Scott on January 15, 2010 02:26 PM


Posted by: Pierre on January 27, 2010 01:15 PM


Posted by: min tha on January 29, 2010 10:48 PM

I had T-Mobile service until April 2007 when I received a bill with $400 worth of charges I did not make. I called several of the numbers on my bill that I did not recognize and they were not even working numbers.
T-Mobile insisted that I was liable for the calls I never made. I immediately cancelled my service and paid for the calls I actually made. They sent me to collections. I still get a call from a collection agent every few months.

Posted by: Ed Davis on January 31, 2010 10:56 PM

never again with T-mobile Nightmare, i can't believe i was Treated like a Kid by the so called Fonesafe, they insure the Mobiles from T-mobile, complete Nightmare. don't trust these Fools to much Trouble you'll end up crazy my nightmare Below short Version.

just becareful you'll end up probably without a Mobile and you've had the 100% right to claim but get turned down

i Broke my Mobile by ACCIDENT yes that's right ACCIDENT sorry for the capital letters. so i did a cliam and they told me it didn't approve OMG what the Hell. they said it's my fault because i ran down the street and the phone feel out of my Pocket OKKKKKKKK WTF IT'S AN ACCIDENT RIGHT AND THEY SAID IT'S MY FAULT ARE THEY HAVING A LAUGH MAYBE

i'm really confused now and ain't sure what to do should i take them to court ??

Posted by: steve on February 1, 2010 03:01 PM

Everyone who has a complaint file it with the Better Business Bureau, that way it's on file and the more they get the more it hurts. We got Phones last April a one year 1 phone contract they even had us pay for 3g sim card upgrade on phone that wasn't 3g called and complained then they sent out new phones and found out few months later when they sent phones they CHANGED our contract from 1 phone 1 year to 2 phones 2 years and raised the rates that were on the signed contract. Have filed 2 complaints with BBB and the first one their response was an outright lie and BBB kept there the complaint didn't drop it like T-M wanted. Their own terms and conditions state that if changes are made to your account by them that you have 14 days to get out of contract without a early termination fee unfortunately for anyone this happens too they then say what your situation doesn't apply here. T-mobile sucks! and to top it off if your a NEW customer now you can get plans with no contracts, WTF how about the existing customers keep getting raped by bogus charges shit service and shit phones! Fuck you T-mobile and your terms and conditions

Posted by: Bob B on February 15, 2010 11:37 AM

Yes FUCK T-Mobile!!! I was a customer since OmniPoint. I use my cellphone very lightly and my monthly bill is typically well below $100. Then last month I got charged $340! I looked at the bill and there is a $306 charge for 20MB of internet usage, which I NEVER made. Called customer service, got transferred 3 times and talked to 4 persons. Every single one of them just tries to come up with all kinds of excuses for the charge. Needless to say, they won't get a single penny from me from now on. FUCK YOU T-MOBILE!!!

Posted by: GS on February 18, 2010 02:40 AM

I work for tmobile and i hate them prob more then u do.. but i knw for a fact that all phone calls are registered to your sim card.. so if the calls were made and match the sim card number on your account then u or someone else made them..you think your the first to say " i didnt do it" oh i see sir so the ghost next to you did it then.. dude really we get 100s of calls every day with the same story.. and like i said i hate this company but thats another story.. just stating the facts.. oh and im sure if your wouldnt have been an asshole to the person you were talking with you might have got some of it back just words of advice use common manners it works thanks..

Posted by: bud on February 22, 2010 05:24 AM

Yeah stupid people like you think computers never make mistakes. Oh yeah you are so smart that you know it must be the customer being an asshole when they don't get some back.

Posted by: GS on February 28, 2010 09:37 PM

I had 3 T-mobile phones, that i got with a free 30 day trial, I returned them because they was defected, and charges where on there that never were done. I went to return them but they reject saying i had to pay $35 re-sheleving each as well as a fee of $200 each to have the phones plans cancelled. So i said f-this and I left the phones on their counter. Now 4 months later I get a bill of $1189 stating I owe them that so I called the customer service and they contacted the store I got it from. one lady there said the phones where returned before the 30 day trial was over so they where going to take off most of the money. I was willing to pay the reshelving fee but nothing more. The next time we called we wanted to know why the bill was still $1189, we asked where the lady was he said he's not sure if shes there. but then out of nowhere he said that the phones weren't returned and that another one was given which was jack-sh*t. He is lieing thru his teeth and trying to get as much money he can. when the phones where returned, he never shut them off or reported that they were returned. he is a conartist trying to rip people off. so now I'm going to be stuck paying #1189 in a bill that should not of been becasue of the manager of T-mobile at the Oakdale mall in johnson city NY. So T-mobile is nothing but con-artists, lieing, theveing, business man ripping people off. T-mobile sucks and anyone who does have one get rid of the plans before it happens to you. They are no good.

Posted by: Christopher on March 13, 2010 09:35 AM

I just paid a $380 phone bill with t-mobile. I went over "my minutes" by 300 minutes and I was charged $190 on top of my already high bill. The only way for me to not do this is to remember on a regular basis to check how many minutes I have used - but how easy would it be for t-mobile to just send a warning via text message when I got close? It would be so easy, so possible, practically cost nothing, but they don't do that and never would even though they can because they want me to go over so they can charge $.40/minute. To cancel my contract I have to pay $400 because I have 2 people on my plan. This is ridiculous - why is this industry is allowed to get away with such abuse? And the whole time I was trying to pay my bill talking to the t-mobile rep, she kept complaining that she couldn't hear me, that I should call back on another phone because the reception was too bad - and it was the t-mobile phone!!!

