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Fugitive Illegal Alien Elvira Arellano To Starve Self In 'Church' [Angry Language Warning]

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Elvira Arellano Using Her Son For Gain
Yes, because Elvira Arellano has been treated so unfairly by this country we must now listen to her cry about how hungry she is as she goes on a hunger strike with her aiding and abetting "pastor". This is not going to be a nice post. This is going to be an angry post, as it damn well should be!

This is the same Elvira Arellano who snuck into our country, was deported, snuck back in several days later, committed identity fraud to get a job, had an anchor baby, remained hidden for 9 years, became an illegal alien activist, ignored her deportation hearing when she was caught again (in 2002, 5 years ago!), became a fugitive from justice, ran into a church to hide and then sent her young kid all around the country and to Mexico (all the while him remaining truant from school) to beg for her to be given amnesty. Even scumbag, racist and "Hispanic before American" presidential candidate Bill Richardson endorsed Elvira Arellano receiving amnesty. Along with Representative Luis Gutierrez of Chicago who sponsored a bill specifically to give her amnesty as well as co-authoring the latest bullshit amnesty for illegal alien's bill in the House with Rep. Jeff Flake.

You got all that? She's a criminal, no more, no less. Now that she's been caught and cornered she expects to be forgiven for all and if she has to use her little kid to do it so be it. If she can sink to that low of a level, it should be no surprise that she would compare her suffering to that of Gandhi, someone who was truly persecuted.

"I made my decision to go on a hunger strike, and that is not easy," Arellano said through an interpreter. "But it's a sacrifice I believe is just because I cannot continue to see such injustice." (Source)

She also complained that immigration agents are doing their job during the "holy week", as if our country's laws are supposed to be suspended during her religious holiday. We might as well just convert to a theocracy if Arellano had her choice. She pulled the same "hunger strike" stunt in May 2006, but you know what, it's not a real hunger strike. They're eating "broth" and drinking juice, water, tea and sport drinks. That's not a hunger strike, that's a diet.

I've had it with this woman! That's right, I'm sick of her making a fucking mockery of our justice system and making demands on the American people that we're supposed to feel sorry for her criminal activities. If she would have come here legally in the first place she would not be facing all this "hardship" she claims is being forced on her. This woman is a disgrace and she receives less than one drop of sympathy from me.

To top it off, in all of her interviews she still uses an interpreter. That's right, she's been in the United States more than a decade and still hasn't even bothered to learn English. That's how bad she wants to stay here. And before some asshole comes on here and says I just hate Hispanics, grow the hell up. This is a criminal illegal alien. Legal Hispanics in America don't pull bullshit like this because they're legal and follow the law.

Elvira Arellano With Her Friend President Vicente Fox
Elvira Arellano With Her Friend President Vicente Fox
So who is the "pastor" guy you ask? Walter "Slim" Coleman, the reverend at Adalberto United Methodist Church, just happens to be married to Latino activist Emma Lozano the head of Sin Fronteras that often works with the Service Employees International Union and has worked with the AFL-CIO to get amnesty legislation pushed through. Lozano said when Arellano was first hiding in the church "Elvira is here, she works hard, her kid is a U.S. citizen, they allowed her to come into the country." Nobody "allowed Elvira to come into the country" she snuck in illegally. She's a criminal. This is not some poor woman hiding in a church, this is a coordinated political attack on our country.

Adalberto United Methodist Church needs to lose its tax exempt status because the donations they aren't being taxed on are being routed to not only illegal activities, but also to political causes. A clear violation of the separation of church and state.

The complaint is that being sent back to Mexico would be a hard life. There's no way that living in Mexico would require this whining pain in the ass to starve for 25 days at a time. So, Elvira has just proven that sending her back to Mexico wouldn't be as hard as an inconvenience as she is willing to endure. So what's the problem? Send her ass home.

