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Can You Get Child Support From An Illegal Alien?

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I received an email from a reader who said that she got pregnant by someone that she later found out was an illegal alien. She is now wondering if it's possible for her to force him to pay child support.

I am wondering if you have any information about getting child support from someone whos status is not of legal status.

I recently had a baby by someone, who I found out later, does not have legal status. He is not taking responsibility for the child, and I am having a hard time knowing what to do.

I'm not going to lecture her.

I don't have the answer to this, but I'm guessing that she's out of luck. It's hard enough to get the government to find and deport illegal aliens. Finding one and forcing him to pay child support, I would think, would be 10 times harder to do.

Does anyone out there with experience have an answer to this?

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Posted by Digger on September 26, 2006 12:18 AM (Permalink)

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I am in exactly the same boat as this lady.....

Posted by: margaret on January 5, 2007 03:06 AM

i have a baby by an illegal alien. i was conned by him into having a baby with him because i thought he loved me. all he wanted from me was papers. well he figured out that i was never gonna marry him and he left me for some other dumb girl so now they are married. he wanted to get rights to see my child. but he hasn't given me a cent. so i don't let him see my child. payback.

Posted by: whatevaaaaa on March 2, 2007 03:07 AM


Posted by: AZ on March 13, 2007 05:19 PM

I am going thru this now. You can file on him. Our court date is in July. I was actually married 2 him tho. So we'll see. Oh and just bc i was married 2 him he still is not legal.

Posted by: Jill on June 23, 2008 06:34 PM

I am here too.. My son is a little over a year.. he was a cheater and lier.. he wants to be a part of his sons life.. but he wants his cake and eat it too.. he wants to play wit girls and party but im supposed to be here waiting like a good lil girl.. shit im american i was raised to stand up for myself.. so now I made him leave.. and he aint helpin for nada.. what can i do he threatens to take my son to his country then what.. so for now he can see him and i dont argue, but wait till I get it figured out.. im working two jobs plus got my lil boy alone.. wait.. he'll get his.

Posted by: mary on July 10, 2008 11:11 PM

Yes she can file for child support. I am in the same situation and I filed and receive support most of the time. A non-custodial parent's immigration status has nothing to do with paying child support. Even if they say they don't have a job they can set a minimum amount for them to pay.

Posted by: Syd on September 13, 2008 12:36 AM

since I'm going through this as well let me tell what's happening for me
I filed a case gave them as much information as I could numbers I have and gave them pictures. I don't have an adress for him because be won't give it to me. But I'm still recieving child support and my case worker told me ounce they find him he will be given a court date if he fails to apperar he will be given a warrant but either way this in his name he will be denied if he ever trys to get papers and his chances of ever finding work are slim to none
But he comes and sees me and my son and don't even know I have this on him boy Is he going to be pissed when he finds out

Posted by: Amy on January 12, 2009 01:34 AM

I have a 2 yr old son with an illegal. You can get child support but because of the illegal status its way harder to enforce it since many work for cash under the table. Uhm. And as far as visitation goes.. I am going through hell with that right now. Illegals do have the right to see their child(ren) and from what I've been through so far, the whole flight risk thing is not really even considered. And even if child support is not paid, they still have the legal right to see the child(ren). Is that crazy or what! Illegal Immigrants have LEGAL rights... seems a little bogus to me... I really wish no one would ever have to go through this because it seems that the child(ren) and the citizen parent are the ones who lose out....

Posted by: Morgen on February 11, 2009 09:58 PM

yup the boat float's but they can't swim in it. i'm pregnant and 22 with a immigrant from Guatemala guy he was cool but we have been apart for 5 mo and he just want's to marry me to fix his papers so he can work to make it here to were i am i feel dumb and used cause we been together for a year only and due on may 17 may be this month but i have this feeling that he was once married in his country and has kids on top of that i think he has no feelings no sexual nothing this whole freak'n time but how disgusting i feel and for her (my daughter)im gonna make him regret it all im the plan and his day will come to lady's and he will never see her and i will make sure he never does and she will always remember and he will to when i don't call when i go into labor and may be this week then let's see the man who say's he could have married me along time ago get away with it and that baby freak'n donor that's all they are no body want's them here find away back to your country and we pity you

Posted by: roxanna on April 27, 2009 07:11 PM

I'm in the same situation. We were going to get married but I guess he find out getting papers was not so easy like back then. We broke up. He didn't want to help me with anything so I told him to get away from my daughter, and he did. Wow, how could he give up if he said he loved her so much. There is no day she doesn't ask for him. That makes me feel so angry, so I'm going to do anything to make this "person", a real man...

Posted by: PR03 on May 4, 2009 10:32 PM

Me to i got preagneant with an illigle guy when i was 16 and he was 26 he took advantage of me . we were together for 3 years and he was lazy and didnt want to wash dishes or work hard job to help with my baby and my parents had to do everything for me so i said he couldnt see the her. plus he didnt want the baby he was completely insensitive my entire preagnancy i had to beg him just to touch my belly to feel the baby kicking. now i want child sapport cause i know he's working here and i know where he lives. He didn't want to see the baby after i started dating other guys he wanted bolth or none and i didn't want to merry him cause he always called me fat and made me feel not good enough and looked at nakid skinny little girls on porno websites and then when i lost weight then he wanted me so bad and by then i was like no. when i loved him he didn't give me his all. well anyways my daughter is 4 looks just like him and he hasn't seen her in almost 3 years what a jerk.

Posted by: christie on May 17, 2009 11:40 AM

U.S. citizens if the illegals are working the system you have to work the system to your favor also. if the illegals arent paying the court order child support than take them to court. the judge will eventually get tired of seeing them and start putting them in jail. either they will get tired of going to jail and start paying something or they will continue to goto jail. if they cant pay the child support then they cant get custody of the child also because presumably they dont have money. just take them to court. you dont need a lawyer and he will goto jail. some people get 3 months in jail after a while. you think they wont get tired of that!!! anyways what else can you do? just start taking to court.