Posted by: Sarah on March 23, 2010 03:08 PM

I've been a Tmobile customer for five years. I've never once been charged more than I should have. If you wouldve paid closer attention to your account, and the exact details of everything.. You wouldn't have gone over and been charged so much.

And yes, you're being hard on your wife. It's your job as the husband to handle these things. You put your wife down, and call her dumb.. but you didn't even review the contract when she came home..

Posted by: Dave on April 1, 2010 07:28 PM

T-mobile screwed me big time!! I am in the military and currently deployed. I had my phone suspended in october and the rep said that once I paid the balance of 98 dollars that the phone would be re-activated. No problem right? wronge!! I tried to log onto my account online and it said that is was cancelled. I called and they said that it was sent to a collection agency. I just paid the 374.90$ bill and they said that they could not re-activate my account because it was cancelled for too long. This is how T-Mobile treats the U.S. Military? Now when I get home my wife can't even call me because she is on her deployment and my phone won't be on. this company sucks ass

Posted by: HM3 Chapman on April 2, 2010 12:22 AM

Okay, I feel better about my frustrations with tmobile since I've read these posts. About a year ago, I called so that I would not have my contract renew. I had not had any problems with them, I justed wanted a company that was more compatable with my mobile usage. The phone rep was great and I ended up signing up for two more years. The sony ericsson I got was crap. I ended up sending it back and they sent me a new one (my mistake, I left my memory card in the phone... can't blame that one on them).
The replacement for the defective phone was defective. After trouble shooting many times because the phone would malfunction yet again, I let them know that I would just like a different brand of phone. Sure, if I sign another two years with them. No, I don't think I'm ready to extend my commitment. I've been communicating with them for over a year regarding this phone. It seems to me that they'd rather see their customers that were loyal go to another company than to just admit that the product they sold was garbage. During this period of trying to resolve the problem, I've noticed that they take their time answering "live chat"... I assume they want you to give up and just go away. I've been hung up on by an associate (called back about 10 minutes later and they weren't able to find a record of the call in their computer, but I do write down names EVERY conversation). I can't say I HATE tmobile, but I used to feel that customer service was much more important to them. I've been treated as though my years as a customer are nothing and that they could care less that I will go to another company as soon as my contract is over.
By the way.... if you're still going to get a plan with tmobile, call 877-453-8824 and see if you qualify for a discount due to your job. They'll give you a discount (only on the text portion of your bill, but that's better than nothing), but you must renew your two year contract. I'd rather pay full price than to extend my contract.
I have dealt with some great reps who I didn't feel were patronizing me, but some serious jerks.
If you hate your job, if you hate the company you work for, if you hate people and just can't hide it..... don't be a customer service rep. Just because somebody needs your assistance with an issue, does not mean that person is an idiot or a jerk. Treat us with a little bit of decency. The posts on this forum from tmobile employees absolutely disgust me and I am so glad that (so far) I have talked 7 people out of considering tmobile for cellular service. I will do my best to increase the number as much as possible.

Posted by: frustrated on April 13, 2010 01:08 AM

I switched to T-Mobile after 2 years as a customer of Verizon. This happened with the release of the Android-enabled G-1. I signed up for the MyFavs plan, and was on my way with my wonderful new smart phone.

Along with the inconvenient bugs in the Andoid O/S cropping up at the worst times, I have also noticed that more of my calls are suddenly dropped with T-Mobile.

I am a light user. That is: In the 15 months I have been with T-Mobile, most of those months resulted in surplus hours absorbed by the contract since T-Mobile does not offer rollover minutes. I haven't overstepped my usage, and their network has not incurred the load.

Things changed in the most recent billing cycle. I went over my amount of allocated hours, and received a bill of roughly $340 (as opposed to the ~$78 bill I receive for doing too little on their network).

I called them in hopes that they would consider my loyalty and low load on their system and offer me a break, and experienced a chain of representatives who became more and more hostile as the chain progressed. They were able to knock $30 off this bill in hopes of preserving my loyalty, but only after repeated efforts to sign me up for something more expensive, or to stretch out my payments of the existing bill further.

I am not saying that T-Mobile acted outside the scope of the contract. It is my own fault for not being aware that every call to my voicemail was costing $.90, that I was paying for calls received, and that I had used up the minutes allocated to me early on in the contract.

What I am saying is that certain characteristics such as rollover minutes, the ability to add your voicemail to your favs, and a deeper knowledge of service recovery, are noticeably absent from the T-Mobile business model.

The way T-Mobile conducts its business does not reflect the way I do business in my family. Some will say a deal is a deal, but those who do are typically okay with burning bridges for the sake of the dollar at hand. On the other hand, I understand that people make mistakes, and tend to be forgiving when good people screw up - at least the first time they do.

The money in my pocket is not the issue here. Rather, this is a matter of principle. T-Mobile understands that I made a mistake after months of paying full price for minimal usage, and they grudgingly offered me a small break while eagerly awaiting payment for their large bill. I will pay the bill, and then some...

At this point in my contract, it will only cost me $100 to break the contract and go elsewhere. Like I said, the money in my pocket is not an issue. Instead of sticking around for 6 more months and saving a little money(as long as I closely monitor my usage and ensure it is within the minutes allocated for the billing cycle), I am going to pay the $100, terminate the contract, and swear off T-Mobile as a prospective service provider for myself and my family.

