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Elvira Arellano Discussions On Glenn Beck And Bill O'Reilly [Video]

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Below are two video clips, one from Glenn Beck and one from The O'Reilly Factor, on the deportation of criminal fugitive illegal alien Elvira Arellano who "hid out" in a church for a year in Chicago only to be arrested in Los Angeles and deported.

Elvira Arellano Captured!
Elvira Arellano is now going around crying and complaining to the media that she had to leave her son behind, but the truth of the matter is that she was presented with the option of having her son come with her and she declined, instead leaving him with Pastor Walter "Slim" Coleman at the church in Chicago.

So, no more crying out of you bleeding hearts out there. She could have remained with her son after breaking our laws and committing Social Security fraud, but she chose not to. As far as that is concerned it has nothing to do with illegal immigration, but a federal crime. If you are on the side of her staying here despite those charges so that she can remain with her son, then you must also be in favor of every woman with a child in this country that has committed a crime being freed so that they can remain with their kid.

There's a reason there are laws on the books, not only for immigration, but for identity theft, which is what Elvira Arellano did. Lost in all of this of course is the true poor victim whose identity was stolen by Elvira Arellano and used as if it was just another puzzle piece in her selfish plans to circumvent our laws.

Elvira Arellano Mugshot
What about the true victim? You never hear about them, all you hear about is this whining criminal who should have never gotten into this country and should have been deported at the first chance after serving her time in jail for identity theft. In the end Elvira wins, because she didn't serve a day in jail for all of the crimes she committed and this sends a direct message to all illegal aliens in this country that you can come here, be a criminal and the worst you'll get is sent back to your home country.

Sad and wrong.

Oh... and Kirsten Powers is an idiot for her statements below that she's on the sanctuary churches side. Compassion has no place in this debate, it is simply a law and order issue. Without law and order Kirsten is promoting anarchy as Bill O'Reilly put it. And that is so true.

(videos below)

Glenn Beck on Elvira Arellano deportation:

Bill O'Reilly With Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin on Elvira Arellano deportation:

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Posted by Digger on August 22, 2007 01:50 PM (Permalink)

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Thanks for posting the videos. Can't be more obvious. Time has come to change citizenship rules. Citizenship should only be given to those born to couples where one of which is already a citizen.

It is time to protect our sovereignty from those who break our laws to benefit from it.

Posted by: captainfish on August 22, 2007 11:11 PM

I don't think that citizenship should be given to anchor babies or even if you can prove that one of the parents is illegally in this country, that is ridiculous. Maybe we should teach our kids to date responsibly and get pregnant responsibly, it might change the outcome of the anchor babies. Change the constitution to support America, not ruin our country for the betterment of Mexico. Let's just adopt Mexico's immigration policies and when they cry and complain about racism because they know they have nothing "legal" on their side, we can say where we got the laws from and tell Mexico to stay out of our politics.

Posted by: Las Vegas on October 5, 2007 05:28 PM

Are you serious?! Do you realize the reason she didn't want to take her son back to Mexico is the same reason she originally left Mexico? The United States prospers from illegal immigration--in fact, everytime you step into a fastfood restaurant you'll agree. The fact that she left her son behind shows she cares for him as an American Citizen having been given the citizenship through the 14th amendment; and does not want to see him get destroyed in Mexico.

Did you idiots ever think of that?!

Posted by: E.E. on January 2, 2008 02:31 PM

Are YOU Serious? Do you honestly believe that businesses are passing the savings they get from hiring illegal aliens onto the consumer?

Give me a break!

All they are doing is increasing their profit margin and keeping the difference between a legitimate wage with taxes and workers comp insurance etc and that of their low wage slave labor. Meanwhile taxpayers are paying for their health care and other social services because they have no income (on the books).

These businesses don't follow the law in the first place, yet you think they are ethical enough to pass the savings onto consumers.

As for Elvira, just because she didn't want to go back doesn't mean we should allow her to stay after breaking so many of our laws and flagrantly thumbing her nose at our government and citizens.

Posted by: Digger on January 2, 2008 05:33 PM

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