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Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches, Statistics and Superstars For January 2005

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January saw the ringing in of a new year and slow growth here at the Realm. We added categories to the site -- which can be found on the left navbar -- which will hopefully make things easier to find. We have also added a link to Bloglines to the site. Click here to add DiggersRealm to your Bloglines!

Diggers Realm Stats And Growth For The Month Of January
The month of January saw a slight growth from December in page views. There were 162450 page views for January a slight increase from the 135550 page views in December.

Any growth in statistics is a joy, even modest ones.

Diggers 20 Superstars Of The Month
Every month I'll be highlighting the twenty Superstar sites of the month that have been helpful to Diggers Realm in one way or another. If you haven't visited them give them a click and check them out.

# Last ChangeWebsite
1 N/A -- Backcountry Conservative
2 4 +2 The Command Post
3 2 -1 Wizbang
4 N/A -- Tom McMahon
5 5 -- In Search Of Utopia
6 3 -3 Michelle Malkin
7 N/A -- FourSixteen.net
8 N/A -- A Little About Everything
9 6 -3 The Jawa Report
10 8 -2 Slant Point
11 9 -2 Blogs Of War
12 N/A -- Unscrewing The Inscrutable
13 N/A -- The Panda's Thumb
14 N/A -- Speed of Thought
15 19 +4 The MUSC Tiger
16 7 -9 The Straight Bannana
17 11 -6 In The Bullpen
18 N/A -- Absinthe & Cookies
19 13 -6 The Education Wonks
20 14 -6 Wes Roth

Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches
These are searches that brought people to Diggers Realm this month. Note that they didn't just search for these things, but they actually clicked through to Diggers Realm after the search was made. Actual searches are in Bold below.

[search terms deleted]

Diggers Personal Favorite Entries Of The Month
Below are some of my favorite or ridiculous posts for the month, just in case you missed them.

Jan 29 - A Harsh, Quick Note To The Iraqi People

I am excited that the Iraqi people have stood up and begun voting. You have now declared your independence. You are now responsible for ending the cruelty that has been brought upon your country by the terrorists. We are there ...

Jan 29 - California Councilwoman Resigns After Discovery She Is Not A US Citizen

Under penalty of perjury newly elected Councilwoman Zoila Meyer filled out her candidacy papers last August marking that she was a US citizen. She won the 4 year council seat by 75 votes. She shocked her council members by resigning ...

Jan 29 - Monkeys Will Pay For Monkey Porn

Yes, monkeys will give up their juice to look at some hot monkey chicks ass. They'll also give up some of their sweet stash for pictures of higher ranking monkeys, even if they've never met them. Live Science A new ...

Jan 27 - "Capture the Illegal Immigrant Game" At North Texas University Draws Fire

The Young Conservatives of Texas at North Texas University drew fire from about 30 Angry proponents of illegal aliens, who were mostly Hispanic. Wednesday they set up a game called "Capture the Illegal Immigrant" to show their opposition to President ...

Jan 27 - Decrypting The CIA Sculpture Kryptos

In 1990 artist Jim Sanborn put together a sculpture at the CIA called Kryptos (which is Greek for "hidden"). The sculpture consists of four coded panels and for nearly 15 years later one of the panels still has not ...

Jan 26 - Weyco Inc Fires All Smoking Employee's

This is just ridiculous. Weyco Inc has put in place a policy that employee's can no longer smoke, even on their own time. The policy was put in place under the guise of lowering their health care insurance expenses. This ...

Jan 24 - Immigration Changing The Face Of New York City Drastically

In a New York Times article on a report on immigration there is some note on the changing face of New York City with 6 in 10 births having one parent that is foreign-born. Now in and of itself this ...

Jan 24 - Asa Hutchinson Resigns From Homeland Security

It is a joyous day indeed! Break out the party hats and cake! Recently we have seen Gary DeFilippo the DMV Commissioner for Connecticut resign, Tom Ridge, DHS Secretary resign and now we have the ridiculous Asa Hutchinson who was ...