T-Mobile's business ethic does not reflect my values as a person whose money is the lifeblood of large corporations. They have failed to alleviate this situation by focusing strictly on this month's bill and by ignoring my history of low network load, consistent payment of bills, and loyalty to them as a service provider. The guarantee on my part is that this final payment will represent the last dollars anybody in my family will ever contribute towards the success of T-Mobile. I hope they spend them wisely. I hope they consider hiring an executive capable of recognizing the value of an enthusiastically loyal client base. Actually, I don't care what they do. My contributions will be gone for good.

Posted by: Keith on June 6, 2010 08:09 PM

oh my god. i hate t mobile too! its 5:26 in the morning and i haven't slept yet. they charge me 386.50 for the calls i didnt make. SCREW THEM!!!

Posted by: I hate T mobile on June 13, 2010 08:29 AM

hey, i feel the same way! they shut off my service because i was ten dollars short on my bill!!! I am so annoyed with them and i am switching because my two year contract is up with them in a couple of weeks, FUCK YOU T-MOBILE.

Posted by: Thalia on June 13, 2010 12:34 PM

Get THIS!! - Been with Tmobile for 7 years. Called in about a year ago and got 2 new 3G phones and a contract that costs $120/month. Told the rep that we wanted insurance for these $500 phones. He said "ok" and we sealed the deal. A couple months later my wife noticed that the camera lense (cover) on her phone is cracked. No problem, right? WRONG! Called Tmobile and they have no record of our request for insurance. We didn't notice that they didn't add the insurance, because the first several months included payments for the phones, 3G, etc... and they talked us into automatic billing (paperless) so we had no details. We just knew that the amounts they were pulling from our checking account matched what the rep told us they'd be. Even online- there is NOT a section that says "Insurance - NONE" or anything like that. If you don't have insurance, it simply doesn't show up online. I asked them to check their recordings of our conversation with the rep (since they say "this call may be recorded...") but you guessed it.. they claim they didn't record it. Bottom line- my wife has a defective camera on her phone for the next 18 months (when the contract expires)... or we can pay $179 to have it fixed. We do believe that the rep did not add the insurance to our deal, but we figured they could at least replace the $2 lense cover for us... nope-- after speaking with a supervisor, they still told us we are screwed. This is after being a Tmobile customer for 7 years!! Guess how much longer we will be Tmobile customers... 18 months- not a month longer!!

Posted by: PET on June 19, 2010 01:44 PM

I told t-mobile several times to change me to an unlimited plan. today I look and it never happened and my bill has $600 worth of overages. in this day and age of unlimited everything to even charge overages is ridiculous. I asked them about it and got a lot of run around and excuses. I have been their customer for over 7 years and it seems they are willing to lose my business over their inability to document my request for change. I am severely disappointed and will tell everyone I know to avoid t-mobiel at all costs. if they remedy this problem i will be sure to notate that as well.

Posted by: cassidy armstrong on June 29, 2010 01:34 PM

Have had the same experience with T-Mobile (this is a post from 2010 for those of you who think they have cleaned up their act) I cannot get coverage in my own apartment. They send "techs" out who say they can get coverage but after calling and calling them and complaining, they still wont let me loose without the blood money cancellation fees. My family comes to visit who have ATT and they get coverage inside my place but not me. I have to go out and sit in my car if I want to make a phone call with T-Mobile....

Same problems with the 400 dollar plus bills for nothing. Ive about had it with them. The 200 cancellation fees are better than the 400 bills for nothing..

Posted by: TOM on June 29, 2010 03:39 PM

Wow, i had no idea so many people were as unhappy as me with TM. We have been with them for many years and today I'm done. I can not begin to list all my complaints and many hours on the phone spent with them. Today one last ditch effort and for all my whoas with them, their offer: a 1 yr contract and a cheap phone for free. or 49.99.... the same offer they offer new customers on the web. I made it to the supervisor of the supervisor in customer loyalty dept (they dont want u to know about that dept). they dont care anymore. I went through all that mess and time and loss with the sidekick outage in 09 and now even though TM knows about the hardware problems with the sidekick 08 and the slide. ... well their attitude is too bad just buy a new phone and renew your contract. I dont think so. Im done. Im moving to Sprint and as soon as my hubbys contract is up with TM,, im moving him. Its sad because at one time they truly did have good customer service. Those days are gone. I had to beg for a 50.00 credit for paying for a service i have not been able to use for over a month. My sidekick is dead. They have record of that and i had to beg for a credit and spend hours on the phone??!! Unfortunately, I will be without a phone for a while (thanks TM) until i can gather up enough money for a new phone and all the upfront expenses of moving to another carrier. And, what makes it really hard, is that my daughter is hearing impaired and its our way of communicating and im going out of town this week. Her sidekick slide,,,, well its just about dead too.. there isnt any backup service left for the sidekicks. So if you are out there and have a sidekick,,, let go and let go of TM... they will not make it right. They pulled them off the market because they know they have hardware issues but wont make it right by their customers. Goodbye TM which i left with good feelings but I have none left.

