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Clinton Camp: Illegal Aliens 'the most powerful political force in the country'

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Mark Penn Chief Strategist For The Hillary Clinton Campaign
They may not be able to vote, but according to Mark Penn, chief strategist for the Hillary Clinton Campaign, illegal aliens "may be the most powerful political force in the country." In her book, Hillary Clinton calls Mark Penn "‘brilliant and intense" and "shrewd and insightful". I just call him a moron.

Illegal aliens can't vote, they are not citizens. Legal immigrants can't vote they are not citizens. So the only logical conclusion is that somehow Mark Penn sees illegal aliens as influencing those who can vote, or he's calling for outright voter fraud. I'll ignore the latter, though it is a concern and focus on the former.

The illegal aliens he is refering to are of Hispanic origin as the other illegal alien groups simply aren't big enough to have an impact on the election.

The Spectator

The radicalisation of illegal migrants to America, Penn thinks, could determine the next presidential election because their grievances will encourage their legally settled relatives to register and vote. ‘The most powerful political force in [America],’ he says, ‘and the most important voting bloc in the upcoming elections, may not even be able to vote — but their cousins can. And that may make all the difference.’

Mark Penn's fallacy that illegal aliens will somehow sway those immigrants here who have become citizens in great enough numbers is pretty laughable on its face, but it has been his strategy all along. The fact that he sees illegal aliens being radicalized as a good thing, should trouble anyone in this country who is a law abiding citizen. And just think, if Hillary wins in 2008, this man will more than likely get a nice influential cabinet post.

Just to show you how much sway illegal aliens have over Hispanic citizens all you have to do is take a look at Proposition 200. Dubbed "Protect Arizona Now", proposition 200 was put on the 2004 ballot in Arizona to deny services to illegal aliens. It passed with 54% of the vote. 47% of Hispanics voted for it. Mark Kirkorian of the Center for Immigration Studies also notes that Hispanics make up only 6% of voters in this country. So much for that theory of Mark Penn's - and the general Democrats overriding theory - that by giving illegal aliens social services and even more incentives than the average American citizen receives, they would somehow sway their cousin the citizen to vote for them. Although they have done a bang up job, along with the Bush administration of ensuring that the numbers of illegal aliens in this country has increased dramatically since the vote on Proposition 200.

Ruth over at Illegal Protest also points out this passage from mark Penn's book microtrends:

Just look at what has happened in the U.S. to illegal immigrants. A few years ago, they were the forgotten Americans, hiding from daylight and the authorities. Today they are holding political rallies, and given where they and their legal, voting relatives live, they may turn out to be the new Soccer Moms. Militant immigrants fed up with a broken immigration system just may be the most important voters in the next presidential election, distributed in the key Southwest states that are becoming the new battleground areas.

Hillary Clinton
Exactly how un-American, power hungry and greedy can you get where you are trying to get foreign law breakers to sway the election in your favor? How sickeningly against this country do you have to be where you are celebrating the fact that illegal aliens are holding political rallies in our country?

You should have no doubts where Hillary stands on illegal immigration when her chief strategist is espousing such tactics. When you can't win on the issues or the message, turn to dirty tricks.

Mark Penn should be ashamed of himself and Hillary as well for hiring him.

Now if you think I've been harsh, go read Ruth's take.

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Posted by Digger on October 10, 2007 02:15 PM (Permalink)

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What the hell is this? Suddenly, someone who's here illiegally, has more rights than I do as a bonafide Citizen!
Do I owe them a living? A bunch of welfare benefits?

If we just made the employers that hire these folks pay for the needs of getting the illegal aliens legal, the picture would change.

This guy is dumber than Rosie O'Donnell and twice as ugly!

Help! I see Stupid people!!! They're everywhere! And they don't even know they are stupid!!!

Posted by: Doug Stevenson on October 11, 2007 12:47 AM

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