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Democrat Congressmen Bobby Rush And Luis Gutierrez Actually Filed Specific Amnesty Bills For Elvira Arellano Last Year

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Elvira Arellano Hiding Behind Christ
In 2005 Congressmen Bobby Rush and Luis Gutierrez and in 2003 Senator Dick Durbin, all Illinois Democrats, filed separate bills that specifically granted Elvira Arellano permanent resident status and an extension of her visa in the interim.

Elvira Arellano is the illegal alien who failed to appear for her deportation hearing earlier this week and decided to hide out in a church instead.

Dick Durbin
Luis Gutierrez
Bobby Rush
From Top: Senator Dick Durbin; Congressman Luis Gutierrez; Congressman Bobby Rush
The text of the bill submitted by Senator Dick Durbin (S. 1623) can be found at Thomas and names Elvira Arellano as the sole recipient of a visa extension and then permanent residency status as soon as she filed the papers. The bill submitted by Congressman Luis Gutierrez (H. R. 1628) last year is almost identical and can be found here

The text of the bill submitted by Congressman Bobby Rush (H. R. 3856) last year can be found at GovTrack and included the other following individuals:

Maria Isabel Benitez, Adrian Briseno Esparza, Francisco Javier Castro, Araceli Contreras Del Toro, Jaime Cruz, Disifredo Adan Del Valle, Oralia Espindola, Angel Espinoza Martinez, Laura Flores, Juan Antonio Guzman, Francisca Lino, Maria Natividad Loza, Maria Antonia Martin Gonzalez, Blanca Estela Nolte, Mario Pacheco, Domenico Papaianni, Romina Perea, Ruben Ramirez, Martha Elena Davalos, Hermion Davalos Renteria, Juan Jose Rangel, Jorge Santos, Martin Guerrero Barrios, Antonino Cerami, Juan Carlos Arreguin Lara, Sylvia Soler, Dayron Rios, Jose Pelayo, Juan Jose Mesa, Tomas Martinez, Aurelia Martinez, Veronica Lopez, Alma Delia Jimenez de Sosa, Rosalva Gutierrez

In all three cases the limit of legal immigrants coming from Mexico would have been reduced by one. In other words someone in Mexico who applied to legally come to the United States would be bumped by this lawbreaking, fugitive activist who refuses to follow the laws of the United States and has been deported for illegal entry in the past.

We've been following the story here and are simply amazed that this woman seems to push the government around with such ease. Elvira Arellano was deported in the past and returned illegally and also has been convicted of Social Security fraud. On top of this while remaining illegally in the United States she managed to found a lobbying group for illegal aliens called United Latino Family, openly met with Mexican President Vicente Fox and attended rallies and made speeches here in the United States.

Elvira Arellano was granted a stay from deportation in 2002 after being busted and garnering the support from the church and Senator Dick Durbin. Now it seems she has other friends in Congress including Congressman Bobby Rush. Arellano has been in the United States for 9 years, nearly 5 of those years illegally, prior to her stay of deportation. At the time of her 2002 hearing she used her son, a US citizen who was born here during her illegal stay prior to 2002, claiming he had ADHD and that was the reasoning that she shouldn't be deported. Senator Dick Durbin bought into this and got behind her. Senators Dick Durbin and Barack Obama are both missing in this latest fiasco involving this woman. Partly because they say that her son has shown inprovement from 2002 and no longer faces the "health threat" he did back then.

Elvira Arellano has now been declared a fugitive for not appearing for her deportation hearing and has moved into the church with her 7-year-old son who she continues to hide behind.

Yesterday it was discovered that the pastor of the church they are hiding out in, Walter "Slim" Coleman, is married to Emma Lozano, a Latino activist in the Chicago area. It seems there's a cabal in Chicago against the United States government and it's laws.

While the media would have you believe that Elvira Arellano just showed up at the church requesting sanctuary to save her poor son, a little digging shows that she's used her son in the past and all of those involved in her current situation have actually been involved with her intimately in the past. Including the pastor and all the politicians.

A recent CBS poll on the subject shows that 89.9% of respondents said that Arellano should be arrested and deported even if she does remain in the church.

Meanwhile Elvira Arellano is trying to portray herself as the Hispanic Rosa Parks. This woman is no Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was a US Citizen who had rights granted under the Constitution. Even Christians like Independent Conservative say that she should be taken out of the church and deported.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), those charged with interior enforcement of our immigration laws, says they have bigger fish to fry with nearly 600,000 illegal alien fugitives roaming the United States. They say that they'd rather focus on the more dangerous of those fugitives rather than driving by the church and picking up Elvira Arellano. ICE is a joke and anything that it says should be discounted in the future. They have shown time and time again that they are ineffective and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

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Posted by Digger on August 18, 2006 03:10 AM (Permalink)

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I have been a lifetime resident of Chicago and have had it with this illegal immigrant bs !

I can no longer walk into a neighborhood grocery store without being waited on by someone who cannot speak/understand english and looking at product boxes on shelves and store signs written in a language I cannot read. Sure I can take some courses to learn Spanish- if I pay for it out of my own pocket.

Meanwhile, the taxes that have been involuntarily taken out of my hard-earned wages/pocket all my life which are designated for public schooling so that my own kids can receive a quality education - they're being used to teach english as a second language and even as a more-and-more frequent practice to teach public school classes in spanish.

As a result- our public school system is now grossly underfunded in spite of the money taken from taxpayers and our children are being deprived of their rights to a quality education as more and more time and teaching resourses are being allocated to those who do not speak english.

My husband is a union electrician by trade and I cannot even begin to estimate the times he has been laid off/out of work while there were illegals out there continuing to work doing his job as a growing number of companies would rather pay 1/3 the wage in tax-free cash to an illegal than to write a paycheck and provide health benefits to a union/taxpaying citizen. Thus, those claiming the illegals do the work that we're too lazy to do really need to check some facts as in many cases illegals are in reality taking jobs and health benefits away from our citizens.

Also, for those feeling sorry for the illegals working for low wages- try looking into what $10/hr or even $5/hr USD translates into when converted to Mexican Pesos. I know of plenty illegals who earn untaxed money here and send it back to their families in Mexico who live like millionaires down there. That said- please spare me the speech of how illegals come here seeking a better life as some have no genuine interest in our country other then how they can exploit our system to make a better life for themselves when they return to Mexico.

Our mayor has hosted the Mexican president and allowed him to make a speech demanding better treament, wages and rights for illegals here . A march in support of illegals was allowed here and the law turned it's head at the fact of how many illegals were present as if anyone cared to follow the laws of the constitution they would have all been arrested at that time. But our congressmen, senator and many aldermen are also in support of illegals in this city as mentioned in this article so I guess the law can be shunned upon at any any given time by politicians.

All of that said politicians need to take a good look at how their support of illegals is affecting this city. I recently heard statistics stating that the combined population of caucasions and african americans in our city/county is only in the 60% range and the hispanic population is increasing at a staggering rate. For those quick to jump on the racial bandwagon-read this carefully: that statement was by NO means meant to denote any sort of racism whatsoever. The purpose of that statistic is to say that the english speaking, taxpaying citizens of Chicago have had enough and are slowly but surely getting out.

The Chicago politicians can keep on supporting the illegals and allowing tax-exempt churches to harbor them .... the day will come in which they will see who is left living here to pay the taxes which fund this city .

Viva Chicago !

Posted by: Kym on August 16, 2007 02:11 PM

Excellent comments Kym, thanks for them.

Posted by: Digger on August 16, 2007 03:23 PM

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