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Feds Charge Shenandoah Teens Piekarsky and Donchak With Hate Crime In Illegal Alien Ramirez's Death - The Witch Hunt Begins

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A federal grand jury has indicted Derrick Donchak and Brandon Piekarsky with a "hate crime" in the beating death of illegal alien Luis Ramirez in July 2008 in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania.

The indictment comes down a little over 7 months since the two were acquitted of most serious charges in the brawl.

Brandon Piekarsky
Derrick Donchak
Top: Brandon Piekarsky;
Bottom: Derrick Donchak
Piekarsky in particular was charged with third degree murder at the time. He was acquitted of all charges except simple assault and an alcohol to minors charge.

Donchak was found guilty of simple assault and 3 counts of furnishing alcohol to minors.

A judge sentenced Brandon Piekarsky to 6 to 23 months and Derrick Donchak, who was also convicted of corruption of minors, to 7 to 23 months.

The incident occurred in July 2008 when a group of teens came upon Luis Ramirez in a park late at night with the underage sister of a girl who thought she was his fiance Crystal Dillman. A confrontation ensued and during the brawl Ramirez was killed.

I followed this case day by day as the charges against the two were brought up and evidence was presented. You can read all of my coverage at the links below and make up your own mind on whether the two were guilty or innocent.

(Shenandoah Teen Trial Coverage: Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, My Verdict, Verdict is in!, Shenandoah Rally and Archive)

Prior to the verdict being announced I did a long post, point-by-point, on why I thought the prosecution did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Piekarsky killed Ramirez. They did not prove that it was Piekarsky that kicked Ramirez, nor even if a kick was the cause of Ramirez's death. There was conflicting witness testimony and expert testimony.

As for ethnic intimidation - Pennsylvania's version of a Hate Crime - both were acquitted as there was no proof as to who said what and when. I don't agree with the notion of Hate Crime charges, but my argument in regards to the charge in the case would be that if they called Ramirez a racial name, was it simply as an insult or was it really with a deep racial hatred? Witnesses testified that Ramirez used racial slurs as well. I don't think you could say there was any racial motivation behind the attack unless you could prove a history of attacks on specific races by those being charged.

Even then, the case should be on whether there was a murder, not why. "Why" is too subjective and assumes that people can charge someone with a Thought Crime, a dangerous slope. Apparently the feds are into looking for Thought Crimes now, not whether a murder was committed - in a state I might add (there were no crossing of state lines, thus no reasoning for federal intervention in the case against the two) thus superseding the state court ruling.

During the fight Ramirez had time to make phone calls to friends several times. All the teens testified that Ramirez was the aggressor and after a lull in the fight when they were walking away Ramirez again attacked them. All in all the case showed that it was a standard street fight with angry words thrown from both sides. Ramirez lost and died later.

This case did not end for the racist groups however who are hell bent on hanging these two white teens whether they are guilty or innocent.

Now we have the feds stepping in to further prosecute the teens on Hate Crimes charges. This is no doubt due to political correctness and the agitators at pro-illegal alien groups. The lead charger in this specific attack is the race-based group Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) (I find it funny that Ramirez was an illegal alien citizen of Mexico, not a "Mexican- American", yet they are the ones backing all of this), who held rallies in Shenandoah in favor of illegal aliens. They made Ramirez - who was in the park at night with an underage girl - to be a simple victim who was in the country to work. If these groups were the Pope, they would have canonized Ramirez judging by the fluffy soft tinted photos of him they were handing out and carrying around.

The indictment comes on the heels of a concerted effort by the Southern Poverty Law Center, La Raza, MALDEF and a host of other groups all playing the same tune that hate crimes are up against Hispanics. A claim that is based on cherry-picked data and whose reports all link to each groups reports as proof of their claims (in essence one faulty report is cited by another report which then repeats the faulty claim in their friends report, thus backscratching lies into what they hope will be taken as truth).

