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California Councilwoman Resigns After Discovery She Is Not A US Citizen (Update)

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Under penalty of perjury newly elected Councilwoman Zoila Meyer filled out her candidacy papers last August marking that she was a US citizen. She won the 4 year council seat by 75 votes. She shocked her council members by resigning Wednesday for "personal reasons".

Los Angeles Times

After receiving a tip, the district attorney's public integrity unit investigated Meyer and determined that she was a legal alien resident but not a U.S. citizen, Deputy Dist. Atty. Frank Vanella said.

Vanella said Meyer resigned after investigators told her about their findings. A criminal investigation is continuing.

Adelanto City Councilman Trinidad Perez said he was surprised to learn that Meyer was not a U.S. citizen.

"We are in the dark about this," he said.

This should be 100% guaranteed jail time. Who doesn't know whether they are a citizen or not? She outright committed perjury with the intention of taking a council position in a city of the United States. On top of her jail time her residency should immediately be revoked and she should be deported.

Do I sound harsh? Whatever happened to personal responsibility in this country? She knowingly did this! It wasn't some fluke or misunderstanding, she checked the box!

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Update (Feb 6)

I have added a new entry regarding this topic entitled "Zoila Meyer, Former California Concilwoman, Responds to Diggers Realm"

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Posted by Digger on January 29, 2005 09:39 PM (Permalink)

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The rascal committed perjury, but nothing will happen, criminal or otherwise. Electoral crimes should be regarded as treason, not as a "gotcha" as they now are.

Posted by: EdWonk on January 30, 2005 09:05 PM

Excuse me but you were not present if I am guilty after being here for 38 years and only being nine months when I came here, does not make me a criminal, I only checked the box after I got a approval from the city clerks office and her from another agency, so don't say something in regards to something you know nothing about. I am not a criminal I have been here all my life. and have lived by the laws of my country. that is why I did the right thing, why don't you question the mayor as to why he was so eager to get me out, and threatned me. with city money??
go after the real criminals..PLEASE..bye the way I will run for office again, when I do have a legal confirmation from the Department of justice.of my citizenship...

Posted by: zoila meyer on February 2, 2005 08:52 PM

If you knowingly came her at the age of 9 months and knowingly were born out of the US and you have not applied and taken the oath to become a US Citizen, then you ma'am know you are not a US Citizen. If you do not even know if you are a US Citizen what makes you think you are competent to hold a concil seat?

While being a law-abiding citizen is honorable and expected from all individuals living in this country, how can you justify your act of perjury? I have a hard time believing that you did not know you were not a US Citizen and you checked the box. Therefore that makes what you did a criminal act and a real criminal. You should be tried for your crime.

Posted by: Digger on February 6, 2005 04:20 AM

What in the f--- is wrong with you people. Posting messages purporting to be from this poor women to make her look bad? These posts are obviously fake, as they fly in the face of everything she has actually said (she says that she didn't know she wasn't a citizen). Now, obviously there is really no way to tell whether she was lying or not - but this article is so biased it's pathetic. This Digger a$$hole is just some poor person sitting all alone in his darkened room, hoping to piss enough people off so he/she can feel like people care about they say. It's rather unfortunate

Sorry for ranting, I don't usually sink to this level. But I've had a hard day and this pissed me off way too much

Posted by: Andrew on June 24, 2007 10:03 PM

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