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Elvira Arellano And Illegal Aliens To Lobby Their Members Of Congress

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America has really changed and I didn't even realize it. Apparently - without Americans knowing - illegal aliens now have members of Congress assigned to them that they can contact.

You remember poor little old illegal alien fugitive from justice Elvira Arellano, the woman who is still "hiding out" in a Chicago "church" avoiding deportation after breaking into this country twice, committing document fraud and also failing to appear at her immigration hearing?

Well apparently her and her supporters, including the slimy Reverend Walter "Slim" Coleman who is married to an illegal alien activist, say that illegal aliens indeed have elected representatives.


Advocates for immigration reform in Chicago say they'll pressure President George W. Bush for a moratorium on raids and deportations of undocumented workers.

Elvira Arellano said a moratorium would force action from politicians who stand in the way of reform, such as the bipartisan compromise that just derailed in the U.S. Senate.

Arellano and others spoke Friday at the Adalberto United Methodist Church, where she's taken sanctuary with her son since August in defiance of a deportation order.

The Rev. Walter Coleman said undocumented illegal immigrants will lobby their representatives in hopes the U.S. House will act. He said he's still hopeful the Senate will come back to the issue

Sanctuary my ass. This church is in direct violation of federal law. They are harboring an illegal alien, something that Noe Aleman, a 12 year veteran Border Patrol Agent, was just sent to prison for because of a typo on immigration documents for his wife's 3 nieces he legally adopted.

It's a damn shame that law abiding law enforcement agents like Aleman are now sitting in jail while people like Walter "Slim" Coleman, his wife and Elvira Arellano are doing news interviews and are known felons who have directly and knowingly broken the law.

As for "undocumented illegal immigrants" lobbying their representatives, they are right, sort of. There are representatives like Luis Gutierrez, Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Lindsey Graham that surely would have been elected by illegal aliens if they were allowed to vote. They are sellouts and traitors and aiding illegal aliens.

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