They point to the FBI "Hate Crimes Report" and - using dates that are convenient to them - simply point out the number of crimes that were supposedly targeted against Hispanics. Note they use the number of crimes, not the percentage. Because as a percentage, the number of "hate crimes" against "Hispanics" (what is a Hispanic by the way?) - whose population has boomed in this country - has actually gone down. They also forgot to mention that a "victim" can be a building or other entity, not just a person. One group found that if you take into account the rise in the Hispanic population that there is actually a decrease by 40% of supposed hate crimes against "Hispanics".

Why do I mention all of this information? You have to keep in mind that this faulty and outright lying data is being used to persecute and prosecute people. Not only that, it is being used to motivate ignorant politicians to take action.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell
Even Governor Ed Rendell stepped into the case asking the Justice Department to look into "Civil Rights violations" after urgings from Hispanic groups. Apparently the governor does not understand what a civil right is. Civil Rights are those bestowed on a citizen by their country. Illegal aliens in the United States are not citizens of the United States and thus do not have civil rights in this country that can be violated.

Maybe Rendell means "Human Rights" violations... such is the man he is. Maybe he should have taken this case to the UN. Pro-illegal alien groups in this country - most of which are race based - have succeeded in confusing our leaders and court systems with the differences between civil rights and human rights. That is because they have a globalist open-border vision where countries don't matter and international courts should allow nations to be disbanded so that more corrupt nations can take the wealth of more developed ones. Not only this, but I also believe they have an outright racist reason. They want their race to be put on a pedestal and receive special treatment at every turn.

Rendell is stepping into all of this to pander to the Hispanic vote no doubt. As if Hispanics actually vote as a large block and all are sympathetic to criminal illegal aliens and racist groups like La Raza and MALDEF. Here's a hint Rendell, they don't and aren't. Take a look at John "Amnesty" McCain and see how his Hispanic vote turned out in the last presidential election after pandering to the racist groups and illegal aliens in this country for years trying to get them amnesty.

There is a charge I agree with though in this indictment from the federal government. The feds have charged law enforcement in Shenandoah with conspiracy charges in the case to cover up evidence.

Separate indictments accuse Shenandoah police chief, Matthew Nestor, and three officers under his command with a variety of charges, including witness tampering and lying to the FBI.

Nestor, Lt. William Moyer, and Officer Jason Hayes were charged with conspiring to obstruct justice during the investigation into the Ramirez beating. Moyer was charged with witness and evidence tampering, and lying to the FBI.

If the FBI and the federal government has proof of this, then the corrupt law enforcement should be held to account.

However, the feds going after Piekarsky and Donchak after they have been acquitted of murder is a witch hunt. In this country we have rules against Double Jeopardy for a reason. No one can be charged with the same crime twice. Piekarsky cannot be charged with murder again since he has been acquitted. The Double Jeopardy provision is in place so that someone cannot be targeted and harassed in a witch hunt. In this case it seems like the feds are bowing to the wishes of racist groups like MALDEF who really, really want to make a couple white teens in a street fight with a Hispanic illegal alien into the "poster children" of a supposed rise in hate in America against Hispanics.

All of this against Piekarsky and Donchak is purely political in nature and just another tack these racist groups are using to destroy our country and politicians are attempting to use to garner the fallacy of a Hispanic vote.

In other news... there were no federal hate crime charges filed against the person/persons who drove around in a car days after the trial with "Kill Brandon N' Derrick" written across the back window. They probably weren't the right color or race to file a hate crimes charge against.

A Car Window Calls For The Killing of Brandon Piekarsky and Derrick Donchak

(Shenandoah Teen Trial Coverage: Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, My Verdict, Verdict is in!, Shenandoah Rally and Archive)

Tipped by: Reader Tony

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Posted by Digger on December 15, 2009 02:23 PM (Permalink)

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I think you and I can agree for once in this situation: This is not a case of seeking justice.

I suspect their chances are not as good as the original trial due to the fact that this situation is purely politically motivated.

This case has and always been about race, regardless of whether or not the actual 'event' was.

It is an attack by a powerful (how did they get to be? Look at the names!) race based organization that has deep political contacts against a target of opportunity. It is a war. But if we never show up, we lose (and I don't mean holding signs and complaining about our do-nothing politicians)

No one and I mean NO ONE, not even your ALIPAC, would have the ability to turn a case that was a reversal of roles into the political side-show this has become.

