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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Confirms Amero To Replace Dollar [Video]

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Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, confirmed last night on Larry King Live that indeed there had been a deal with President Bush to replace the US Dollar, Canadian Dollar and the Mexican Peso with what is being called the Amero.

Some had previously chalked this up to conspiracy theories about the North American Union - the removal of all borders between the United States, Canada and Mexico - and the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) that the 3 leaders of the countries met and agreed about in 2005.

I am on the side of the skeptics on the North American Union. I simply don't see Americans ever letting it happen without a massive civil war. However, I will point out that this confirmation of the Amero actually being mentioned by Vicente Fox is pushing me closer to seeing the conspiracy as being fact.

It should be noted that this portion of the show and this portion in the transcripts on the CNN website were removed. Conspiracy anyone?

Video below


It possibly was the first time a leader of Mexico, Canada or the U.S. openly confirmed a plan for a regional currency. Fox explained the current regional trade agreement that encompasses the Western Hemisphere is intended to evolve into other previously hidden aspects of integration.

... King, near the end of the broadcast, asked Fox a question e-mailed from a listener ... "Mr. Fox, I would like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency?"

Fox answered in the affirmative, indicating it was a long-term plan. He admitted he and President Bush had agreed to pursue the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas – a free-trade zone extending throughout the Western Hemisphere, suggesting part of the plan was to institute eventually a regional currency.

And even if you're not sold on the Amero or the North American Union, I think you can agree that the President of the United States even discussing this as potentially viable behind closed doors with the President of Mexico is an absolute sell out of the American people. How about you let the Congress and the American people vote on whether they want their American dollar replaced with a "North American" dollar President Bush? Or are you scared of your own people?

Vicente Fox confirms the Amero

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The only way to stop the NAU is to become aware of the plan. The media is successfully painting anyone who mentions it as a conspiricist nut. It is disturbing to become aware of conspiracy that involves our elected leaders. What do you have faith in? I have faith in God and the constitution. Both give us our rights to elect better leaders. Problem is all mainstream candidates area part of this. Hunter, Tancredo and Paul are the only ones on record opposing it. I like Duncan Hunter the best. He is being marginalized by the media. So it is difficult to face but if we do not defeat it then America as a sovereign nation will disappear. I tried to tell somebody about it today and he responded he was to busy to read more about it. To busy? To read about how we are being sold into slavery? If that is what America is then we are doomed.

Posted by: Emery Woodall on October 10, 2007 07:49 PM

Yeah, yeah. And be prepared, because all of us Mexican beaners are going to invade your country and eat your children. You're just furious because you cannot have the entire America (the REAL America) to yourselves. Unfortunately for you racist lot, we Latin Americans are majority in this continent. Sooner or later, sooner or later, we will reclaim the land to be our own. MMWWWAAAAAAHHHHAAAAAA

Amero is never gonna happen.

Posted by: Sara García on October 22, 2007 02:55 PM

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