Posted by: Connie W on July 15, 2010 01:44 PM

bought a t mobile pre paid phone. i live in canada and dont use it often. so i buy a large amount of minutes that are good for one year, because i dont use it for 3 months, they cancel the # and the account- re cap- the minutes are good for one year but they cancel the account after 90 days! and they have no record of me or my payments, now im going through my credit card co

Posted by: eddy on July 23, 2010 09:57 PM

Tmobile ripped me off too big time!!! My contract was ending in two months and my phone was broken under warranty they were obligated to give me another one!! So after they sent me one in the mail my broken phone gets stolen!!! So when i get my phone to replace the broken phone they tell me i have to send the other phone back which i cant because my last phone was stolen. So after i send the new phone back they tell me that phone is broken and they charged me for the phone i never got to use even once. I hope these people die. Dont ever get tmobile they will rape you like a catholic priest!!! They appear to be nice fair people but when you turn your back they treat your wallet like they do your child in Sunday school. If all these complaints and the news articles of class action lawsuits aren't enough then you and tmobile deserve each other!!!!

Posted by: tmobile sucks on July 27, 2010 06:10 PM

tmobile sucks and whoever put that they have awesome service sucks alot of dick too. there customer service sucks, they dont help you with shit. fuck u tmobile, fuck u tmobile and fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk u tmobile, here is there corporate number if anyone needs it 1 800 318 9270

Posted by: ss on July 30, 2010 03:55 PM

Tmobile sucks an ass for 6 wks my phone calls were totally inaudible thought its was my phone so I had them send me a new one, problem still persists so they tell me switch sim card so I do that still had the problem so it dawns on me its the sucky network. I called every day and they had the audacity to tell me "you use 1900 mind last months" implying my phone couldn't have been too messed up. I told that smart mouth witch I have an unlimited talk plan I could have talked 10000mins if the service wasn't a piece of shit.

Posted by: anon on August 19, 2010 06:26 PM

TMOBILE is the biggest scam artist. I lost a previous phone and called customer service to talk about my options for a new phone. i decided on a phone i liked, but BEFORE we confirmed my new phone purchase and contract extension- the line was disconnected. i never called back. the next day i found a better deal with a different carrier so i ordered a phone through them. one week later i receive a TMOBILE phone that i never ordered.the moron customer service rep told me that i was screwed and had to pay for the shipping of the phone plus a nonrefundable equipment charge! F_*K TMOBILE. Never pay them another dime.

Posted by: Maurice on August 26, 2010 06:17 PM

T-Mobile is a shame for this country. i came here recently and didn't know about how terrible is T-Mobile, got one of their plan. and now really disappointed with their service. believe me mobile service in most of undeveloped countries are much much better than what i experienced with T-Mobile.
please print this page and give to all new comers to US in airport or in front of T-Mobile stores. you can find volunteer for this surely.

Posted by: Ehsan on August 27, 2010 03:34 PM

Tmobile is a fucking thief! I hope some day they are caught with all their fucking bogus charges. I hope their fucking company dies and never comes back. FUCK TMOBILE

Posted by: RUth on September 11, 2010 12:28 AM

to the people saying that tmobile is so fucking great why do you come here to say it. does tmobile pay you to suck their dicks?

Posted by: RUth on September 11, 2010 12:54 AM

Hahahahahahaha @ these adults bad-mouthing TMobile bcuz u exceeded ur minutes included in ur plan! Lmao! Ummm u have ample ways to check ur minutes and avoid overages. Remember, TMobile along w/ every other cell phn provider in the world is a FOR-PROFIT company. TMobile is not ur parents and are not to be held responsible for ur irresponsibility. Of course, they want to show value to their customers however they can't give it ALL away. Its not just YOU that's ASKING for something, its millions of other customers as well. Lmao! Do u all call ur electric companies asking for credit since u rarely turned ur lights on this month? LMFAO! Be adults......please.....use ur heads.....LMAO! Dummies.

Posted by: realist on September 12, 2010 12:29 AM

If everyone wants to sit here an complain then do so, but if you want to do something about it like I do, then let me know, you can email me at [removed - no solicitations - Digger] I work for a website company and I am going to create a website directly for people who have had a bad experience with T-Mobile, complete with ads and stories, they will be sent to the appropriate place where something can be done, all donations are welcome to help fund this website, We will get the word out, T-Mobile is currently tanking and they know it, we can help them go out of business, currently Verizon is beating them out and T-Mobile is sweating it, please send any donations so we can get this site up as soon as possible. Thanks in advance, any support is appreciated.

Posted by: Vince on September 18, 2010 04:35 AM

I was thinking about switching to T-Mobile for a while now due to their cheaper plans.

I have Verizon with 450 minutes and unlimited Text. I pay my bill each month, which is the same every month, and I always check every week or so to ensure that I haven't gone over. No problems, no hassles, just service. I can seriously not imagine having the same sort of deal with anyome else, including T-Mobile.

All of the complaints I am reading stem from irresponsible customers with bad attitudes. If you even remotely "think" that you will go over your limit, get a bigger limit! Those who have horrible customer service experiences are just looking for a way to get something for nothing.

Quit complaining, lose the diapers you're wearing and learn how cell phone plans work.

Posted by: Tony on September 21, 2010 11:53 AM

to the tmobile reps: how many of you actually have tmobile as your carrier?
and i dont believe the customer has any obligations of "courtesy" to the reps wen they really ARE being charged for things they dont ask for on their plan, and since they have had no other option but to pay the charges or have their credit ruined; the money should be courtesy enough for you guys.and you guys are just customer care people,you just work for the company and do whats a part of the fucking job description, so just because your manager or supervisor says theres nothing the company can do about it, that doesnt mean its true. tmobile, just like any big business or company always has its scams. you dont really know wats going on between all the big reps and executives of the company, so dont talk like you own the fucking thing you just work for them nd get paid for it.shutup nd put yourself in the shoes of the people that ARENT making up these stories(who would make shit up like that?it makes no sense) and who are having to pay for the shitty service and phones, and get a grip on the reality of the companies you work for.

btw i think the most ridiculous thing this crap company does is charge $200, probably more than the average person's bill, just to cancel it. fuck off. i hope tmobile just blows up.