I always wonder why these radical Mexican illegal aliens here in the states don't actually do something positive and go home and try to change things there. No, they'd rather come here and break all of our laws, drain our services and then bitch that they aren't being given enough and that their "rights" are being violated. It's really no surprise that Mexico is a fucking shithole when you look at the mentality of people like Elvira Arellano.

This is all Immigration and Customs Enforcement's fault for not apprehending and deporting this woman immediately and prosecuting those who have aided her. ICE is quite possibly the most incompetent government agency in the United States. They should have went in day one and taken her out and said that the American people are not going to stand for this flagrant violation of our immigration laws.

But of course that would never happen because we have crony, recess appointed, underqualified people like Julie Myers heading agencies like ICE and people like Michael "I love illegal aliens" Chertoff heading the Department of Homeland Security.


Immigration activist Elvira Arellano ... and her pastor, Reverend Walter Coleman, announced today that they're going on a 25-day hunger strike starting tomorrow.


Both she and her pastor say they feel the hunger strike is necessary to get the attention of politicians to change immigration laws.

Arellano and Coleman are having their last meal tonight with members of the community at the Adalberto United Methodist Church, where Arellano has taken refuge since mid-August.

The hunger strike will end on May First.

May 1 happens to be the day illegal aliens are planning another massive reconquista revolution in our streets and a boycott. Yep, the same May Day the Communists celebrate.

A few weeks ago illegal aliens tried to join hands around a federal building in LA (and failed). Maybe we should have an American rally at that church and join hands around it.

Damn I'm pissed.


Other wimpy commentary from people who refuse to get angry:
(They all sound like a bunch of simply annoyed individuals... Where's the anger, where's the outrage at the blatant thumbing of her nose at not only our justice system, but at all Americans?)

Freedom Folks (link broken) (whom I'll give a break since it was reported by MJ and not Jake who I'm sure woulda tore her a new asshole).
Immigration Watchdog (link broken)

.. that's right. Two stinkin' sites covering this. It should be on every single American blog out there.


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Posted by Digger on April 7, 2007 02:47 AM (Permalink)

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Great post! Thanks, I didn't know that, so it's been interesting. Now I'd like to share some news from Canada.


Canada cannot deport Iranian gangster?

Posted by: victorn on April 7, 2007 05:14 PM

excellent post, and i totally agree with you. and as for the hating hispanics? even though i dont know you personally, i would think that you are either friends or at least know one or more hispanics well, which is the opposite of hating them. but at any rate excellent post.

Posted by: Ian on April 7, 2007 05:53 PM

The American people need more of this kind of crap before they will get off their ass and kick these criminal illegal aliens the hell out of the country. Elected officials are violating about every national security law they can.
One of interest to you may be:
Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.
The Act makes it a felony for an American citizen to do any of the following on behalf of a foreign government, without registering with the criminal division of the Justice Department:
1. Engage in political activities
2. Act in a public relations capacity for a foreign principal
3. Solicit or dispense any thing of value within the United States for a foreign principal
4. Represent the interests of a foreign principal before any agency or official of the U.S. government.

These seditionist bastards need their asses locked up on so many fronts. Bush Baby and the rest of the DOJ gang is leaving America taxpayers and citizens unprotected.

The state of Oklahoma has a sensible piece of legislation that is finally going to get a floor vote titled the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection act that will stop this shit in Oklahoma. We need that all over the country. Lock up the Elected officials they are foriegn agents that are betraying their country.

