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Effigy Of Hanging Soldier Returns

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The effigy of a soldier hanging from the side of a Sacramento house has returned, this time with a sign that reads "Bush Lied, I Died". On watching the news tonight there were many residents of the neighborhood that were offended by it including a Jewish man who lives across the street who found the Palestinian flag particularly offensive. Complaints have been filed with the District Attorney that the act of Steve and Virginia Pearcy is a hate crime.

When confronted on whether he hopes all the soldiers over there are killed Steve was shown on video saying sarcastically "of course I hope they die, I hope they all die".

Virginia Pearcy was shown weeping when interviewed that no one was protecting her right to free speech. Local police say they have stepped up patrols in the neighborhood because of the attention of the outrageous effigy. Steve Pearcy says he has noticed no increase and complained that his right to free speech isn't being protected.

I noticed on the video they hung a new banner under the effigy for some peace website or something, I'm not sure if that replaced one of the flags -- that of Iraq or Palestinians -- or whether it was in addition to them. The new effigy is no longer hanging from a noose and the man who ripped the original effigy down has not been caught yet. Police say that if caught he will be charged with theft.

This is the Pearcy's second home, their main residence is in Berkeley California. You can read my original report here where I have a picture of the original effigy. I'm waiting for the effigy of a Berkeley professor to go up somewhere in the neighborhood with a sign that says "I Have No Repect For Those Who Have Given Me Freedom And The Ability To Have A Prosperous Life". Of course if that happened it would be immediately attacked by every liberal in the country as a hate crime.


Just days after someone tore down a U.S soldier uniform hung in effigy from a Land Park home, the homeowner has replaced it with another controversial display.

On Saturday afternoon, Stephen Pearcy and his wife, Virginia, hung another U.S. soldier uniform from the front of their home. The display included a sign that read "Bush Lied, I Died".

A crowd of supporters, protestors and media gathered outside the home as the new display went up.

The Pearcy's have also hung both Iraqi and Palestinian flags inside their windows.

Sacramento Police continue to look for the men responsible taking down the previous anti-war display. That one had a soldier in effigy hung from a noose with a sign reading "Your Tax Dollars at Work". The newest effigy is not hung from a noose.

The display has touched off a debate over the right to free speech.

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I'm sorry that the original effigy was ripped down.

It was a great way for neighbors to identify the hatefilled idiotarians in their midst.

Posted by: Darleen on February 13, 2005 10:20 AM

'The display has touched off a debate over the right to free speech. '

Whats to debate? the fact that some people are criminals who invade his home and property?

Posted by: a on February 15, 2005 01:49 PM

Why on earth would a Palestinian flag offend a Jewish person? Would an Israeli flag offend a Palestinian. I'm confused.

Wait a minute. This effigy is being pursued as a possible hate crime, and you conclude by stating that if a professor's effigy was created, liberals would call it a hate crime? "Hate crime" is an interesting concept, but is usually reserved for minorities, such as African Americans, and LGBT people, not soldiers OR professors. Both are and would be an abuse of the concept.

Posted by: Darci on May 3, 2007 02:32 AM

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