Posted by: Chris on July 5, 2009 01:19 AM

I am so pissed right now!I have a 9 year old son for an illegal,well I think he is.I just told my son who his real father is only because his real fathers family kept sneaking ways to tell my son.His real father when I broke it off with him stalked us for years.I cant get police help either.I find out later he is married to his illegal wife and has 7 children.I have moved several times and he still finds me.So I decided to write him and give him a chance to come see his son although my husband raised him.Now his illegal wife and kids are calling saying he's in Mexico and to leave their daddy alone.If you the damn stalking he has done.After reading some of these post I know now what i need to do.I'm reporting him and his family.If he ever ran off with my baby I would go crazy.Thanks for these post and ladies please be careful!!!!

Posted by: Rebecca on August 29, 2009 10:27 PM

listen here ladies most of you're is jus fucked up and will pay for ur fucked up actions. you're will burn in hell. i feel like u don't don't evem care bout those beautiful babiies you're having. anyways i have this bitch who has one beautiful daughter for me and soon to have another one. first kids was a trap second was me begin stuppid payin for my actions, like some of you ladiess would say baking the cake and tryin to have it at the same time. so yah i fucked up and i regret but dats not going to change my past and i'm not going to let slow me down. dis cunt tho i'm talking about is fuck sick i think she had my kids was for money, maybe papers 2 threatening with child support, calls me one day before i get payed like she's work for my money. i doubt all the money is spent on my baby and she claims her lazy ass work, yah sure u work alrite ( SITTIN ON YOU'RE FUCKING ASS BITCH!!!!) i hate her i really wish i can make one wish , wish i neva meet this bitch. i love my baby but me and that gold digger will neva get along. don't get me wrong i wish the best for her but she really needs to work on gettin a cat scan or diagnose cause i'm 400% she's diagnose with bipola. love you ladies and have a nice day or nite. stay out of trouble

Posted by: survivorreal on September 21, 2009 09:40 PM

I am the wife of a illegal. He has been the most wonderful husband. He did not marry me for his papers as it is a well known fact you cannot get your papers just because you get married. He had a little girl from a old girlfriend. He has always paid his support and he does anything she asks because she is always blackmailing him with having him deported. She uses that little girl against him like I have never seen before. It is so sad. The worst thing about it is the little girl doesn't even live with her. She lives with other family members. She collects the money always complaining it isn't enough. She lets him see her on her terms only. This little girl is going to grow up and realize what's been done to her father and her mother will be the one to pay the price for these games in the end. Anyway the point I am trying to make is that when you get with a man who doesn't have his papers you are well aware of the fact he is illegal. You as a woman are making a choice to proceed in a relationship with him. You are responsible for your choices. Just because it doesn't work out doesn't give you all the power to run over top of them. Look at your child they are not all American. They will grow up and ask questions. If he is a looser then so be it but if its you just wanting your way in everything because U have the upper hand you will be the one who has to answer to your child and God someday.

Posted by: Wife of Illigal on October 9, 2009 02:32 PM

My sister is having this exact problem. I think the system needs to stop blaming the women and work on making ALL fathers pay their child support, citizens or no. The attitude at the child support office seems to be, "Well, you shoulda thunk of that before you spread your legs for an illegal." Sound familiar? Indeed, if you only replace the word "illegal" with "man."

I admit that it is difficult to track a man down when he lives off the grid, as many illegal immigrants do. They don't have valid Social Security numbers, they use multiple identities, and they often work "under the table" to avoid detection and taxation. However, the sad fact is that most of the women who've been wronged know where to find these men, but pointing them out does no good. The authorities just shrug and say, "What do you want us to do about it?"

Of course, we wouldn't be having this problem at all if we started ENFORCING our border laws to begin with. This is what comes of looking the other way and allowing an entire subculture to live outside the law. Is it any wonder that they have no respect for our values and system?

Posted by: Damiana on October 17, 2009 12:53 AM

The United States has a Federal New Hire law that all employers have to report the hiring of their new employers to Health and Family Services. Each state has to do this. Unfortunately when the illegal alien has filed out the W4 for withholding taxes, the illegal alien uses a made up, stolen or SSN bought on the streets. The employer has to send the W4 information to Health and Family Services. The SSA will validate the income information only if the SSN really matches the person's name and SSN. If not the SSA will not send notices of invalid matches. There is the NDNH that keeps a national data base of new hires but not unverified individuals using someone else's SSN. I guess if the American citizen caught on that if they do not have to give the employer a SSN to be hired, and only have to put any SSN on a W4 for withholding, they could receive a W2 with their real name and a made up or purchased SSN on it. The American citizen could then use the W2 to open a checking and savings, or obtain credit. This would allow them to develop "synthetic" credit reports. It would be important to note that one would have to make sure they had a change of address, other than the one they original had with their "real" SSN. If you work with a SSN that is not yours, and don't file income taxes, I wonder if the IRS will come after you? I wonder if you work with a SSN not yours, and apply for an ITIN number to file income tax returns if you could avoid child support being taken from your income tax refunds??? I wonder if you work two jobs and use two different SSN numbers if you could apply for an ITIN from the IRS and file income tax returns twice?? This of course would be really interesting if you were an illegal alien, with a legal spouse and had 6 children born here in the United States, I guess you could claim the additional child credits. I guess the way the IRS laws currently are, you could work with s different SSN for different employers for many years. Then when you want to retire or become disabled, just go to your SSA office and use Form SS-5 to report all the years of errors. Since the IRS and SSA make claim that they cannot inform the real citizens that someone is working with their SSN numbers under the U.S.Privacy Laws and Tax Code 6103. The DOJ we were told does not investigate illegal aliens working with our SSN, applying for ITINS, and attaching a W2 with a no-name match SSN to it. I wonder if the AMERICAN citizen could be charged under federal law of representing themselves as an illegal alien, or resident alien with the IRS???? I am not recommending that any taxpayer avoid paying or filing income taxes, I am just saying that it appears the IRS and especially Congress just doesn't want to stop the employment of illegal aliens and stop them from using our SSN numbers. So I guess the illegal alien is going to be hard to collect child support from. UMMM, all the rights and privileges and they don't have to follow our laws. THINK ABOUT IT...

