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ICE Official "We Won't Enter Church" In Illegal Alien Activist Elvira Arellano Case

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Elvira Arellano Hiding Behind Christ
An anonymous official in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has said that the agency has decided not to enter a church to arrests illegal alien activist Elvira Arellano. In other words the agency has decided not to do it's job. Arellano thumbed her nose at the agency earlier this week when she failed to show up for a deportation hearing on Tuesday. Instead Arellano headed to the Adalberto United Methodist Church that is headed by Reverend Walter "Slim" Coleman who happens to be married to a Latino Activist and friend of Elvira Arellano named Emma Lozano.

This is exactly the reason why we have an immigration problem in this country. Spineless agencies that refuse to do their jobs and would rather play politics with the situation. More on Elvira Arellano can be found in the Elvira Arellano archives of Diggers Realm. Elvira Arellano entered the United States illegally in 1997 and was caught and deported. She then re-entered the US again and moved to Chicago after a few years in Oregon. During this time Arellano managed to get pregnant and have a son, who is under current interpretations of the 14th amendment, considered to be a US citizen though he was born to an illegal immigrant from a foreign nation.

In 2002 Arellano was busted working at O'Hare airport as an illegal alien and also convicted of Social Security fraud. She contacted politicians, churches and activists groups in the area and by making claims that her son was afflicted with ADHD managed to convince them to help her receive a stay of deportation. Senator Dick Durbin and Congressmen Bobby Rush and Luis Gutierrez, all Illinois Democrats, actually went as far as introducing numerous bills in the House and Senate specifically naming Elvira Arellano and attempting to get her permanent residency status.

During this period Arellano founded an illegal alien lobby group called United Latino Family. Since the time of her stay in 2002 her son has "magically" recovered from ADHD and "other medical conditions" and during this current stand off with immigration officials, politicians such as Senators Dick Durbin and Barack Obama don't want to go near her with a 10 foot pole.

Elvira Arellano is an activist and here illegally. Since not showing up for her deportation hearing she has added another title, fugitive from justice. While being an activist is not illegal, there is absolutely no reason that a federal agency knowing the current location of a known fugitive should not apprehend and bring her to justice. It is just a small window on how corrupt and impotent our federal government has become in this day and age.

Officials in the agency claim that they are not treating this situation any differently than the other nearly 600,0000 immigration fugitives currently in the United States. I can see how that's a true statement since nothing is being done to apprehend her. There is a difference here of course, they know exactly where she is and it would take no more than 10 minutes to walk in and cuff her. The fact that there are that many fugitives in this country just proves their statement true. Just like Elvira Arellano those other fugitives are thumbing their noses at the federal government and getting away with it.

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Posted by Digger on August 18, 2006 04:08 PM (Permalink)

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Are we a nation of laws? Or are we not?

Certain people believe that they are above the law...that they have the right to ignore our laws when it becomes convenient for them. They pick and choose those laws that benefit them and ignore the ones that don't. They have no problem with obtaining--free education, free healthcare which was paid for through hard-earned taxpayer monies.

They justify their actions under the guise of need. Everything is prefaced by "me", "what I need", "what I want", "what is good for me." "Everyone owes me a living."

Well, my parents came here legally. They waited their turn. They pay their taxes and my dad has an American flag flying in his backyard. This woman is offensive to us.

We are sick and tired of hearing from law breakers who demand their rights --AND--want to be placed at the head of the line. These people do not pay into the social system that they are currently bankrupting. Even the illegals that do pay some social security taxes--that amount does not even come close to offsetting the cost of their social services to LEGAL AMERICAN TAXPAYERS.

Finally, I am sick and tired of so-called religious organizations that break the law as well. One of the best things that our founding fathers did...was separate church from state. Thereby avoiding the abuses that occurred in Europe and elsewhere.

This woman is a lawbreaker...SHE IS NOT AN ACTIVIST. We don't need her here. She will not be a benefit to the US. Her personal ethics and morality are suspect. The church she belongs to is also suspect.

I hope that you will run some articles about the cost of illegals to the American Taxpayer. Rice University estimates that cost to be $11,000 per year per American. These people are putting my children into debt.

I hope that you will run some articles about the disastrous effects of the Senate bill S.2611 and the Hutchison-Pence Bill. You should read them. I have. My parents worked hard and long to attain the "American Dream." Nobody gave them a free ride.

These ill-conceived bills benefit only BIG BUSINESS, LABOR UNIONS, and RELIGION at the cost of our middle class. If implemented they will allow vast numbers of low-skilled workers (60-100 million) into the country. There will be downward pressure on salaries & benefits so that number of poor will increase. Currently the middle class in the US is decreasing as well.

Oddly enough, hispanics who now live in the US now will be forced to compete with all these new millions and it is estimated that their standard of living will go downward as a result of the Senate bills.

J. Almendariz

Posted by: J.Almendariz on August 21, 2006 02:37 PM

I think it is sickening that Homeland Security won't do it's job and deport illegals. For me this is not a race thing it is a illegal thing, I dont care if your an illegal from Europe, China or Mexico they need to be deported. Does the government not understand the word "ILLEGAL"???. If the government does not do it's job in the next year I'm leaving California and going to Vermont or Minnesota.

Posted by: Michael on August 30, 2006 06:30 PM

They should drag the BITCH out by her fuckn' hair & throw her ass across the border !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Chuck on April 26, 2007 12:45 AM

Well I wonder what the laws are in Illinois reguarding citizen arrest? I have read that if you are aware of or witness a felony it is legal to make a citizen arrest. Why doesn't a concerned citizen make a visit to that sham of a church and then get her, then ICE could come and pick her up. Maybe I'm completely out of line but I'm tired of cussing my TV out over this issue and would love to see some justice!

Posted by: Midwest Mike on August 14, 2007 09:07 AM

True, I dont believe that hiding behind church walls will solve our "illegal alien" issue. My parents crossed here "illegally" from Mexico and our family has worked for a better life than we could ever dreamed of . If calling my family criminals makes you feel better be my guest...you want to hide behind your rule of law to avoid your ethnocentrism fine. remember that a third of the U.S. was part of Mexico and the U.S. government is just as guilty of illegal immigration with white settlers. just dont be bigots when it comes to families trying to work for a better life. europeans in the U.S. have ALWAYS had preference to emmigrate over nonwhites. dont give me that crap about how your ancestors obeyed the law. if you're willing to do whaatever it takes to survive, then I bet you would cross here "illegally" show respect to those who work in the shadows, at least your children wont have to. stop the hatred

Posted by: El Tiburon on August 25, 2008 04:43 PM

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