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Governor Bill Richardson Endorses Amnesty For Illegal Alien Felon Elvira Arellano

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Elvira Arellano Using Her Son For Gain
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, a potential candidate for President one day, has decided to stick his nose into the case of Elvira Arellano. Elvira Arellano is the mother who decided to hide out in a church instead of attend her deportation hearing back in August thus becoming a felony fugitive from justice. Of course this is not the first time she was deported and since then has had an "anchor baby" which she has been sending around the nation and world as a pawn to allow her to remain in the United States.

So she's an all around lawbreaking criminal who would stoop to using her 7-year-old child in order to flaunt our laws. Despicable.

Her son went to Mexico and actually got a resolution from the Mexican congress saying the United States should give Elvira Arellano amnesty. That's right. Mexico is now deciding who we should let stay here by law. Bill Richardson calls him a "Great American" for doing this.


Governor Bill Richardson is lending his support to a Chicago mother who is trying to avoid deportation to Mexico.

The woman’s seven-year-old son is a US citizen. He’s become an immigration activist. This week the boy succeeded in lobbying Mexico’s Congress to approve a resolution urging the US Congress to suspend the deportation of Elvira Arellano and other illegal immigrant parents of US citizens.

Richardson sent a letter this week to President Bush urging him to consider a parole for the mother so she and her son, Saul, can remain in the United States.

The governor said in his letter that the case of the Arellano family illustrates the problems of the federal government not acting on a comprehensive immigration plan.

The governor told the president that permitting the family to remain in the United States, will allow the boy to “continue to be raised as the great American he has already proven to be.”

So getting a foreign government to make demands on America to pay for and support the amnesty of a felony fugitives who has knowingly committed document fraud, identity theft and in general cost US taxpayers millions over the years for health care and education makes you a "Great American"?

I guess Bill Richardson can kiss any hopes of getting votes from those who want our borders secure and laws enforced goodbye.

And just think, this guy is governor of a border state...

Debbie Schlussel questions - as many of us do - why ICE hasn't just taken Elvira Arellano out of the church and deported her?

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Posted by Digger on November 18, 2006 10:00 AM (Permalink)

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The illegals marched waving Mexican flags and according to all reports and interviews, their intent was to "bring America to her knees." This was the same threat used by Osama Bin Laden. We all remember that Osama Bin Laden tried twice to keep his promise and nearly did bring our country to its knees. The illegals seem to want that same result. Why are we even debating whether or not Elvira Arrellana should stay here after illegally entering the country not once but twice and has also committed a serious offense with a fake social security card. Any American committing the same crime would be punished.

It seems to me that Gov. R of New Mexico needs to remember where his loyalties lie and if he supports Arrellana, he certainly says he supports anarchy and is against the American people. That means he speaks out of both sides of his mouth and we all know what that is called.

State Senator Thompson of Georgia is using his office to protect his illegal alien wife. He has clearly demonstrated he is unfit for his office. I think he should resign and apologize to the American people for his lack of ethics and I am no so sure that he is actually loyal to America either.

Why are we even debating this? The elected officials are not above the law but I guess after President Clinton got off so lightly for lying to a grand jury and the fact that Tom Delay is tripping the lights fantastic in D.C. despite his clear lack of ethics and we won't even go into W's lack of concern for the American people or its laws and policies.

It is no wonder that the consulates feel they can walk all over our laws and policies? I think the American government clearly needs to be reminded that it was by consent that we allowed ourselves to be collectively governed when we became the Unitd States of America. We can clearly revoke that consent.

America is Americans, not flag waving illegals who want to wallpaper over this country because I can clearly say that we refuse to give it over...and I can guarantee that the grass roots of America won't lie down and be walked over either...And I can promise Thompson that a verbal grassroots movement will make Sherman's march to the sea look like a Sunday School outing

Posted by: Ginny on December 11, 2006 09:47 AM

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