Jan 21 - FCC Chairman Michael Powell Resigning

I say good riddance to Powell. I'm all for regulating the airwaves, but the fact that 99.8% of the complaints to the FCC were from the Parent's Television Council and that the FCC actually let such a small amount of ...

Jan 21 - Latest Poll Finds 76% Want Tougher Immigration Controls

The latest TNS poll released in the Washington Post shows that 76% of Americans are frustrated and want the government to implement tougher immigration reforms and to keep illegal aliens out. Angus Reid Do you think the United States is ...

Jan 21 - Americans And Brits Are Top Illegal Aliens In Australia

Sure the headline sounds silly, but it's true. There were over 10,000 Americans and British nationals who were in the country illegally according to a report by Australia's Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs. I've been to Australia ...

Jan 20 - CIA: E.U. Will Collapse In 15 Years

A new CIA report out predicts that the European Union will collapse within 15 years if their welfare systems are not reformed. The report notes the increased life expectancy and the low birth rates. So they're basically facing what we ...

Jan 20 - 33,000 Criminals Caught At Border Since September With New Fingerprint Scanners

Fingerprint scanners deployed along our borders haven't caught any terrorists yet, but the FBI's Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) has managed to catch 33,000 criminals -- including over 100 murderers and 200 sex offenders -- since it went live ...

Jan 19 - Bush's Picks For Immigration Reform McCain, Kyl and Kolbe Score An F- On Immigration

President Bush has announced three Arizona lawmakers to come up with details for the immigration reform plan he wants to put before Congress. The three, Republican Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain and Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe, were selected to ...

Jan 17 - Philip Cummings, Largest Identity Thief Ever, Sentenced To 14 Years

A 35-year-old help desk employee has been sentenced to 14 years for Identity Theft. Philip Cummings stole personal information from more than 30,000 customers and then passed that information onto criminals. Losses to the victims are estimated at $50-$100 million. ...

Jan 17 - New Color Images And Stitched Panorama's Of Saturns Moon Titan [ Pics ]

Stitched and colored image of Titan during descent as put together by Christian Waldvogel (via anthony.liekens.net where there are more images) Composite of a 360-degrees view during descent, using 11 of the raw images. the raw images were corrected ...

Jan 16 - Tunisia Archie Kills Her 12-Year-Old Daughter By Making Her Drink Bleach

A woman in Birmingham, Alabama forced her 12-year-old daughter to drink bleach and then made the girls 9-year-old brother watch as she sat on the girl until she died. This is just the most disgusting thing I've heard since Phillip ...

Jan 16 - Rally Against Illegal Aliens In Redondo Beach A Success [ Pics ]

A rally held in Redondo Beach at the Civic Center on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2005 was a success and it's organizers, SaveOurState.org, reported a large increase in supporter turnout. The protest and rally started at 8AM in a popular ...

Jan 13 - Sabine Ehrenfeld, The Woman In The Overstock.com Commercials

Am I the only one that is totally smitten with Sabine Ehrenfeld, the spokeswoman in the Overstock.com commercials? She just gets my blood pumping and it's a totally sexed up commercial that I should be pissed off at since I ...

Jan 11 - Learn A New Language While Playing The Sims

This is just totally cool and it is a great idea. Edutainment has been around for awhile, but The Sims and it's following of players just seems like a perfect match for learning a new language. They speak gibberish on ...

Jan 4 - Trackbacks With Blogger And Haloscan Tutorial

I've had a few people ask me what trackbacks are and how to do them with a Blogger website. I've put together a little tutorial image that shows what a trackback is and how to make one with your ...

Jan 4 - My Congressman, Robert Matsui, Dead At 63

My congressman Robert Matsui died over this past weekend. The Sacramento Bee ran with the headline "A Good And Decent Man". I didn't feel that about him. He was arguably the worst of the worst when it comes to ...

You can also see all of the month's posts in the January Archives.

Jan. 1 - Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches, Statistics and Superstars For December 2004
See last months super silly entry or see the archive of all Super Silly Searches, Statistics and Superstars

Make sure you bookmark the site or add it to your RSS reader or Bloglines (see left navbar)!

Until next month, see ya on the site!


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