Posted by: Mark W Lowry on April 8, 2007 11:50 AM

Hi Digger! Your not the only one pissed about Elvira Arellano making a mokery of America. What really pisses me off is all theses SO CALLED CATHOLICS -CHISTIAN MEXICANS and others that bitch so much such as her pissing and moaning about how our laws should not be in effect during the holy week ---WELL imagine this --their all so full of crap. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH who supports these leaches says that you cant have sex OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE - tell me why so many mexicans have 3 OR MORE CHILDREN starting at age 13 ALL with different fathers - AND the welfare system is loaded with illegal mothers that claim they dont know who the fathers are so unlike American woman claim who the father is and US law makes the fathers pay for the child. We need to start charging and collecting theses expenses from Mexico for all these fatherless illegal bastard children. Imagine this - I'm disabled and a veteran. I applied for section 8 housing. 10 months ago I was told in Orange County Ca. theire were 14,000 people in line in front of me. 10 months later I call and I'm told now there are 18,000 people in front of me. Imagine that. These asre illegal alians that get preferentual treatment over Americans rewarded before American seniors, veterans and disabled. We need to purge this country of its filth.

Posted by: ken mallen on April 8, 2007 01:30 PM

If only the people who could do something about this cared this much. The time of the North America Union draws closer by the minute with outrages such as this to lead the way

Posted by: Crystal Clear on April 8, 2007 03:07 PM

Thank you all. I'm truly glad that I'm not the only one angry about this. I was starting to wonder...

Posted by: Digger on April 9, 2007 12:08 AM

Too many people have HATE in their heart. God sees all and you Have no excuse for your hate!!! me and my 'illegal alien' boyfriend are going to have a baby and get married. and dont call my baby an anchor baby. we love each other and we dont think about taking advantage of noone. we work hard. so you know what, go to church and pray FOR yourself. You and God knows that you need to. remember the times when they hung signs up everywhere "Irish need not apply" this is the same scenerio. it might take some time but before you know it, our brothers and sisters from mexico will be accepted as hard working american citizens.

Posted by: martha mcneelege on April 10, 2007 08:01 AM

I think that the person that wrote this is just a stupid ass racist person that worries only about what other people are doing to get a better life and give a better life to thier child. And they should worry more about getting their ass up of the chair and get a life! Just because your jealous that she wants and can get a better life probably better than yours doesn't mean she is a criminal. Ya she is here illegally but you probably got ancestors that got here illegally to! Guess why immigration hasn't deported her yet bitch it's cause the U.S. needs her to do all the work that you haven't done. Lazy ass person.

Posted by: Maria on April 10, 2007 04:39 PM

martha mcneelege said:

it might take some time but before you know it, our brothers and sisters from mexico will be accepted as hard working american citizens.

Our brothers and sisters from Mexico are already accepted as hard working American citizens... the ones who came here legally and didn't insult every American by stepping on their laws with their first action.

You seem to have mixed up Mexican, illegal alien, legal immigrant and American citizen. There is a big difference.

Whether you believe it or not America is not just some opportunity, it is an idea. From freedom of religion to freedom of speech to the pursuit of happiness and the rule of law, our cultural beliefs of "from many come one" is not just a witty saying.

The problem is that many just see this country as an unlimited pocketbook and aren't really here for America, but for themselves. We don't need people like that here and it is one of the reasons that we have limitations on immigration.

There are only so many people that our infrastructure can support without putting an undue burden on the rest of the country that deprives legal residents of their right to the pursuit of happiness and everything else that America offers. Illegal aliens are stealing from every legal immigrant and American citizen in this country, plain and simple, whether it is due to congestion, classroom overcrowding or lines at the Emergency Room.

This issue has nothing to do with Mexicans, legal immigration and American citizens, it is clearly about ignoring the rule of law, illegal immigration and lack of respect for the rest of the people legally in this country.

me and my 'illegal alien' boyfriend are going to have a baby and get married

Before you do that you may want to read a letter from one of my readers who had a baby with an illegal alien and now asks "Can you get child support from an illegal alien?". I'm not going to tell you that the same thing is going to happen to you, but I think you're setting yourself up for a lot of pain in the future. Imagine if things do work out for you, you get a house etc.. and 5 years down the line ICE shows up to deport him? It's a recipe for disaster that could devastate your life for decades.

Maria said:

Guess why immigration hasn't deported her yet bitch it's cause the U.S. needs her to do all the work that you haven't done. Lazy ass person.