Posted by: screwed over on September 23, 2010 09:16 PM

We just cancelled with TMobile to go to Sprint - (GREAT service and customer service btw) and because we didn't give TMobile a 30 day notice we were leaving they are charging us for a month's service... we were with them for 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never late - good customers.. REALLY??? so we're telling every one we talk to how horrible they are ... - customer service was horrible and frustrating.... we were just lazy and didn't change sooner.. our bad!! Oh and Yeah... talking with the cs guy... NOT a TMobile user... SURPRISE!!!

Posted by: Boycott TMobile on September 25, 2010 03:47 PM

so yesterday my mom told me we were getting at&t.. i called tmobile and asked how much it costs to terminate your service..she told me $200 per phone number! thats $800!! when they suck, all my calls gett dropped. my phone always says no sim. and ive gone through 3 of the same phone already, because none of them have worked. im honestly so done. i wanna call the news too. i just might.

Posted by: nicole on October 12, 2010 10:47 PM

I used to work for t-mobile when I was younger.99.99% of the aholes yelling at me just didn't want to take responsibility for their own charges. Sure T mobile tries to upsell crap you don't need. Just don't get it.

Posted by: Ian on October 13, 2010 10:48 AM

Yes, TMobile most certainly does steal from customers. Recently they have stolen money from me. While claiming that they do not have the funds and telling my bank to "release the funds back to me". Meanwhile my bank tells them, yes you most certainly do have the funds, we sent them to you and we are not going to "release the funds", you are going to send return the fund to us and then we will release them to her. TMobile "is most definitely investigating this matter". Yeah right. Well, when they decide not to give me back the money, my bank plans to file a charge back and take it.

Posted by: Kelly on January 23, 2011 12:07 PM

I have been a t mobile customer since probably 2003. I have been fucked over numerous times by my carrier so I figured why not fuck them back :-) I have gotten t mobile to give me countless free phones. I will fill you all in on how to fuck your carrier.
1. Wear your ovaries on the outside you fuckin pussies!
2. Anytime you have a complaint sound calm but stern while speaking to your cs rep.
3. When they wont give you what you want tell them to transfer your call to the cancelations department. These people have the power to give free phones and credit your account unlike the first rep you spoke with.
4. Tell the cancelations rep that you want your specifoc problem fixed or you'll cancel all your phone lines and not pay them a god dam cent you dont give two shits about your credit score.
5. Everytime I have done this I got exactly what I wanted. But do not be afraid to have your bluff called. These cock suckers have called my bluff multiple times and I simply tell them cancel all my lines and I aint paying you shit. The cancelation rep usually gives you exactly what you want once they realize you'll cancel and stiff them on the bill.

Like I said before i've been fucked over by my carrier a few times but I just gave you a giant rubber dick to fuck them back. If for some reason you cant get what you want by following the steps listed above grows some balls and actually cancel the cell phone plan and stiff them for the bill just like you said. I have been a t mobile customer since 2003 and never once have I actually gotten to cancel my lines because the cancelation reps gave me what I wanted. But I stand ready with my giant rubber dick waiting for the moment they dont fix the problem at hand. The lesson to be learned here is "act like a pussy get fucked like one" I hope this post helps all you poor pussies gettin fucked. And to all you t mobile employees defending your company on here fuck you....your next in line to get fucked by my giant rubber dick! By the way thanks for the free samsung vibrant you gave me without having an upgrade ;-)

Posted by: Chris on March 12, 2011 12:34 AM

my story with tmobile started in aug 2009, when I came the usa as international student I didn't have a whole a lot of choices since I didn't have a social card and no credit. my friend propose to add me to his familly plan and pay him or online using my own password and stuff, cuz I always like to be indendent. I accepted, as I said I had no choices (I which I never did). I got a free phone and a plan of 450 min. for $59 at that time.
Shit happened with my friend, I moved to california and he stayed in new york. I use to if a have any issue to call the customer service and they ask me for a password (which he gave me in order if i wanted to makes changes in my plan or solve billing issue and so on) i give it to them, and they can make any changes or verify the billing and anything else. however in last four month he changes the password for some reasons, and the customer representative won't do anything unless she have that Fuc****** password. Now they are charging me an extra $50 almost every month and there is really nothing to do about it . my Fu**** friend (NEVER RELY ON ANYONE, BE FU**** INDEPENDENT) has changed his address, phone number.....
what the fuck Im supposed to do in this case , do I still pay this fuc**** bills and the extra 50-$60 dollars every month. T-mobile is sucks, they won't transfer the account, they can't pull up my account information unless he gave them authorization. Who the fu** is paying those bills me or him ???? it's me!!!