Posted by: Debra Guenterberg on November 1, 2009 05:32 PM

I had my son at 15 from an undocumented fellow and now my son is 16 years old and I have not received one check from Child Support (even after it went through the courts) nor from him (where ever he is), nor do I ever want one. First of all how, he does not have a SS#, how will ANYONE know who he is here in the states other then his name, let alone be able to work under their real names and pay childsupport. REMEMBER LADIES, In order to pay child support it has to come out of the jobs that they hold by filing it with the states under there ss#, NOW IF HE DON'T HAVE ONE(ss#), what can he file, NOTHING. In the second place, that would mean he would be liable to some sort of rights, if he would pay. So for me I'm better off with out his money, I work for my child and want the best for them, with or without a man. I keep my head held high and show my son that ----III love him and that I am his Mother and Father...But if one day he would ever pay I think i'm at around $90,000 owed last time i called and checked...SO your answer to your ? IS YOU CAN FILE AND GO THROUGH THE COURTS SET HIM UP FOR CHILD SUPPORT BUT IF HE IS JUST A JOHN DOE NAME WITHOUT A SS#, HE WILL BE UNABLE TO FIND. UR OUT OF LUCK...THAT LIFE, UNLESS THE ALLEGED FATHER MAKES CASH PAYMENTS TO CS BUT BUT THATS RARLEY HAPPENS.

Posted by: Ana on November 11, 2009 12:41 PM

I find it funny that people like to judge but have no idea what they are really talking about. First of all, if an illegal is working a steady job that did not look at anything other than his driver's license when he was hired, how would someone dating him know he was illegal? The state I live in, NC, is one who does not check immigration status when renewing driver's licenses (it is one of about 8 states in the US that does not) so when an illegal goes to renew a license they obtained when they had a temporary green card, they can get it renewed with no problem. Then, the illegal can seek and obtain work pretty much anywhere, as that is usually all that is requested for ID when someone applies for a job. The person I know (my baby's father) who did this used a NC address to renew his NC license, and can fly back to California where he lives and seek a job without any problems. California usually checks when they renew, so ofcourse, they assume other states do too. Also, aside from names that may sound foreign, many "illegals" are well educated (the one I knew went to boarding school in London) and well spoken, and did not even have an African accent. In America, it is not uncommon to have non-traditional names, as our families come from all over.

Also, to say that a person cannot get custody of a child because they are claiming not to have money to pay support is also not true. First of all, if there was no custody settlement or arrangements at the time a support order is established, or any other time for that matter, in the majority of states, no parent has ANY more right to the child than the other - REGARDLESS of who financially supports the child and who the child lives with. Furthermore, either parent can pick the child up from home, school, or anywhere else - take them out of the country with them, and it will not be considered kidnapping, as both parents have equal rights to the child until some type of legal terms have been agreed upon.(which costs an arm and a leg, by the way- which...if most of us had 2500.00 to throw around on a lawyer, we would not be concerned about child support to begin with)

Also, the person who said to "take him to court" over and over again....most support orders cannot be adjusted or heard again for 3 years, in which case you can ask for adjustments to the amount for whatever reason. A fail to pay order can only be brought on the person by the state, and they try their best to avoid throwing anyone in jail because they will never get support that way, the most they do is freeze any bank accounts the person may be dumb enough to have in their names, and this is only after 12 months has gone by with NO payment. If the person pays ANYTHING, like 25.00 for example, before the 13th month, they avoid the freeze on the bank account. Then, the 12 month allowance starts over. Basically, if the one paying (or not paying) support figures out the system, they can get by with paying 25.00 every 13 months and avoid any consequences.

Also, anyone who receives any type of state or federal assistance (daycare assistance, reduced lunches, medicaid, work first, food stamps, etc) has to wait until the STATE is reimbursed before they benefit from any support that is paid or taken from taxes filed, so sometimes you will not see anything from a payment that was supposedly made.

Now, my child's father has requested to waive his support order because he claims he cannot find work (even though he maintained steady work prior to my child being born, and was illegal then also) and they just may allow him to....we have not really received anything since he was born anyway. He refuses to sign a waiver for any rights to his child, probably as an attempt to manipulate me, which would drop his obligations financially and otherwise. I can count on one hand how many times he has visited my 5 year old son, he doesn't even know him.BUT, he could show up at my son's daycare one day, grab my son, and take off to London without telling me and I wouldn't be able to do a darn thing about it.

It's a crazy situation, and to any one of you who are going through it, my heart goes out to you all and I wish you the best of luck.

Posted by: Tiffany on December 1, 2009 03:33 PM

Yes you can file for childsupport, but this does not neccesary mean they will pay. I have a child with an illegal, and because we do not live together and I receive some government assistance, due to not making enough money working and being a fulltime student, the system made me work with child support, he pays to stay out of trouble.

Posted by: proud momma on December 8, 2009 01:35 PM

I am in the same situation as all the others. It doesn't get any easier either, only more complicated. My illegal and I were on and off for the past 9 1/2 years. We really did love each other at one time. He decided to see someone else, well apparently for the entire time we've been together.

It just proves they can lead a double life and get away with it. He currently does not pay support but many say the reason is because I will not let him see the kids. That is just stupid. Well, we both have restraining orders against each other. But he is really the crazy one. He abused me the entire time, just over the aummer he decided since I didn't want to follow him home from the restaurant he would hit my truck and cause almost $5000.00 of damage to it.

He even told my children to keep this other girl a secret and that she would be their new "MOMMY". I did not find out right away. But when I did, I was mad. He only played mind games with me and it was all lies.

That is all these men do from Mexico. They find some helpless girl who will pitty them and get them pregnant.Then decide to abuse them every way possible and end up not taking care of their responsibilties.