She's been sitting on her ass in a church since August, how is that "doing all the work that Americans haven't done?"

Posted by: Digger on April 10, 2007 08:19 PM

I'm a legal latino in this country and I still agree with this article. She is a criminal and is using her son as a shield. I'm also a victim of identity theft - its not a good thing when it happens to you. Your life becomes theirs, your credit becomes shit. I have put in alot of money to salvage and separate my life from this immigrant. They are criminals and deserve to be punished to the fullest extent. I cannot believe she is still allowed to be out there - she is supporting and our government is supporting this kind of behaviour. Shame on you Uncle Sam.

Posted by: jibaro on August 16, 2007 05:02 AM

So very right. She's an illegal and a deliberate criminal. If she and her "pastor" want to starve themselves, LET THEM. As they say,this is a free country.

Posted by: Lois Powell on August 19, 2007 06:36 PM

i disagree, for numerous reasons. i would like for you to understand something, illegal immigrants dont come the united states beacause they wnat to take jobs from someone else, immigrants dont come her thinking that they will be tax free, illegal immigrants come the united states looing for a better life. united states of america is considered " land of apportunities" but how do you achieve the opportunites. you cant. if you think about it, many people who want to come to the united states legally, get their apllication for visa DENIED. they wait for long time
and follow athe procedure. but since there is a high demand majroty get denied. when people live poorly get desperated and their only solution is to come here illegally. comming to the united state here its not an easy passage. people die on their way here on the desert. people drown. is it worth risking the life?. i dont think so! but yet many do it because they want a better status. elvira would have a miserable life in mexico. working hard seven days a week and getting paid penutts its not going to get her a better life. she has betrayed the laws, but she had no option.
mexico is a shiddie country to live in but shes not to blame for being born out there. how was she going to get a job if she didn have a ssn. its like a chain reaction. i think laws should be enforced yet give out opportunities. how do you want not to have so many illegal immigrants if the opportunites are not given?

Posted by: nika on August 20, 2007 02:29 PM

So as I was reading this I noticed quite a few things such as the fact that you called her child [whose name is Saul by the way] an anchor baby. Do you know for a fact that she came to the United States said to herself "Hm I think I want to have a kid here jst in case I so happened to get deported I will have my child to get me amnesty." ? No you don't. And how dare you talk about she snuck into this country? By today' law yea I guess you can depict it as that but let me give you a little History lesson. In 1854 The Gadsden Purchase occured which made it happen so that the people didn't cross the border, THE BORDER CROSSED THEM. What nationality are you from? Well it just so happens that unless you are a Native American you're ancestors are also 'illegal immigrants' so you have no right to just say that us Mexicans, or Asians, or Polish or whatever else you want to profile "illegal immigrants" as, snuck into this country. I am not judging your decision to not liking illegal immigrants but truth is that there are always to sides to each story and i believe that Elvira's story is the believable one in this case. Many immigrants come to this country looking for oppotunities. Do you realize that is a good thing? People who don't even live here go "I think I'd have a better future in that country." Of course that does not mean that wherever they came from is a bad place simply that they thought they would have a much better chance at living theway they want here. A little advice read up on your history before you decide to open your mouth about something you know nothing about.

[by the way I am 14 years old. How wrong do you think you are if a 14 year old has to set some facts straight? Think about it.]

Posted by: DAFNE HERNANDEZ on January 13, 2008 10:13 PM

i commented before and am realizing that we cant include every person that is here illegally in some discussions, because some people are good for america whether they are here illegally or not. and some are just really bad for america. the ones that are bad physically abuse the women that they are with and sometimes even make them have miscarriages! and they treat women that they cheat on their wives with like garbage. The money they make in America is mostly being sent to mexico to support their families which is not good for America, but some illegal immigrants spend most of their money here. Its just going to be hard to weed out all of the bad ones, and alot of lives will be hurt and destroyed until it can be done.

Posted by: bonolarryedge on January 21, 2010 03:35 PM

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