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Remembering Amy Kortlang

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Last week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Melanie Kortlang, the mother of Amy Kortlang who was killed by an illegal alien.

Melanie Kortlang Shows Pictures Of Amy Kortlang As A Child Melanie Kortlang Shows Pictures Of Amy Kortlang
Melanie Kortlang Shows Pictures of her daughter Amy

You can read more about Amy at Amy Kortlang's Story and my initial coverage and reaction to her death at my entry on Amy Kortlang, a letter received from Amy's cousin and the sentencing of illegal alien Rafael Ramirez Perez to 21 years in which Amy's father Wayne Kortlang was quoted as saying "Anything less than life will not be justice for Amy,"

Amy Reminds Me Every Day Of Her Story
Amy reminds me everyday of her story
I think it is important while we have illegal aliens marching in our streets demanding rights that there is another side to these "hard working people" as they are being portrayed by the main media outlets.

The price we pay is the continued loss of life of American citizens, people's sons and daughters, fathers and mothers in this country at the hands of illegal aliens.

Many would twist this around and try to make it an issue of drunk driving, but there is nobody in the world that could change Melanie's or my mind on the fact that this would have never happened if our borders were secured and illegal immigrants in this country were deported either by law enforcement or through closing the door on magnets that bring them to this country, such as employers who hire them.

Since I've come back I'm sure many have taken off the buttons that were being worn at the event in memory of Amy Kortlang and stashed them away as mementos or - God forbid - thrown them away.

I refuse to because to do so is to toss away the memory of all that Amy was and had the potential to be.

While I never met Amy personally, she is my sister, my cousin, my niece, my mother. She is the women and daughters of America.

Please don't forget her and pass her story to all that you know.

Amy Kortlang's Story

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Posted by Digger on May 1, 2007 08:30 PM (Permalink)

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Well said Digger. We must NEVER forget and we must route the barbarians from our land.

Posted by: Ruthiness on May 2, 2007 12:32 AM

Why did she die? Because our polititions CONSPIRE to ruin our country...If we as AMERICANS don't watch what our LEADERS are doing for us, these kind of things are going to persist. We have to stand up and DEMAND that our polititions grant our wills. Otherwise this kind of garbage from SOUTH OF THE BORDER will continue. I'm ready for a revolution(lottsa ammo} and when that time comes, I will more than likely be saving my own neighbors lives.Our nation regardless of spineless politions can not let a THIRDWORLD country ride in here thinking they can take control.. I don't live out of a garbage can and I never will.

Posted by: RoadDog on October 10, 2007 04:21 PM

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