But this illegal mexican did work two jobs basically everyday. No wonder why he managed to have an affair. And the money, well, he would say "that's my money. not your money." He called me lazy and I am a bad mother while I was left home with the children while he partied all night with other girls.

This new girl he plans on marrying just to get his green card. Immigration does not care, the police will not do anything about it. It is so obvious illegals get away with everything. They have fake social security cards, IDs, birth certificates. It is no wonder immigration is never able to find them.

For the longest time he didn't want child support to come after his ass because immigration might get him.
I called the child support office, gave info where he works, the fake social security # he uses, even his bank account number. As of this day, he owes me $28,000 and that is just for one kid. He has paid to date $77.00.
I did one better to by turning him in for child neglect and abuse. It wasn't a lie either. He was smoking pot around my children, snorting cocaine, and not to mention this black powdery substance my son found. And he says he loves his kids so much. LIES. He is just a selfish person. He went all the way to call his own children "pieces of shit" and "trash" and that I made them that way because I have a crappy job. Nice father. He didn't even tell his wife to be that he has another child. She claims she know him so well and she's known him for 10 years. She doesn't know crap.

I am sure he is furious about being turned in. We have custody court and he actually thinks he has rights and can get my children when he is a criminal, on drugs, has a violent temper, and no green card.
My children and I attend counseling for everything he has done. I sure hope my children do not turn out like him. A dead beat dad. I hope I do get my child support, but that is a toss up. He'll either pay to stay out of trouble or just take off because he is a coward.

Men are retarded and think they are hurting the women when the entire time they are hurting themselves and their children. But in the end, children don't need to deal with anymore bad behavior from their fathers.

Posted by: Chloe on December 14, 2009 09:23 PM

so im a illigal and a father...i want to be part of my childrens life but my ex wont let...thats the only reason im not sending her money...im not like the rest I work and she knows that...she knows how much i make and how much i spend...its only been 2 1/2 months since she left me and took my kids 700 miles away but since then i have alredy payed 1000 in legal fees and another 1200 to get my car that she took from me....so ladies your not the only one that have to go thru all the shinanigans....I love my kids and dont know what kind of memories im missing out on

Posted by: im not that one on January 3, 2010 10:08 PM

Hi I am in the same situation. My boyfriend is from POland and he told me he had a visa for 15 years and that he still wanted to get married to me and have our baby. The ass lied i am pretty sure I looked through his apt and did not find any legal documentation. I think he just tricked me so he could become legal it is too late for me to have an abortion and i am scared that this ass will get away with this ....Is there any kind of lawyer that a women can see .I know i am pretty screwed and will not get anything out of him but if he could just go to jail just so he knows he messed with the wrong bitch.....

Posted by: lisa on January 28, 2010 12:49 PM

Ladies I am in the same situation and at times I get really angry. there is little financial help. sometimes he calls and speaks to his daughter and that makes her so happy. On top of me being the provider, he is very disrespectful to me. We sometimes have to live by our choices and learn from our mistakes. Let us embrace our children, do what is in their best interest and put our personal feelings aside. Ladies! introduce your children to God, He is our heavenly father, provider and keeper and his grace is sufficient! Educate yourself and gain your independence so that you can care for your child/children. forgive these men and be at peace with yourselves. allow them to see their children as long as it is safe to do so. It is our children who suffers in the end. I had to swallow my pride and take the short end of the stick to see my daughter happy. I love each and every on of you and wish your situation was different. continue to trust God and seek him in every area of your life. Revenge is mine said the lord. On that note I wish you much success. Remember, to be educated is to have power! Go back to shcool and get your degrees, there is no limitations. At the end you will feel good about your accomplishments."Live on purpose"

Posted by: Shamoya faith on March 2, 2010 08:05 AM

It appears the March 13 2007 comment about not getting citizenship for banging an American woman is by a Mexican. This is what Americans have to put up with now because hispanics are now the greatest people on earth. And all they had to do to get to be better than you Americans that pay is to be born. I think its pretty stupid for Americans to lay down and spread for a people that makes enough babies they can't pay for with their own people. Why do you think they are here. http://churchofthegreathunab-ku.weebly.com

Posted by: Vernell Lowe on March 20, 2010 12:03 PM

Some comments here are just terrify the leaving shit out of me. I am illegal alien not by choice but because circumstances forced me to. I came here legally to college. In my fourth year I had some health issues that landed me in hospital multiple times and eventually I had to have serious surgery. My girlfriend was pregnant at the time and by the time I had chance to fully recover I had to already think about providing for family. For 8 years I was the one making all the sacrifices when she was finishing college than working on her carrier. For 8 years I was taking care of kids during the day, cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, taking kids to school or to a doctor when they were sick. And than working at night and on the weekends. Recently she met someone and we split up. Timing was perfect she dumped me as soon kids started going to school full time. Now she is threatening me black mailing me because in her opinion I don't contribute enough money. I am a very active father. I do all I can considering my financial situation. I still spend more quality time with my kids than she does. I am active at kids school and after school activities. But I am the bad guy in this situation. Luckily she is not citizen either she is here on working viza and trying to get green card. I don't wont to be here to be honest never did. I can't stop thinking about going back to Europe but because of my kids I can't. I really don't know what to do.
Not all guys are bad. You ladies take as much advantage of us as we take advantage of you.

Posted by: Alchemic on March 28, 2010 08:52 PM

Im sorry for all who has children and cant get support. Im American was married to another American still cant recieve support, they have his lisence # and every thing so I feel real bad for you all,Here is some advise on how to take your America back and support your kids too. you see if they are here illegal , now it is harder to open a bank account....they get paid cash...they like white american girls...they like to drink.....add it up yet? Get cleaned up on Saturday nite or friday Hope they didnt money gram their deniero yet ...get em pass out drunk take their weeks pay ..its tax free...lol...Girls get up work one nite a week take your America back...Good Luck...oh yeah My kids are doin fine..I work every now in then big cities like Richmond Va also Commmerce Ga be careful work in 2 or 3's....also the BIBLe says those with out sin cast first stone...Dont judge....