I hate tmobile, don't do it , don't do it ,

Posted by: bob on April 23, 2011 01:09 AM

Ok... So We decide to find a new carrier and fancy web phones. We go to T mobile and the guy is so friendly and helpful of course he wants our sale. Immediately we start having problems with one of the phones, drops calls, no signal constantly, can't send anything or receive anything on time. All calls go to voice mail. I contact them, they do their tech checking and say it must be a defective phone. So they send me a new one! Same bullshit..So I call them back.... they replace the sims card. Same bullshit...but a bit better, so hubby replaces his sims card per the tech we called yet again. When in the store JEREMY the lovely DICKWAD that sold us the phones was rude and tells us OH YEAH IF YOU LIVE ANYWHERE BETWEEN Town 1 and town 2 your probably struggling to keep your service... YOU WAIT TIL NOW TO TELL US THAT but you couldn't tell us when we bought the phones. What a DOUCHEBAG! Now after 2 emergencies where my husband couldn't get through to me. We have decided to demand dropped from our so called contract. SO I call them, again the RUN around by CRAIG, Oh I can't do that a Customer RELATIONS tech will have to waive that fee for you. So gives me an address in NM to write too (YOUR A FUCKING PHONE COMPANY AND THEY DONT HAVE ACCESS TO EMAIL OR PHONES IN NM APPARENTLY)FOUND SOME NUMBERS ON THE INTERNET FOR CUSTOMER RELATIONS SO I BLOW UP THEIR VOICEMAIL COS THAT's ALL YOU CAN GET, if you do get a LIVE person they immediately send you to VOICEMAIL!!! SO I call and leave messages all over the place. 2 days later STEPHANIE someone I didn't even call returns my call to LEAVE ME A MESSAGE. I return her call.. no response. finally I keep calling and finally get her. I am nice and heated by the time she tells me there is nothing she can do because we didn't cancel our service in the 14 days after we purchased the phones. UMM ya stupid bitch they were SENDING ME A NEW PHONE that TOOK 10 fucking DAYS!!!!SO.. she informs me not only will we have to pay the bill on the 1st of AUGUST but that it's 200$ cancellation fee PER PHONE. She also states that I was LYING ABOUT having service because there were minutes used in each month. I graciously informed her that 1/2 the fucking time I wasn't in my HOME when those calls were made. She said it didn't matter that obviously I did have service. I think her last words were "HAVE A NICE DAY" and MINE WERE "FUCK YOU". I hope TMOBILE representatives sleep well at night knowing they FUCK Us time and time again. I have contacted the BBB, FCC, Attorney Generals office and put complaints in all over the place. I have no intentions on PAYING THEM ANOTHER FUCKING DIME!!!! THEY CAN FUCK OFF...I OWN A HOUSE, 2 CARS and WHATEVER ELSE I need... DO YOU REALLY THINK YOUR LITTLE DING ON MY MOTHER FUCKING CREDIT REPORT WILL AMOUNT TO A HILL OF SHIT!!! SO... TAKE YOUR 179.00 + 400.00 and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: SHERRY on July 29, 2011 02:12 AM

Long Story short.. Lost phone one day and called them the next day (literally), only 2 find that someone found it and made international calls. These charges ranked up 2 $468 to Kingston Jamacia...Ya man... I told them bastards NICELY 2 look at my account: As long as i HAD the dame service i bearly even made calls out side of my state! I hanged up and called back numerous times only 2 hear the same bull shit that it's against their policy

FUCK Tmobile!!! They some ol mark ass hoes.. wit all them new banners and commercials nshit when they service suck ass.

