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Obama Declares Amnesty For Millions Of Illegal Aliens - Americans Refuse To Stand

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In a move that was not unforeseen - and that I blame on the American People - President Obama and his administration have decided that it will openly ignore all federal immigration laws and allow all illegal alien "children" under the age of 30 to remain in this country and not face the possibility of deportation. On top of this, they will also be authorized to take Americans jobs by issuing them work permits. The administration claims this will give amnesty to only 800,000 illegal aliens, but as far as government numbers go you can bet your bottom dollar (since it is the only dollar that you have left that they haven't taken and given to lawbreaking illegal aliens) that the government number is assured to be at the minimum one quarter of the actual number that would be granted and probably much higher.

We The People Burning
I blame this wholeheartedly on the American people. It has been well documented and shown that the Obama Administration is in favor of not enforcing immigration laws. It has been reinforced by his appointment of openly pro illegal alien advocates to his administration and direction of his departments to sue states and localities who even dare breathe that they may crack down on illegal immigration. Yet with all of this the American People have seemed to yawn and not accept that a further step would be taken by the administration. They didn't seem to believe that they would openly - and with 100% malice intended - ignore laws on the books without any worries of facing repercussions in any way. It's with malice because there is no other way that you can knowingly ignore the law except with malice.

This lies at the feet of the American People. You can point your fingers or stomp up and down about President Obama all that you want, but other than yelling at the TV or in sorta, kinda grumbling here and there what have the American people done to demand that laws be enforced? I do not claim to know all of the answers and I also do not feel that I know all and can solve all of the problems. The one thing I do know having covered this issue and actively participated for near a decade is that there are those out there who have been standing up. There are those who are in agreement with those standing up. The disgusting part of it is those in agreement who refuse to stand with those who are standing.

These people feel that a handful standing up against illegal immigration will be able to stand against the machine of politics that faces no responsibility for their outright lawbreaking actions. Even the Tea Party in general has been an utter and cowardly failure and refuses to take a stand against illegal immigration - except in a very few select groups. I guess they're afraid it will somehow hurt their donations. Or were they always a false facade simply to put their leaders into some power position or for them to make a wage? In the case of FreedomWorks, this is obviously true to me. Ever seen FreedomWorks position on illegal immigration? I didn't think so, because they are pro amnesty and have Dick "amnesty" Armey on their board. Every time you support groups that won't stand against illegal immigration, you can bet they're pro amnesty.

Obama Laughing
Illegal aliens are not in the shadows. Lack of enforcement of immigration laws is also no longer in the shadows or being hidden. It is now being stated. The costs are being shoved down the throats of the millions who are footing the bill for illegal aliens. It is an intentional breaking of the back of the basis of this country - that of the rule of law - that states if you break a law you face the consequences. You cannot have a country and civil society if there are no laws protecting the rights of citizens under the Constitution. These laws are now being ignored and this means the basis of our country is being ignored. Intentionally. Not by one individual, but by the machine of government as a whole.

It is quite incredible that I have watched as others have mortgaged their homes to fight for the rule of law. I have seen others who have given up their careers or families to fight for other citizens in this cause. They are fighting against this issue of illegal immigration and amnesty - yet when they turn around, nobody is backing them up but a handful of people. Maybe a dozen here or a dozen there.

At this point I really do not have a feeling of pity for the American People. They have brought this government declaration upon themselves. They have shown a careless disregard for the nature of what makes this country work as well as it has since its founding. This complacency is what has led us to this point. The point has been reached where laws no longer matter when it comes to the President. Only a short time ago, in my youth, the law seemed to matter somewhat when it came to government abuse. The laws were enforcement when they were broken by Richard Nixon and his administration. Apparently that time has now passed. Presidents no longer need to follow or demand that laws on the books be enforced. Their administrations also can break laws at will en masse and face no issues. People like the Attorney General of the United States can ship guns into Mexico, get Americans and Mexicans killed, lie about it to Congress and still be given a way out by congressmembers when he faces contempt charges, because they have no spine to actually take the step of charging him in contempt or with perjury.

American Girl on Crutches
This American girl once had a chance to stand, but since her parents and other Americans didn't, she is crippled for life.
They believe that because the majority of Americans oppose illegal immigration and an amnesty - and they therefore cannot pass laws to grant amnesty - that they will just do so single-handedly and with no regard for the citizens of this country. It's no secret to anyone that immigration and border laws were not being enforced for decades, but this open and callous declaration is quite a first. Before it was hidden behind the smokescreen of lack of funding or for humanitarian reasons or of being a "job too big" or "not in the American spirit of immigration". The majority of Americans knew this was all purposely done to allow illegal immigration to continue and knew it was all a lie. Now, since the American People have accepted it for so long, they have taken the next brazen step of no longer feeling they need to lie. You, my friend, have been declared an impotent peon of a dictatorship where from on high they can overrule your wishes despite the system we have in place to check this abuse of power.