Posted by: Smart Blonde on April 12, 2010 12:58 AM

u all get a life !!!

Posted by: pancho villa on April 12, 2010 05:07 PM

im in the same boat...my baby daddy got locked up and is now getting deported and i have no idea on how to put him on child support but im going to try my best to find out info.

Posted by: Ashley on April 25, 2010 07:05 PM

I had a baby 3months ago with an illegal mexican hes in jail now for hitting me the judge is keeping him there for 2months i have full custidy of our baby girl the judge said after he gets out he has to pay chil support 500 a month but i thank if you try hard u can get child support all you need is a address and a full name thats it

Posted by: beth on June 18, 2010 02:41 AM

my girl friend is illigal in u.s and all the time she say she going to left me. does she can put me in child suppord being illigal??

Posted by: magf on June 24, 2010 01:45 AM

ok so me too i have 2 beautiful daughtersthe father cheated on me treated me like shit and now i am here trying to raise 3 kids-the oldest not his-on my own he went to jail for joining the drug game but i am still the winner cause even though he may of had some money in his little dick jeans i still have my kids heart i get to see them grow and that is something he will never see he loves them but after going to a halfway house-then decided to run to new york yep h still there he works at a tailor shop just in case anyone wants to put him back in prison but any way i have survived for 3years off a 875.00 pay check a month my rent being 620.00 never had a bill shut off now i met someone but i cant expect him to be a supportive

Posted by: bleedinf on June 24, 2010 07:12 PM

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Posted by: bleedinf on June 24, 2010 07:16 PM

I am going through the same thing but girls if you are tired of this and you want it to stop then we should all get together and do something about it ,cause for one if they don't want to pay then they need to go back where they came from and stop making babies and not support them .. Im very serious .. please get in touch with me im getting things together for a protest .. I will find out what to do .. Please get in touch with me by email first and from there you can get more info ... My email is annamagnitzky@gmail.com .. Please , the more women the better ... If there is a will theres a way ...

Posted by: Anna on July 6, 2010 12:09 AM

I am married to my second illegal and just so you all know my first husband whom of which I had 2 daughters with was a alcosolic and cocaine addict. Once I finally got up enough nerve to divorce him, I once again found myself in love with another illegal, well I have been married now the best 6 years of my life and this man took me and my 3 children into his life and loves them and treats them as his own. He was never able to have a child and I have my tubes tied so I can't give him a child, but none of that matters to him papers or not we are best friend and in love. My ex is back in mexico since when we got divorced he lost his papers that I fixed for him and I don't recieve any child support even though the US and Mexico have a treaty to collect child support internationally, but u know what it was my body when I chose to have my children and nobody made that decision but me and I don't think it's fair Illegal or not to be begging for child support, grow up and raise ur kids, if the mane wants to pay good, that's because he is a good Daddy and if he dosen't well that's on you....

Posted by: Married to an Illgal on July 25, 2010 02:16 AM


Posted by: ROSEMOND on August 9, 2010 12:16 PM

im 18 years old and have a 17 month old son with a illegal. we were together for 2 1/2 years. we broke up when my son was 9 months old and he stopped seeing him and stopped giving me money for him he helped with the baby at first because i was trying to finish school but when we broke up he said his cars and friends we more important then his son. he says now that im working its my problem he stopped seeing him and changed his phone number i used to call him to plead to him to see his son i never asked for money he just started giving me money again only $40 a week he says a baby doesnt cost that much i spend $200 a week on my son and pay a baby sitter and rent he says that he has other things he needs to take care of that comes before the baby i dont understand them he has said that hes going to take the baby and go to portgual so at 1st i didnt let him see him and now he is asking to see him once a week on sundays and i let him because on sundays i work 12 hour days and the baby sitter cost to much im going to the child support office in 2 days but he tells me he doesnt have to pay it cause he is illegal

Posted by: nicole on September 7, 2010 11:37 PM

okay i was with this immagrant for almost 3 years and im 34 weeks pregnet with his daughter and he lefted me and he works on a dairy farm but i dont know if he uses his real name or a fake name. i told him i was ganna get a dna test to prove that she is his but he thinks she isnt. and i told him i was ganna put child support on him and he doesnt care is there any way i can get him deported and go back to mexico if he doesnt want anything to do with the baby, i know this is all wrong and the untied states should enforce laws for immagrants already here! but i do not know what do do i know his real name and hia adress but thats it no ssn number or anything like that but he is in the police record and all that so if any one can help me please email me at kaylah_is_hott@hotmail.com

Posted by: kayla on September 14, 2010 05:46 PM

kaylah keep your legs close bitch !!
lol. get a life same for you all so in love so hornys trashy people WT

all you all want is money $$$ losers

Posted by: tommy lee j on September 24, 2010 04:55 PM

you no what i can't understand is how all off yall trash talk these men. well yall were the one who chose 2 have sex with these illegal people.you couldn't be that stupid to say u never thought they were using u i'm in the same place i nhave one child by an illegal man he did me the same way but i'm grown and i didn't need him 2 take care of me he doesn't pay a cent my baby is 5 and i did it by myself 4 a year until i met someone that was illegal that was becoming legal so i didn't have 2 marry him and we've been together sense then we have 2 more childeren and he excepts my oldest one as his my oldest son has only seen his father 3 times when he was a year old but it is nobody's fault but ur own i hope ur childern don't hear how u talk about there family members from another country u all should be ashamed of ur self for talking about ur kids this way they r apart of that man 2 and i could never say that about my oldest baby's father b/c i was blessed with a gift from god u act as if ur children r burdens on ur life i hope god can make u have peace in ur life as i have in mine may god bless u all

Posted by: victoria on October 4, 2010 03:29 PM

i love how everyone is getting on talking bad about everyone else. obviously no one is going to take the time to write out their life story on here so no one really knows everything to what was going on in the person commentings life. i have a 7 month old with an illegal who got deported. i could really use some financial help from the father, but i dont think i will be able to get it.does that mean i dont appreciate my daughter? absolutly not. i love her to death she is my world. i thought i was in love with her father but now that i'm out of the infatuation stage i realized his is no good and entirely to violent to be around my child, especially considering the fact that he hit me almost every night. and yes i was dumb for every staying please dont go off telling me i know i was....i am not here for judgement or to judge anyone else, i would just like to know if theres any help i can get financially for raising this child

Posted by: lindsey on October 11, 2010 01:12 AM

I have a son and his father don't have paper in this country,i have been take care of him myself.I have talk to his father to help i even tell him to give me what he have, and that did not work my friend tell me that seen he don't have paper i wont get no money for my son so i when to the child support office and file the paper,but my friend said he wont show up for the count date so i am out of luck,is there someone out there who have that same trouble as me are someone how have find a way in,i need some advice about what to do.