Posted by: Tah on August 12, 2011 04:42 PM

I guess I'll add my T-Mobile horror story. Been a LONG time customer for 7 years. 2 lines, 1 plan, unlimited my faves and 1000 Anytime, unlimited nights/wkends. My bills have always been around $120/mo. Last bill I got was $255! How can that be? I am a massage therapist, I work at a chiropractic clinic. I have proof/appts of my massage clients from work. I had calls made that I DID NOT MAKE during times of my massage. My phone was on silent mode in the room with me. Again, I DID NOT MAKE ANY CALLS WHILE I WAS DOING MASSAGE THERAPY. Also, many many calls were supposedly answered by my phone from NUMBER UNAVAILABLE multiple times per day.... I do not and have never answered by any number that does not have caller ID. Again, I DO NOT ANSWER CALLS EVER FROM UNKNOWN CALLERS. Funny too that my other line (my husband's) also had those calls for which HE NEVER ANSWERS either. AND..... about 6 weeks ago, when I backed up my numbers to SIM, I would get in RANDOM times, DUPLICATE UPON DUPLICATE texts from T MOBILE (143) saying MY CONTACT FAVES HAVE BEEN REFRESHED. I did not understand why I would get at least 7 texts, all about a minute apart and I NEVER did anything to My Faves! I was in fact shopping at Target when I kept hearing my text ringer going like crazy. It was annoying to say the least but since I didn't feel like putting up with the bs of calling up customer support I ignored. I also got MULTIPLE TEXTS from my husbands cell phone of the exact same text and his showed up only sent once. Hmmmmmm???? My bill shows DUPLICATE/TRIPLICATE/QUADRUPLE PLUS+++++++ of the SAME NUMBER that I made but NEVER CALLED BACK over and over again, minute after minute.... seriously, I have 20+ numbers of my husband's line showing up on the same day at 7:09,7:11,7:12,7:12,7:13,7:14,7:14,7:15,7:16,7:16,7:16, etc... ok you get the picture? and YES that was not a typo but I am got charged multiple times for the SAME TIME!!!! This is a very long list of different numbers. It's like I kept calling back over and over and over and over and over again. I've had my share of dropped calls with T Mobile but never more than once or twice in a conversation. Certainly I would remember if a call dropped 20 times during a conversation on multiple days in a billing cycle! WTF? My monthly bills last six months: 3/5-4/4 $125.22, 4/5-5/4 $120.22, 5/5-6/4 $145.02, 6/5-7/4 $122.24, 7/5-8/4 $295.26 (There was a credit of $39.88 for whatever reason. 8/5-9/4 $132.68. Except I didn't pay the last two bills UNTIL I SPEAK TO AN ACTUAL SUPERVISOR WHO IS WILLING TO GO THROUGH THIS LINE BY LINE, PAGE BY PAGE. Until then, TMobile will not get a red cent from me. I called customer service week ago Friday, (I HATE their automated system!!!!!!!!) Explained situation, was put on hold forever and then so conveniently the line "dropped". Called back, was told a supervisor would return my call after Monday (Labor Day). NO CALL from anyone at TMobile on Tuesday. Called Wed, explained situation (again) and was put on hold..... line "dropped" AGAIN!!! Called back at this point irritated but never used foul language once. Service Rep kept "breaking up" really bad (even though I was outside), line "dropped" yet again! Had to go into work and do three massages, no time to call back, this has to wait another day. Called back Thursday, asked to speak to a supervisor, informed her I had been waiting since Tues. She wouldn't transfer me, saying she had "supervisor privileges". Repeated my problem a third time and all she said was "if it's on the bill, it was made from your phone....PERIOD!!!!!!!!!) Now, I'm getting pissed off and again asked for a SUPERVISOR. Was put on hold, then another "sister" (no pun intended) informed me she was the supervisor. I EXPLAINED EVERYTHING A 4th TIME! Her response? "If it's on the bill, you made it, all these extra minutes are from the OTHER LINE, whoever uses that cell phone is using up the minutes." What about the endless pages of detail bill showing the same number 20 times in a row? "You must of did that". What about the duplicate upon duplicate texts? "Thats not the issue, you have unlimited texts" What about all the NUMBER UNAVAILABLE calls that were done MULTIPLE TIMES for SEVERAL MINUTES on each of my lines? It came from your phone". I said "so it's IMPOSSIBLE for your system to make any MISTAKES WHATSOEVER? She says "YES IT IS". End of Story.... Pay your $388.06 u owe us now. Funny thing is, my online account lists 529 conflicts under Mobile Life in my contacts. Same contacts r listed anywhere from 2 to 20 times in a row.... gee can this be a related problem? And I quote from your pop up when I press the HELP under *Mobile Life* under my account, "YOU MAY HAVE POTENTIAL DUPLICATE INFORMATION STORED WITHIN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK DUE TO SYNCHRONIZATION ISSUES W/DEVICES THAT MAY ONLY SUPPORT A > FIELD (E.G. JOHN JOHN DOE) PRIOR TO MERGING ANY CONTACTS, A PRELIMINARY CLEAN UP PROCESS WILL BE PERFORMED. ANY DUPLICATE INFO REMOVED DURING THIS PROCESS IS PERMANENT AND CANNOT BE UNDONE"
TO THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS AT T-MOBILE.... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WHAT WONDERFUL HELP AND SERVICE YOU GIVE TO YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMER OF 7+ YEARS. P.S. FUCK YOU!!! I'M LEAVING YOUR STUPID CORPORATE ASSES AND SWITCHING TO A CARRIER THAT USED TO BE LIKE YOU. AND I DON'T FUCKING CARE WHEN YOU THREATEN TO SEND ME TO COLLECTIONS AND RUIN MY CREDIT, WHATS RIGHT IS RIGHT AND WHATS WRONG IS WRONG. YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!!! If any victims of T-Mobile's incompetent customer service, lack of care and so forth, would like to start a class action lawsuit, let me know, we really need to band together to get all our voices heard. Power in numbers. Don't let these bastards ruin our credit! I am a professional therapist and career woman, I do not deserve, nor does anybody else, need to be treated like scum of the Earth. I did not fucking lie about my calls, all my history of call usage and payments check out and if someone would actually do some work at your office, can see something happened when my contacts got synchronized, generating multiple names with the same number, thus creating multiple calls on the same date and times (or a minute apart) and texts. But your "SUPERVISOR" IS TOO LAZY TO CHECK INTO IT. Great staff there. I applaud you.

Posted by: Jody on September 10, 2011 11:37 PM

You are a first class moron with anger issues. First off, you bitch, whine and moan, then tell us about how you cursed out TMobile AND your wife, then proceed to tell us you won't go into the details of your $400 fees, but are requesting that others simply up and cancel their contracts with TMobile (wich is clearly to appease your ludacrousy) even though any of us who are contracted would incur this same cancellation fee! Tell us EXACTLY what your fees were for, because we all know that ALL phone carriers operate the same when it comes to billing and those hidden fees, and that it is all explained in the fine print, as well as in the brochures and online at their websites, that those fees are not for something you "did not make", but in fact you did and just don't know it. ALL PHONE Read the fine print, gat the monthly fees stated, including taxes, and the cost of the handset/s prior to signing the contract. Then, after you do sign up and receive your phones with plan/s, immediately gon online to their website and create an account where you can monitor your usage and billing. You have 14 days (in most cases) to cancel it all. And you can always drop any extra feature/s that are not in your contracted plan.

Your way of handling business will never get you anywhere, and I hope your wife doesn't tolerate your yelling either! You are more than a bully, you are also ignorant by choice.

Posted by: That person on September 30, 2011 02:23 PM

Ha, I guess this is just a website to bitch on just because you can.

The post before mine reads as if she thinks T-Mobile is reading this, which I doubt they are. I'd like to point out that as a T-Mo customer, I've had a few beefs with them as well. But none about issues as described on this site. In fact, I was simply googling a question about an air card that, strangely, lead me to this website.

