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Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches, Statistics and Superstars For December 2004

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December was a slow month here at The Realm. With the holidays and myself and others taking time off from the Internet, we saw our traffic decline for the first time. It still wasn't an overall bad month, but it wasn't as stellar as the previous 3.

Diggers Realm Stats And Growth For The Month Of December
The month of December saw a sharp decline from November in page views. There were 135550 page views for December down from the record setting 340817 page views in November.

Still not a bad number, but a decline none the less.

Diggers 20 Superstars Of The Month
Every month I'll be highlighting the twenty Superstar sites of the month that have been helpful to Diggers Realm in one way or another. If you haven't visited them give them a click and check them out.

This month there are 21 websites as there was a tie.

# Last ChangeWebsite
1 N/A -- The Politburo Diktat
2 2 -- Wizbang
3 N/A -- Michelle Malkin
4 1 -3 The Command Post
5 3 -2 In Search Of Utopia
6 5 -1 The Jawa Report
7 4 -3 The Straight Bannana
8 14 +6 Slant Point
9 19 +10 Blogs Of War
10 N/A -- Southern Appeal
11 17 +6 In The Bullpen
12 N/A -- The Moderate Voice
13 20 +7 The Education Wonks
14 N/A -- Wes Roth
15 N/A -- Rooftop Report
16 N/A -- CrimLaw
17 8 -9 Outside The Beltway
18 N/A -- Spreading Understanding
19 11 -8 The MUSC Tiger
20 12 -8 SortaPundit
20 N/A -- Interested-Participant

Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches
These are searches that brought people to Diggers Realm this month. Note that they didn't just search for these things, but they actually clicked through to Diggers Realm after the search was made. Actual searches are in Bold below.

[search terms deleted]

Diggers Personal Favorite Entries Of The Month
Below are some of my favorite or ridiculous posts for the month, just in case you missed them.

Dec. 30 - Fat Women Have More Kids While On The Pill

It seems fat women on the pill get pregnant more often than slim women on the pill.

Dec. 30 - Illegal Aliens And Immigration Reform Report #3
Dec. 17 - Illegal Aliens And Immigration Reform Report #2

If illegal aliens bug you be sure to see my reports on the latest stories on immigration reform and illegal aliens.

Dec.29 - The Attack On Strippers And Strip Clubs

Should strippers be required to wear a badge? Should strip clubs be banned from communities? Read on.

Weekly Poll Results: "Who Is The Sexiest Fox News Babe?"

Who Is The Sexiest Fox News Babe? Go see who the readers chose.

Dec. 20 - Darrell Issa May Fund California Bill To Deny Benefits To Illegal Aliens

Congressman Darrell Issa, well known for his funding of the California recall election, may be willing to fund a ballot measure restricting services to illegal aliens. He is waiting to see if he has enough support and has not made ...

Dec. 17 - Atkins Low-Carb Craze Is Over, Joins Pet Rock And Low-Fat Fads Of The Past

The latest fad craze that overtook America seems to be finally at an end. First there was the pet rock, then there was retro-70's and now you can add to that lame pantheon the low-carb diet. In a brilliant marketing ...

Dec. 17 - My TV Interview

I was interviewed by KXTV Sacramento last night. There seems to be a mass of burglaries going on in our immediate area, 5 so far and one sexual assault. They were covering the story and caught up with me while ...

Dec. 14 - Three Stupid Things

OK, David seems to have started this thing, so I'll play along. Three names you go by: Digger Daddy Hon Three screennames you have: Digger Digger3001 dirty digger Three things you like about yourself: Intelligence Optimism Entrepreneurial Tendencies Three things ...

Dec. 14 - Hillary Clinton Rocks!

Wow, did I actually say that? Has your lovely Digger lost his mind? Well not entirely but I may have for one day liked Hillary Clinton. It's the end of the world I tell ya'. Why would I ever like ...

Dec. 8 - California's Illegal Aliens Cost Taxpayers Nearly $9 Billion A Year

FAIR has released their latest report on the costs of illegal aliens to taxpayers. The main costs are in education, health care and prison costs for illegal aliens in jail. North County Times California's nearly 3 million illegal immigrants cost ...

Dec. 7 - 99.8% Of FCC Indecency Complaints Filed By Parents Television Council

One of my pet peeves is when one small, tiny group controls what you should be allowed to see or hear. It pisses me off! Now we have actual proof in the numbers from the FCC itself who has put ...

Dec. 2 - Comfort Foods

Everyone has their comfort food. Some people however don't seem to understand anything about comfort foods. Mine, like Michele's over at A Small Victory, is Mac and Cheese and Mashed Potatoes. She likens it to "eating memories" and it's true. ...

Dec. 3 - Diggers Realm Super Silly Searches, Statistics and Superstars For November 2004
See last months super silly entry.

Until next month, see ya on the site!


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Posted by Digger on January 1, 2005 07:05 AM (Permalink)

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happy new year, digger!

here's to a healthy, prosperous and high traffic 2005!!


Posted by: Darleen on January 1, 2005 10:29 AM

I think the "yeah and we'd check into the room" thing was a sentence in the Bill O'Reilly phone sex transcript online when the woman filed her lawsuit...or it could be your super secret sex chat room. *shrug*

I cannot believe the Fox Babes everyone chose! E.D., Jane, and Laurie are the most beautiful and the brainest to boot. Maybe that's it. You guys can't take the truly smart hotties.

I totally understand.

Posted by: Rightwingsparkle on January 1, 2005 03:22 PM

Out of curiousity, I noticed your poll on the left about the age of consent.

Are we talking statutorily or what we, as either friends or parents, advise our kids?

Posted by: Darleen on January 1, 2005 09:03 PM

Legal age of consent, Darleen.

As far as intelligent women, there's nothing more attractive to me. I don't know about the rest of the neanderthals in my sex though.

Posted by: Digger on January 2, 2005 03:02 AM

I hope the Dradle Song was a fake search. That's just sick. The other ones seem reasonable.

Posted by: jeff on January 2, 2005 04:14 PM

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