Posted by: Nasiya on November 7, 2010 01:43 PM

Wow.. i just wanted to find an answer so I could help out a friend. but wow!!! girls shut your freaking legs, if you are not prepared to take care of these beautiful children on your own that is. i get you feel like the guys should help or for a lot just want the money. but here it is. If they loved you you would be married raising them together. If they leave it is their loss. Grow up accept responsiblity and rock it on your own. It can happen. i have 2, 10 yrs apart so I know. A good guy will come along for you but dont let the losers hold you down. and girls man come on we bring a lot of the crap on ourselve. We know the relationship is purely sex but we stay there. Why?? i know I dont want my girls in relationships like that. im sorry to you ladies struggling but come on..

Posted by: sabrina on December 28, 2010 08:33 PM


Posted by: ** on January 7, 2011 07:20 PM



Posted by: TKL_*- on January 7, 2011 07:31 PM

My god,some of you women are total fucking bastards,
What about the rights of a father,who loves and cares for his child no less than you.

Women like you lot sicken me

Posted by: spear on January 10, 2011 06:31 AM

I have a 5 month old daughter by an illegal...he pays me what he can every other week..I work two jobs. I really don't need his money but if he wants to send it ill accept it. I put it in a bank acount just for my daughter. Its hard for him to see her bc I moved so far away. I really feel he loves her but not old enough yet to under stand the responsabilitys that comes with a baby.. of course just like all u.. he was a lier n a cheater n plays mind games. I left him when I was only 3 months prego.. I new he wasn't going to be with me and I'm fine with that. He can live his life and I can live mines.. I let him see his daughter everytime I go to visit. He is more then welcome to come see his child here to but don't. She 5 months he has seen her 3 times. I feel its my childs choice.. she will sooner or later find out on her own how her farther is. Their is no piont in it for me to back talk him in fronth of her. She can make her own judgement of him. Like I tell him all the time u have nothin to prove to me. U have to prove it to her..i am with someone else. Its up to her for what she wants to call him. I don't want to force my child into anything. She has her own mind for a reason. I will let her make them choices wen it comes to her farther. She don't need no ideals from me. Bc how I feel about him has nothing to do with her. I hate his guts n could give 2 shits about him.but she could love him to death..u shouldn't make that choice for ur children. Who are you to say they can't see their farther. I'm scared he'll take her back to his country.. that's why u keep a close and a ear open. I don't play bull shit high school games. He knows to think twice befor he fucks with me.I wish u all luck believe me I've been their done it.. sooner or later u just accept the fact of life. And get over it..its hard but remember ladies SINGLE MOMS do it the best..and it makes us a lot stronger in the end.

Posted by: katherine on January 24, 2011 03:15 AM

I am a parent who wants to be part of my daughters life I pay my ex girlfriend money but she is never happy she wants more money and always threatens me if I don't pay more she will call immigration on me and will not let me see my baby. I don't know what to do I am afraid of what she will do . I give her cash and I don't have proof of what I have Paid her. By the way she is also an illegal immigrant. Can anyone gives advice.

Posted by: Vero on February 22, 2011 09:15 PM

I have to childs by illegal and now he is trying to get custody bec he doesn't want to pay for then he is now the his new girlfriend he leaved is childs and wife for her can u get custody of them

Posted by: Kimberly on March 1, 2011 11:22 AM

Ok so I have to give my two cents about this issue because I am in the same situation. BE CAREFUL. I had a child support order in place since 2005 and he stopped sending in payments in 2006. Well to make a long story short there was an arrest warrant out for him from 2006-2011. He was finally picked up for something else, and now my daughters are only going to get 100.00 from this bastard and then they are deporting him back to Mexico. The Judge was more concerned with the state being out money for him staying in jail than my children. Since there was an immigration hold put on him while he was in jail they were quick to release him on a 100.00 bond.

That sucks because we all know that he will come right back. what is the point of deporting.

Posted by: TMC on March 12, 2011 09:13 PM

ok I have one. my cheating husband just found out after leaving his mistress that she may be pregnant but unsure if it is his. my husband is legally hear but she is not. can she file for child support against him. can she say he is the father when she herself does not know. what are her rights and what are his.

Posted by: marie on April 28, 2011 06:11 PM

I am in the same situation as you girls but you know what we live and we learn from our mistakes I am 24 years old and I have a gorgeous 3 year old little girl I have my own apartment and a good car and I work my ass off in order to not need shit from my babys father or take advantage of the system so it can be done ladies dont give up!! Just remember the next time you think about having a baby or dating an illegal immigrant if its's worth it in the long run. I know I will never again date or have a relationship with an illegal this girl learned her lesson. Now I just have to provide for my child and make sure she grows up a bright young lady who knows her mother loves her to death and worked her ass off to give her everything she could and thats the way you girls should think instead of wishing the low life anything bad remember Karma is a bitch and every ones day comes sooner or later...

Posted by: Jramz on April 28, 2011 06:43 PM

i came on here because i really need some help. i have no trash talk about my sons father. he is from honduras and is back there now. he left exactly a week after our son was born and promised hed be back in 7 weeks. our son is over a year old now. he calls to see how hes doin and still tries to tell me he loves me but of course i don believe him but i need t now if i can still get help though hes in another country.