The Voice of the People has been ignored, but maybe that's because you were silent and did not take action so there was never a voice heard. You reap what you sow - and what we have planted in this country is an indolent citizenry. Now those citizens will have the pleasure of living amongst an even larger group of unknowns using false names and identities. Many of those have hidden criminal pasts involving the whole gamut of crimes from rape to murder to assault. You will be allowed to live amongst those who do not want to assimilate into your country and in fact hate your country and think it was stolen from them. You will also have the pleasure of your kids or your own identity stolen by these "law abiding illegal aliens" so that they can obtain a job or housing. Yet in the end you will be the one they come after when the taxes are due from the money earned. This is what you have reaped with the sowing of silent complicity and allowing all of this to continue.

Unfortunately for you - and even for those who did stand - we will all now have to feast on our just dessert. How does it feel to have allowed your country to have fallen this far? How does it feel to be treated like you are the criminal?

Illegal AliensThe picture to the left is so old - and the situation has been going on for so long since it was taken - that the two illegal aliens pictured making gestures are now on social security and relaxing on a beach under the assumed names of John and Paul Buckingham. They also are pulling in an additional $20,000 a year with the children they have fraudulently claimed a child tax credit for that they say live in Mexico. (Sarcasm with a bite of reality thrown in)

Other Reporting

Fox News

The Obama Administration will stop deporting and issue work permits to as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have never committed a crime, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Friday.

Napolitano said the change is needed to ensure enforcement resources are not expended on “low-priority cases” and are instead focused on people who “meet enforcement priorities.


“We are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants,” Napolitano said during a conference call with reporters Friday. “And as I said [earlier], with respect to these young people, deferred action – the decision announced today – is simply the right thing to do.”


Under the administration plan, illegal immigrants will be immune from deportation if they were brought to the United States before they turned 16 and are younger than 30 ... They also can apply for a work permit that will be good for two years with no limits on how many times it can be renewed.

Daily Caller

President Barack Obama is using his control over government agencies to establish a semi-amnesty for younger illegal immigrants, even though the nation’s youth unemployment rate is already at a record level.


Obama’s campaign deputies have frequently said that the Hispanic vote is critical to their success in several swing-states, such as Florida, Colorado and North Carolina.

“Today’s news is truly a dream come true for me and for so many other DREAMers across the country,” said Felipe Matos, an illegal immigrant and a gay organizer for the advocacy group GetEqual.

Matos’ reference to “DREAMers” refers to illegal immigrants eligible for amnesty under the controversial and failed bill, the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act.

The partial-amnesty would grant “deferred action” status to illegal immigrants aged up to 30 who can show they’ve violated the nation’s immigrant laws for at least five years by entering the country before 2007. People with “deferred action” status can work legally.

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Posted by Digger on June 15, 2012 11:59 AM (Permalink)

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Hi Digger. I agree with you 100 percent about Americans need to take responsibility and stand up themselves and tackle immigration. We rely too much on political groups to get the job done, and much those political groups are just spearheaded by people who seek monetary gain rather than a political victory against illegal immigration. Furthermore, there is no one group or political party or presidential candidate I will ever whole-heartily agree with. Ron Paul has great ideas, but is too soft on immigration. Romney talks a big game, but ultimately has reduced himself to giving fellatio to the brown people and illegal immigrants. Obama is too soft and is a flip flopper like Romney. Said but true, most politicians never actually stand up again immigration, and go through with thier promises. Its up to the American people to vote and voice their opinions, and stand up to the government and make the laws.

Posted by: Andrew on July 19, 2012 05:10 AM

* sad but true

Posted by: Andrew on July 19, 2012 05:12 AM

Hi Digger. I don't agree with you. I think you are crazy thinking that illegal aliens are such a big thing to worry about. Yeah, there are many that are criminal and come into this country just to cause disruption. There are also many that come into this country to have a better life. Children who were brought into this country are not at fault. There are many who just want to live a life here. This is their country. The place they were born is just a place they were born from. That is a foreign country to them now. What about all the American people who are criminals? How about all the American people who are bums living in the streets. Applying for help from the government taking our tax dollars. Living like junkies, getting high off our money? Why ridicule those who are actually trying to make something out of their lives. And not those who aren't doing anything for themselves? We the People, were all immigrants once before. You have issues to work on. You need help to look at the bigger picture!

Posted by: Viri on September 20, 2012 04:05 PM

Go to *any* other country and demand the treatment that illegals EXPECT here in the U.S. and you will be laughed into jail

Posted by: Sam I Am on November 27, 2012 09:57 AM

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