Anyway, to the massage therapist's post before mine: I hope you know that your phone usage is done automatically by computer, and that the phone reps cannot alter your bill like that. And yes, it is impossible, so to say, for their system to make that mistake. But, perhaps any one, or more, of your clients used your phone/s without your consent, or found a way to use your number to place calls. You don't really define your problem in any manner that one can fully ascertain your situation, other than to get that you are angry, and how poorly you treated those reps. And yes, some of the reps can be obnoxious, but you were also claiming to be obnoxious yourself. If you want your issues looked into you have to be more patient.

You need to make better documentation and write it all down so that you can compose it in a letter to T-Mobile. Stick with just the actual billing facts and leave out things like, "another sister", "I was really pissed", and any other remarks you wouldn't say publically - like if we all knew your name, address and face. You know what I mean? No wonder you are so pissed when you can't even control your own temper. You make it happen. It's like you even shoot the messenger. You must give one hell of a massage when you are pissed, but I'd still be scared of you with that kind of anger.

I think there is way more to your story here, because what you attempt to describe is just off the wall absurd. I have not ever experienced -- not in my 12 years of being with T-Mobile, have I ever experienced this type of situation. It doesn't even make sense. You need to look a bit deeper within your monthly bills to see your billing problems. I wish you luck toward any resolution.

Posted by: whattheheck on September 30, 2011 03:27 PM

Whoever said T-Mobile won 9 out of xx JD Awards. Give me a break! I bet you work for T-Mobile or your family members work there. T-Mobile sucks!

T-Mobile added unauthorized services and charges on my bill. When I called the customer services, they admitted that there was a mistakes and promised to create me back. Months after months ... I called every months to customer services. The charges keep coming and credit is no way to see! I like to see how T-Mobile earns the JD Award!

Posted by: Leslie on October 8, 2011 08:57 PM

t-moble sucks..............they charged me a twenty day late fee on both phones when I was only a few days late. I had their shit service for five years, and they always charged me 50-100 more then my bill should have been...........you suck t-moble
I dropped you like a hot rock.....no more ripping me off!!!

Posted by: Randy on November 1, 2011 01:18 AM

There are the same believe me, When I was 17tn bell did the same with me, saying I made calls to Jamaica and ran up my bill to $1000, tell me know I live in Canada and my mom was paying my phone bill, u think I could have done that.. And if someone was using the phone to make long distance call, wouldn't they cancel it before the bill get too high?? I told them I was't going to pay that, and until know I haven't I told them I would fight them if they bring me to court.. Until know I can't get anything from bell.. There all thief. Telus and Rogers all the same.. My bro have a phone with rogers and every mth his bill comes up to $400 and add and I have the same phone with Virgin and mines comes up to $80 a mth.. it's still alot but better than Rogers and other coming.. I think the best company is Wind right now, but hate that u have to buy there phone only to use there company..

Posted by: Jessica on November 11, 2011 12:08 PM

Wow to all you idiots saying he should have had better control over his wife maybe u guys need to move out the trailer park and get therapy and you people that cat figure out how to use what t mobile. Has in its contract then u need help Iget a brand new phone every. 4 months its great I use what they have in their contract against them and to al the idiot u didn't know your account number how why not they give u all that paperwork when you sign your contract I have received many rebates for phones through t mobile all u have to do os follow directions I thought that was something we all learned in are school and to the people that really did get fucked over that sucks just keep trying don't give up and don't be rude cause they keep records of every time you call so stay cool and youbwill get what you want or maybe.I'm just special and I get them to give.me.whatever I want idk bit I'm going on almost 10 years with t mobile I guessbover the years I have learned they're tricks and use that to my advantage

Posted by: kandace on April 23, 2012 01:25 AM

t Mobile can eat a fat cock.so can you T Mobile lovers.

Posted by: fred on May 2, 2012 02:16 PM

I became a 2 year TMobile customer in 2011. I've had my issues with them before but they always manage to solve the problem.
This last one though got me furious! So my 2 year contract was up the 23rd of October. I went in the 21st to pay my last bill ..or so I thought! So I asked the guy that took my payment, what I had to do if I decided to call it quit with them ..he basically said I had to call customer service.
When I got home I called customer service to ask about my deposit that they never returned and to ask what I had to do if I decide to cancel their service. He sent out a $100 check to cover the deposit and said that if I decide to stay with them my account would automatically move to month to month (since they are no longer doing contracts) but if I decided to move to another carrier all I had to do is take to them my account number and once the other carrier started their service, the TMobile service would be automatically be cancelled.

So that evening my husband and I went to Sprint to look at their plans, phones, ect. and we decided to sign a contract with Sprint. However, they said that if we wanted to keep our current numbers we had to connect it at least 3 days before they disconnected our service. Since it was the 21st and my contract ended the 23rd I thought it was perfect. So we connected our phones with Sprint and kept our numbers.

Now almost a month from that I receive a $300 bill from Tmobile. I was instantly in shock and called customer service to express my confusion.
They basically said that we cancelled our service 2 days before my contract was up ..so they are charging me $50 per line (2) as a cancellation fee and the rest is service fees. What the hell! I told them what the other carrier told me about doing it 2 days before and she actually admitted that they do that too but even if it was 1 day they still would charge a cancellation fee and that there was nothing they could do!
So now I have to pay $300 for something they all do?! This is preposterous and my husband is going to be furious when he gets home and hears about this!!!! Uugghh!!

Posted by: Steph on November 22, 2013 04:20 PM

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