Posted by: gouda on July 5, 2011 06:11 AM

I have 2 children from an illegal alien, from whom I was married to for about 4 years. I can tell you with much certainty that it is almost impossible. If you know where the baby's dad is working, you can file with child support enforcement and you can get somewhere... If you're like me, and you do not know where they work then you are pretty much screwed. Best of luck to you moms/dads out there, searching for the other parent..whether they are illegal or not.

Posted by: JAYLYN on July 16, 2011 04:09 PM

Well same boat. Here. My baby is 10months and her daddy just seems. Not to care. He was there for her the first 5 months and has not even called. Once. In 6mos already. I have his address his work. Address and I even know. What. Bank he banks for hes not on my babys birth certificate I really need him. To pay. But im not sure if im just. Waisting my time trying to get. Him to pay. If theres. Nothing much. The child support oficce can. Do. Im on a debate. If I should process. The request of child support I know we need a court odered dna. Wich. Is no prob anyone has any. Tips. On what should. I do??

Posted by: me on August 3, 2011 12:59 AM

im in a situation where the father of my daughter is an illegal immigrant. we are separated, but he voluntarily gives me money weekly. i do let him see his daughter when ever he wants. now i want to apply for public assistance and i would like to know if he would get in trouble because he is illegal in this country even thought he pays me weekly?

Posted by: ana on August 4, 2011 08:14 PM

well I am in a boat....almost the same!.....I just want to say that people do lie....so not all the ladies on here slept with ill. immrgts and knew they were illegal. When i first met my kids father i asked if he had papers..he told me "yes i do,...you think i need you for that?...I dont need you for that" those were his words to me in 2007. 1 baby later and I was also pregnt with second child .....He tells me his papers will expire in May 2009. I was a little upset because i really didnt know what was a head of me. Now in 2010 i was thinking to myself if i should help him so my kids would have a daddy in their life or go a head and just walk away. froom 2009 till today my kids dont know thier daddy because he refuses to spend time with them.....I even relocated back to new york from TN for 6 months so they could be closer to their dad and he still would work everyday and not spend time with them. So now i see he will not change....As far as money he started off giving me 200 weekly and now its 60 every two weeks....He makes enough to send more but it would be a hassle trying to prove it in court. Yes i continue to let him speak to his kids even though i really dont want him in their life but I know his has rights. And god will take care of him.

.He wants me to marry him and all that. He does and never has spent time with his kids...always puts his job first...so now (2011) i have decided not to help him get his papers..because they dont know there daddy now....if he gets papers he still will work 24/7 and tell me he doesnt have any money to send for kids. so i say let them deport him....we dont see him now in america....we wont see him in africa...

.NOW if he would change his ways as it relates to quality time for the sake of his kids....I would help him..(but his values and mine are differnt.....He believes working is more important than spending time with his kids.....i belve in doing both)..I wannt to make myself clear HE DOES NOT SPEND TIME WITH HIS KIDS...NONE AT ALL...THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN OUR ARUGMENTS ....I would HELP if he would change...which he has not yet........I would be willing to be miserable for 3yrs of marriage by helping him get his papers if it would make my kids be happy for a lifetime because they are important to me and its not there fault. I know how it is not to have a dad. So as for the girl back in April 2011 that said:

***** Now I just have to provide for my child and make sure she grows up a bright young lady who knows her mother loves her to death and worked her ass off to give her everything she could *********

You can not be a father and a mother.

Posted by: lashunda on September 2, 2011 06:23 PM

As for the parent above whom wrote this in 2009:

I am a parent who wants to be part of my daughters life I pay my ex girlfriend money but she is never happy she wants more money and always threatens me if I don't pay more she will call immigration on me and will not let me see my baby. I don't know what to do I am afraid of what she will do . I give her cash and I don't have proof of what I have Paid her. By the way she is also an illegal immigrant. Can anyone gives advice.

My advice to you: i would say go and get a money order but she probably doesnt have an ID. You can go purchase gift card instaed of giving cash ans keep alll of your receipts. If you get gift cards from stores like Target or Walmart they have every thing she needs for your child. If the mom needs money for doctors i am pretty sure she get some form of public assistance from the state she lives in if the baby was born here. far as you seeing your daugther....have someone pretend they are from Immgrt office and go knock on her door and tell her if she doent give you weekend visitation rights they will take her in to be deported and the kids will go to state. Dont tell hher you will do this...just set it up. it may scare her into letting you visit your daughter. the same way she scares u into giving her money. The person really has to look like a person from Immrgt.

Posted by: Lashunda on September 2, 2011 06:41 PM

I have been wiith an illegal from brazil for 3 years. He and I had spoken about marriage and starting a family but...as soon as he found out i was pregnant he told me he was leaving for brazil. He said he is married there with a daughter i had no idea about. I am freaking out. How am i going to raise a baby alone with no financial help? On top of that i was supposedly supposed to be moving to brazil with him as soon as we saved up enough money to build a house. He used me and got me pregnant and now has no intentions on helping me support the baby. Can he be forced to pay child support from brazil?

Posted by: geee on October 17, 2011 01:01 PM

I'm a man who just want to be left alone by my illegal immigrant mother of my children, talk about a double life! I just want to move on as a single father. It's not only women who fall victim to these situations. There are good men who suffer too. I just want for me and my children to have the life that I can give to them without her, her "familiar", or the government! There's more of us then you know. I just wannabe free. I miss my life before her. I can't see my life without them. I can't deal with her lazy do everything for me ass. When I supported her lazy ass for 7years yet she decides any second to move on and find another American that can help her even if my kids don't approve is wrong. I don't want child support I just want to move on. If there was something good I missed it because of not being able to move on. How is it I support her for all these years and the moment I decide I Can't be with her anymore she wants my children and money? I met her fell in love like a fool and this is what I get.

Posted by: a good man on January 11, 2012 08:40 PM

Yo soy illegal pinches. Viejas calenturientas si quieren tener sexo y no pueden cubrir Los gastos de un hijo pongales condon a su pareja viejas p.....

