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Amy Kortlang Lives On One Year After Her Death At The Hands Of An Illegal Alien

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Amy Kortlang
One year ago Amy Kortlang was hit head on by an illegal alien drunk driver and killed. The illegal alien, Rafael Ramirez Perez, fled on foot and was later apprehended. Amy, who was 22 and had just finished moving into her own place, was an average American girl who had completed cosmetology school and beginning her life. This could have been anyones daughter.
Melanie Kortlang With Digger
Amy's Mother Melanie Kortlang
With Digger April 2007
It's a sad tale that continues to be repeated daily on our streets even since Amy's death thanks to the inaction by our leaders in our government. The death of this young woman will not be forgotten by those of us who found out, wrote about her tragic story and followed the trial of Rafael Ramirez Perez who, in the end, received a 21 year sentence.
Melanie Kortlang Shows Pictures Of Amy Kortlang As A Child Melanie Kortlang Shows Pictures Of Amy Kortlang
Melanie Kortlang Shows Pictures of her daughter Amy

The truly astonishing part of the story though is the number of times that Amy Kortlang's death could have been prevented.

Amy Kortlang
Rafael Ramirez Perez was convicted of DUI in April 2003 and given 12 days probation. He then was convicted only three months later in July 2003 of once again driving under the influence. Neither time was he deported. Because of the inaction of our leaders, Perez was released and once again convicted of DUI in February, 2005 and sentenced to one year in jail. After serving his sentence he was deported in March, 2006. Thanks to our lax border security, Perez simply re-entered the United States, got drunk, got behind the wheel of a company truck and sped down the highway clipping several vehicles and ramming headfirst into Amy Kortlang's Honda Civic.

The death of this young American Citizen was clearly preventable time and time again. Our leaders however, through their grasp for power, contributions from corporations to their campaigns demanding cheap labor or seeing these illegal aliens as some day being granted citizenship and voting for them, failed Amy Kortlang on that day one year ago.

In the daily discussions regarding illegal immigration the one thing that is forgotten time and again by those in favor of it is the true cost to everyday Americans in this country. It is costing the lives of our sons and daughters, our mothers and father, our spouses and mates. Nothing can replace them, not even the kindest of apologies.

We need to prevent this story from being repeated time and again.

So take a minute and think about Amy and remember that there are many other Amy's out there.

Take a minute out of your day and watch this interview with Amy's mother, Melanie Kortlang, in remembrance of her.

Remembering Amy Kortlang.

Amy's official website: Amy Kortlang Story

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This is so sad. Anyone could be a victim with this reakless and irresponsile drivers. It is also sad knowing that the government don't take any action to solve this kind of accidents.I know that accidents can't be avoided to happen but we can prevent it to happen if we all just be responsible for our actions. Thank you for sharing.


Posted by: Fatime on May 11, 2012 11:01 AM

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