A Hispanic is a person has ancestry that originates from the Iberian Peninnsula (Spain, Portugal, and Andorra). So some of the Mestizos can technically claim that as well as a Filipino. But traditionally, it refers to those particular Europeans. The mixed crowd would be Mestizos.

Take care...

Posted by: carltonian on December 16, 2009 08:04 AM

Murder is murder. New evidence has apparently been exposed that the police officers and other law enforcement personell involved tried to silence or intimidate witnesses as well as conceal evidence. If these teens REALLY and INTENTIONALLY committed murder and their actions were responsible (directly or indirectly) for Luis Ramirez' death then they should suffer the consequences and pay the price. If a crime like this is allowed to go unpunished what does it say about our justice system? In any case, their lives will probably never be the same.

Posted by: Justo Roteta on December 16, 2009 11:38 AM

It's a JEW(ADL)- created persecution of White Christians. Remember, the PA Legislative Black Communists, the Jewish American Destruction League and Ed Rend-ADL demanded Federal Hate Crime charges and Obamarxist AG Eric Holder gives them an early Christmas present. Also remember.....

Malcolm X 1964:"The Jew uses the negro to deflect white christian hatred directed at the Jew."
Malcolm X 2009:"The Jew uses the Mexican illegal alien...."

Finally, remember, Jews created multi-culturalism and diversity to destroy America!

Posted by: Infidel on December 16, 2009 03:55 PM

Oh, and another thing, Digger, maybe you saw the news item last week about the latest FBI report showing Hate Crime incidents went DOWN(!) in PA this year. Obviously, MALDEF ignores that.

Posted by: Infidel on December 16, 2009 04:10 PM

Justo Roteta wrote:

If these teens REALLY and INTENTIONALLY committed murder and their actions were responsible (directly or indirectly) for Luis Ramirez' death then they should suffer the consequences

(emphasis mine)

Innocent until proven guilty. If you read the testimony, in the links I provided in the article, I believe you will see that there was not real intent to murder Luis Ramirez. It was a fight that broke up after the first brawling. As the teens walked away Ramirez attacked them again from behind. They knocked him down again.

The burden of proof is on the prosecution to show that they intended to kill Ramirez and that simply wasn't the case according to all witness and expert testimony and Piekarsky was acquitted by the jury on the charge of murder.

The fact that the feds are now going after them on the ridiculous accusation that this was all done as a racial incident of hate, when a jury has already acquitted the two on the charges of "ethnic intimidation" - PA's version of hate crimes law - is a travesty of justice and in my opinion violates the Double Jeopardy clause of being tried twice for the same crime.

Posted by: Digger on December 16, 2009 04:32 PM

Digger, maybe you saw the news item last week about the latest FBI report showing Hate Crime incidents went DOWN(!) in PA this year

Yes I did see that the latest FBI report shows hate crimes down.

As for your Jew bashing comments, I believe you have misplaced your anger at what anti-American groups are doing to this country on individuals of a race/ethnicity as a whole. You've fallen into the trap they wanted you to fall into... that of divide and conquer of the American people.

I will stand with truly patriotic Americans no matter their race, creed or color.

Posted by: Digger on December 16, 2009 05:02 PM

"Trap?" May I refer you to adl.org. Digger, some things are self-evident, but I guess that's a "trap." Oh, and yes, have you ever read "The Autobiography of Malcolm X?"

Now, having said that, I wish you a Merry Christian Christmas with thanks for your hard work this year and your continued efforts next year.

Posted by: Infidel on December 16, 2009 05:41 PM

Hey Digger. I was astonished to see this in the news Tuesday. The feds through Allentown had declined to pursue any charges against the boys for 'lack of evidence.' It was apparently the push from Rendell, with pressure from the racist white house, that got this case where it is. You are completely right that this is solely a political witch hunt. God bless those teens, and the adults can have their day in court as well.

Posted by: Turtle on December 18, 2009 09:34 AM

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