Posted by: Gustavo on February 21, 2012 06:09 PM

Te deveria dar pena ablar mal de las mujeres pendejo acuerdate q saliste de una pero te entiendo talvez tu madre era una pinche vieja calenturienta y pendeja por parrir a un pedaso de mierda como tu.

Posted by: Yesenia on April 15, 2012 04:02 AM

What rotten women on this forum. Not letting the father see a child in order to get revenge? You are hurting the child. Fuck all you bitches!

Let this forum be a warning to men all over the world.

From an American Man.

Posted by: bill on May 19, 2012 06:39 PM

I was reading about the comments here and a lot of this is not true. I know about an American woman and she has 5 kids all from different father (Illegal) and she uses those poor Illegal men just for her business. She gets all the help from the Goverment and plus she keep blackmailing the 5 guys asking for money; every week she has a quote of $200 a week for each one ( that makes $1.000 a week under the table) and she is telling this guys that if they dont pay the quote she is gonna call inmigration. I think that is very sick from a person if you can to call it a person. And probably this person came from an Ilegal(inmigrant) family too called Irish, Italian, German or from other of the many countries that the people came many years ago. Not the Spanish are the only Inmigrants in this country. Like somebody said on a comment, if you dont want kids just use a Birth control method and condom to make sure you dont get a dissease. Women dont use your kids just for money, go out there and work hard, dont blame the guys for everything. Having an legal status here dont make you better person, there are bunch of people that are ilegal and are doctors, lawyers, accountant, nurses, pilots and many other careers. Respect the Human not an status.

Posted by: Kelly smith on November 2, 2012 11:05 PM

I just want to say, I am an American woman with a child fathered by a Mexican. I want him to pay child support. And for the most part he does. But its at HIS discretion. Since i cant take him to court because he has no social to track. But when he is being mean and wont pay, i have NEVER kept his daughter from him. I get soooooo pissed off at women who use these kids as bargaining chips! They deserve to have a relationship with their parents! Stop holding your children hostage! Yes, its a hard road to raise a child alone. but that is no reason to deny the other parent the chance to be a part of their kids life. Just because the woman has the kid doesnt mean she is the only one who can make decisions for them. Grow up women! if you cant take care of them -- then dont have them!

Posted by: Stacy on January 9, 2013 08:44 PM

I am so lost right now. I had a relationship for 5 years with a guatemalan. I now have a 4 year old, a 3 year old and a 2 year old. He got deported when my oldest was nearly 2. No body understands. It is effecting the 4 year old. It bothers her. I have had little help with this situation. I don't want anything but for these girls and him to have some kind of a relationship. How is that possible when hes in Guatemala. He is not a perfect person. We are no longer together. Actually I have since remarried. But my husband doesn't understand. How in the hell do you help a 4 year old understand something so complicated? Their blood father doesn't seem to be interested in being a father. He is blaming the fact that he got deported on me. He says it was my fault. Everything is everybody else fault. I just want for someone to understand. I just feel like a terrible mother. But I know I am not. I am scared and confused. I need help please. Somebody anybody.

Posted by: rachel on March 13, 2013 01:48 AM

some woman wrote here she got a kid by screwing some nigger from Africa. First she is a whore, what next a monkey, but second she can just rat him out to immigration. That's the easiest thing.

Posted by: another on June 15, 2013 12:19 PM

the one thing I don't understand is childsupport office cannot collect on an illegal if you have no new made up social security, but then the illegal can give irs a w2 with his social that he made up and his itin number and childsupport will not or does not want to look at that there are two different numbers and if they would run the itin they would get his social and address and job location but dcse has failed and irs does not handle childsupport issues....

Posted by: jewels on July 9, 2013 02:10 PM

I want to say thanks to this great man called Dr Samura who helped me in my marriage life. my name is Sarah Hasbarger lives in USA memphise so i was married to Albert we both love and like each other before our marriage, he care about my well being so i was so happy that i have found a man like this in my life my parents love him so much because of his kindness towards me and the way he care about me after four years in my marriage, no child he was not showing me much care anymore but i notice something is going on which i no. then i keep on with the relationship and i was hoping one day God will open my way to have a child in my home then i keep on going to church from one play to another by telling all the pastors about my problems that i don't have a child so many of them promise me that soon i we have a child in my home i keep on hoping in God's miracle on till one day when i went for a visit in my friend office then i was welcome by my friend we started dis causing about so many things on marriage life i was so shock she ask me about my wedding and what is going on till now i still don't have a child then i told her my dear sister i don't no what to do anymore and am scared of loosing my husband who have be caring for me for a long time now then she said i we not loosing him i ask how? then she said there is one man called Dr Samura who help in a relationship then i keep on asking how about him she told me this man can do all thing and make things possible i never believe her for once that this man she is talking about can do it so fast. also i ask her how do i get his contact she said i should not worry my self then she gave me his contact email ID and his number to contact him i said ok i will try my best to do so she wish me the best of luck in life then i went home gotten home, found that my door is open i was scared thinking so many things i don't no who is in my house now i look at the key in my hand i was thinking i did not lock my door shortly a word came into my mind that i should go inside and check if there is any body at home or my husband getting inside, i found that my husband move away his things in the house then i started calling his number refuses to pick i was like a mad Dog i cried and cried don't no what to do then i remember to that a friend of mine gave me a contact today i take my computer i emailed this man called Dr Samura also i called him on his cell phone which i received from my friend he spoke to me very well and i was happy my husband we come back to me so after the work was well done by Dr Samura, just in three days i heard my phone ringing not knowing it was my husband telling me his sorry about what he did to me then i accepted him again a month later, i was pregnant for him so i rest my testimony till i deliver safely i we give the best testimony again so my sisters and brothers if you are in such pain kindly contact this great man with this email SAMURATELLERSPELL100@YAHOO.COM OR CALL +2347030410643

Posted by: sarah on August 12, 2013 06:01 AM

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